Duh! Of course Chansung owns a gym, I mean isn't it obvious!? You think he earned those chocolate abs using someone elses gym? NO! He's too good for that.(-_-) Actually it's just a good business investment, plus, whenever Level 7 Civil Servant needs to shoot scenes at a gym they just use his. Seriously, all the gym scenes you've seen in the drama were shot at Chansung's gym. Actually, it's really funny because if you look at his gym doesn't it look like Planet Fitness? My suggestion is his gym should be called Planet Hotness instead of CS Gym and the rest of 2PM should all be personal trainers during their down time. We would all be so fit if that world were real.

The Gym 

Chansungs Gym

The owner of the Gym


Those who should be trainers at the gym


Signing up for a membership at Chansung's gym.


Be honest, no matter how much you hate working out you would buy a full year membership to Chansung's gym, right?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE