Chanyeol is blowing his EXO-L away!

Recently, the So I Married an Anti-Fan star was allegedly spotted purchasing a luxury vehicle. His fandom found photos online where it appears that the popular idol is signing paperwork to bring his $315,000 Mercedes-Benz home. He even poses for photo ops with a salesman and inside the comfy automobile. Fans speculate that the car salesman was so taken with his celebrity customer that he shared the photos on social media.

Regardless of who shared the images, fans are in awe by his alleged new purchase. They can't stop raving about just how lucky he is to be able to get one of these exquisite SUVs. I'll admit he looks great in it, but he looks even better on DramaFever! In addition to So I Married an Anti-Fan, you can watch the EXO member in the first season of Roommate and Salut d'Amour.

Do you think Chanyeol was buying the vehicle for himself, his family or was it just something special for an upcoming commercial? 

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Source: Via / image Credit: Lotte Duty Free Magazine


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