[caption id="attachment_30081" align="alignleft" width="350" caption="Han Chae Young"][/caption] The totally bonkers behind-the-scenes shakeups over at the 3-week old political drama Daemul continue, with director Oh Jong Rok (Style) being kicked off the set, fired writer Hwang Eun Kyung speaking out, and star Go Hyun Jung refusing to work until someone told her what the heck is going on. The drama is so disorganized that at this point it's practically being taped live. Former director Oh is being shifted to concentrate on story development (apparently, story micromanagement is his forte) while Kim Chul Kyu takes over directing duties. Meanwhile, former writer Hwang is talking to the media, saying she feels "robbed" and "wronged" for being kicked off a popular show she helped create after two weeks on the air. Daemul's ratings continue to climb--wouldn't you want to be there to see it if and when the hot mess backstage erupts onto the screen? Rain's management company, which previously had released a vague non-defense of the star against charges that he owed a former friend money he borrowed to fuel a gambling binge, has issued a much stronger statement supporting the idol. J-tune CEO Cho Dong Won played hardball in an interview with Sports Today, saying of the allegation, "not even one percent is true!" Cho said he even wanted to sue Rain's accuser for defamation, and isn't ruling out an "international investigation" to prove his company's biggest star's innocence. Rainie Yang let it all hang out during a concert in Singapore, breaking into tears during the song Missing You as she remembered  her friend, actress Beatrice Hsu Wei Lun, who died in a car accident three years ago. She also seemed to mourn the loss of her adolescence (she's been in the public eye since the age of 16), and thanked former lovers for their support. Park Shin Hye is in Taiwan as filming begins on an adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Hayate the Combat Butler. The title butler will be played by George Hu. The Man Who Can't Get Married's Uhm Jung Hwa revealed that she's been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The good news is that it was caught at an early stage, and she is expected to recover fully. Uhm is recovering from surgery and will resume regular activity soon, including her role as a judge on the Korean version of American Idol. Finally, two photo spreads of Kdrama beauties in the Big Apple. First, Park Shi Yeon takes a tour of the city in appropriately trad outfits for Tommy Hilfiger in Cosmopolitan. Then, Han Chae Young checks out the new High Line park and environs for InStyle.