A drama doesn't become successful just because of its hot leading stars; it also needs strong character actors who support the full drama. They are usually veteran actors who have appeared in multiple dramas, and they are such good actors that you'd quickly accept them in their new roles. I'm highlighting a few of these wonderful actors who just came off hit dramas such as Birth of a Beauty and Pinocchio and can be found in new on-air dramas. See if your favorite character actor is on this list.

1. Han Sang Jin: "Evil Half-Brother" from Birth of a Beauty is now "Scheming Cousin" in Hyde, Jekyll, and I.

I hated Han Sang Jin, who was Joo Sang Wook's evil half-brother in Beauty, because he was so conniving and ruthless. In Hyde, he's still scheming but comes off as not so smart sometimes, and you will actually get a chuckle, especially in this scene:

I also remember him from his memorable performance in the great historical Yi San, which also starred Han Ji Min, the leading lady for Hyde, Jekyll, and I.

2. Kim Young Ae: Mean mother-in-law from Birth of a Beauty is now the aloof chairwoman/grandma in Kill Me, Heal Me.

Kim Young Ae's mother-in-law to Han Ye Seul was almost worse than Cinderella's stepmother, and she was hilarious at times, especially when "Beauty" started her revenge. Now, in Kill Me, Heal Me she plays the aloof and powerful chairwoman of a huge South Korean conglomerate, and she is Ji Sung's grandmother who doesn't tolerate weakness and makes her decision based solely on what's good for business.

Wow, I wouldn't want her as my grandma or mother-in-law!

3. Jin Kyung: Cold and aloof mom from Pinocchio is now a top hospital administrator in Blood.

Jin Kyung was so good that we hated her for being Park Shin Hye's cold and distant mother as well as the unethical reporter who ruined Lee Jong Suk's family. Her performance throughout the entire drama was unforgettable and crucial to the plot. Now, she seems to be on the side of the "good guys" in Blood, but you're never too sure of where she stands.

The talented and versatile actress has a resume that reads like a Who's Who with these other great dramas: Gu Family BookGood DoctorNice Guy, and It's Okay That's Love.

When rival divorce lawyers end up as next door neighbors, can they find a way to settle their differences? Find out in the hilarious romantic comedy Divorce Lawyers:

4. Lee Duk Hwa: Evil royal uncle in Shine or Go Crazy and Hyun Bin's stern father in Hyde, Jekyll, and I.

Lee Duk Hwa has a very distinctive voice, and often he ends up playing a bad guy. Because of his signature tough-guy eyebrows and voice, I noticed him doing double duty in a modern drama and a historical at the same time. 

Lee Duk Hwa is another veteran actor whose resume is as long as a mile. You can be sure to find him any time a tough character is called for. Dramas always need a good villain. To see him in a more humorous role, check out History of a Salaryman.

5. Choi Won Young: Cursed king in The Nightwatchman's Journal is now Ji Sung's loyal assistant in Kill Me, Heal Me.

Choi Won Young is really special because the handsome actor is quite a chameleon in his clever disguises for his characters, so it's easy to forget that he has been in so many memorable dramas. He also played Chang Young's Father in Heirs.

Choi Won Young has a special connection with Birth of a Beauty, as his wife, Shim Yi Young, played Han Ye Seul's good friend. They met when they played a couple who couldn't stand each other in A Hundred Year's Inheritance.

Look for these character actors the next time you watch a new show. Chances are you'll recognize them and appreciate their new roles. It's fun to see how many of these veteran actors you can spot in a show.

~ NancyZdramaland