Jackson and Park Joon Hyung are two of the most animated additions to the  Roommate household for season 2, and now we have the character cards for these two new roommates.

Here's the card for Jackson:

"Wang Jackson (21, GOT7)

He is a person from Hong Kong full of curiosity

He can control the female roommates freely, Wild & Sexy Wang

Eating, running, rolling and dancing, the king of stamina ("Wang" is the same sound as "king" in Korean.)

Mysteriously going out at night, the king of night.

His special ability : 360-degree spin move."

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And here's the card for Park Joon Hyung:

"Park Joon Hyung (46, g.o.d.)

"4-hour full operation! Year-round chit-chat ~man!

Powerful snoring~man!

Eating anything like a storm! Big eater~ man!

Words that he often uses: Wassup~man, You know what I'm taking about, right?, A little bit, Gub~ju (Guk~ju) ."

These character cards seem to capture them well! Who is your favorite personality on the new season of Roommate? Comment below. If you haven't seen season 2, here's the latest episode:

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