[caption id="attachment_3295" align="alignleft" width="320" caption="Song Seung Hun as "Lee Dong Chul" in EAST OF EDEN"][/caption] OK! Here we are at our final character most found in Korean drama, Drama Fans, and if you've been playing along; then you probably have already guessed who's next. We've gone down the list of predictable personalities and we're ready to wrap this up. In case you've missed any, here's the list:  The Village Idiot, The Jealous Lover, The Evil Minion, The Evil Mastermind, The Benevolent Benefactor, The Damsel in Distress, and last but certainly not least, here we are at Prince(ss) Charming! Another universal character who takes on a uniquely Korean style when presented in drama, the Prince(ss) Charming leaves the viewers swooning and wishing for a love like theirs. Read on to find out more about this vital character! WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS POSSIBLE SPOILERS! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Prince(ss) Charming

Description: Usually extremely well dressed, well mannered and super hot, the Prince(ss) Charming often times comes from a wealthy background. He or she is warm-hearted, and upright, but may also have certain brat-like tendencies due to their ability to have whatever they want (from family money or from wealth amassed through their own hard work). They are also fluent in two or more languages aside from their native Korean, have studied/worked abroad, and unfortunately have gone through some traumatizing event (car crash, boating accident, incurable disease, etc) that has resulted in either the loss of a sibling, parent, friend (etc) that interferes with their rationale at pivotal points in the drama. However, they will always end up overcoming these obstacles and getting the guy/girl. Social Network: Again, as with the last few Characters of Korean Drama we've discussed, they are usually the top tier in their social circles. They also float between these class lines, yet hardly ever blend in. If, by chance, they are of the lower class; then they will have that "something" that makes them stand out and hint that they belong with the higher crop (and usually they ascend to said status). On the opposite end, if they are of the higher/est class, then they will have that "something" that makes them relate-able to their lower class friends. Purpose: Other than saving the day and getting the guy/girl, the Prince(ss) Charming is there to illustrate to the viewer the importance of diligence, and tenacity, as well as a sense of humility. While battling with the Evil Mastermind, the Prince(ss) Charming has to never give up, and keep their eyes on the prize (defeating Evil). But they must also be humble and never develop an out of control ego, because this will offset all they have done. When watching the Prince(ss) Charming, viewers get a sense of inspiration and admiration for these qualities displayed.


My favorite Prince(ss) Charming, if you all haven't already guessed, is Song Seung Hun's character "Lee Dong Chul" in East Of Eden. I could talk about him all day not only for his ability portray so perfectly a Robin Hood-esque thug, but for the fact that he's one of the most handsome men in the Korean entertainment industry. As Lee Dong Chul, he went from illegal activity to illegal activity (arson [which he didn't commit!], smuggling, gambling, "attack dog" aka "muscle", kidnapping) and moved up to being the CEO of a major company... that may or may not have been doing some shady business on the side (not really sure about this. LOL) However, it was always clear that he was the "chosen one" and that he would get the girl. [caption id="attachment_3294" align="alignleft" width="320" caption="MY LOVELY SAM SOON"][/caption] I also loved My Lovely Sam Soon's Prince Charming: Hyun Jin Heon (played by Hyun Bin). Even though at first he was very much a jerk, and kinda bratty, his true self revealed that he was indeed a Prince Charming. Another example of Prince(ss) Charming, is Uhm Jung Hwa's character in The Man Who Can't Marry: Dr. Jang Moon Jung.  In a change of pace, the "Damsel" in distress is actually a guy in this drama and while it still plays into male/female stereotypes, Dr. Jang Moon Jung is the Princess Charming. She is professional, good looking, well off financially and a great person all around, and comes in to save the day and get the guy by curing the man-who-can't-marry's phobia of relationships. While she does struggle with her own demons regarding relationships, she overcomes not only her problems but helps our Dude In Distress get over his. Now that we've come to the end of our character maps, I'd like to ask one final question: When it comes to Prince Charming, would you rather he be a vagabond thug turned business mogul ala Lee Dong Chul, or a born-with-a-silver-spoon hunk Hyun Jin Heon. If you're attracted to the ladies, then is Dr. Jang Moon Jung the perfect Princess Charming for you? If the answer is 'D: none of the above', then tell me; who is your perfect K-drama Prince(ss) Charming!