[caption id="attachment_2879" align="alignleft" width="282" caption="Kim Gui Joo from Yi San"][/caption] Hey Everyone and welcome back to another installment of Characters of Korean Drama. Last post we talked about crazy ex's better known as The Jealous Lover. As annoying as they are, The Jealous Lover is a staple in Korean Dramas and today I'm going to bring up another staple character that is equally annoying: The Evil Minion. The Evil Minion is something special because not only are they a dangerous sort, they can also be interchanged with The Jealous Lover and The Village Idiot. How so, you ask? Well read on and I'll tell you. (Again, this post may contain possible spoilers!)

The Evil Minion

Description: A huge pain in the ass for not only Prince(ess) Charming and Damsel In Distress, but also for the Evil Mastermind,  The Evil Minion is often a drone who is usually only following orders and never thinking for themselves. This means that they will be the ones who do all of the dirty work; no questions asked. Often skilled in fighting, blackmail, and/or espionage, he or she is usually the right-hand-man (or woman) to the Evil Mastermind if they play their cards right. However, the slope they climb is a slippery one because with one mistake or for the sheer amusement of the Evil Mastermind, their lives can be cut short. Social Networks: As mentioned earlier, The Evil Minion can be interchanged with The Jealous Lover or the Village Idiot as the Evil Mastermind sees fit; depending on their special skill. If The Evil Minion is chosen from the former of the two characters, they usually have their own agenda and will not see the manipulation, and if they are the latter, then well, they're too naive to know they're being manipulated by the Mastermind.  However for the most part they are followers of the Mastermind solely, and usually hang around loyally from the beginning until the end. Purpose: Other than to annoy the mess out of viewers with their meddling and trying to kill the hero as ordered, The Evil Minion's purpose is also to remind us that we all need friends, even if we're evil. You see, oftentimes, The Evil Minion is the only one to console the Evil Mastermind with words of encouragement when their plans are foiled, and sometimes even romantically as lovers. This just goes to show that everybody just wants to be loved, acknowledged and appreciated. Notable Evil Minions can be found in all Kdramas, but for me, the freshest references are in the epic historical dramas Queen Seon Duk and Yi San. Since I'd like to save discussion of QSD's evil forces for next post, let me tell you about why the minions in Yi San are no joke. For one, almost every single minister of the royal court is in cahoots to kill our hero, often times just barely failing. Even at points Yi San's own grandfather, the King, is manipulated by them into looking towards his downfall by these conniving men. The crazy thing about this is that, these minions never take the time to actually think about the consequences of following such a blasphemous order from their Mastermind, who is the Queen (of all people!?). Even when they themselves are “punished” by the Queen, they do not see that she will discard them without mercy... even after risking their very lives for her. They are so used to following orders that whenever any one of them starts to get a mind of his own, the others will quickly clip the free thinker's wings “for the good of the Queen and their mission”. Of these ministers, the scariest is the Queen's erratic and explosive brother Kim Gui Joo. A total hot head, he doesn't think before he acts leading him to rarely follows the orders of his sister. With a one track mind, he is only out to kill our Yi San any way or how; as if he only hears the "kill" part of the Queen's plots. On top of the ministers as evil minions, the majority of the eunuchs and court ladies  are all also under the command of the Queen, and it's rather frightening to think that one person can control so much with such evil intentions; and that not one person (of the evils)  think it [the evil plans] to be irrational. Other dramas I've watched had some pretty intense minions, but I'd like to know about the minions who have made you hold your breath, wish for a change of heart, and watch on the edge of your seat. So tell me, which minion is, in you're opinion, worthy of a deluxe suite in hell?