[caption id="attachment_2789" align="alignleft" width="330" caption="Yoon A as Shin Joo Young"][/caption] Hello Everyone! I'm back with another post on our key K-Drama Characters. In my last post, The Village Idiot was our topic, and we spotlighted a few telltale characteristics and attributes, like the fact that they can unexpectedly end  up saving the day at critical moments. Well, today we've moved up the list to our first thorn-in-the-side of K-dramas: The Jealous Lover. The Jealous Lover is a favorite topic of mine, because it seems that no matter what the drama is about, there's always that scorned ex who feels the need to screw up their past love's future love. (PS: this post has possible spoilers)

The Jealous Lover

Description: While there are cases of male Jealous Lovers in Korean Drama for the most part they are often portrayed as a woman with a penchant for bitchy remarks. The Jealous Lover isn't necessarily all bad, she is often just misunderstood. Her actions are usually based on her unwillingness to let go of a love lost, a childish crush that will never come to fruition, or because she's had her man stolen from her with the arrival of The Damsel in Distress or Princ(ess) Charming. She may scheme to either harm the new girl, or steal her man back; usually failing in the long run. You can spot The Jealous Lover from the countless glares, under breath swears, and often two-faced demeanor. Social Network: The Jealous Lover, being a floater of the good and bad sides, is often seen in both the circles of the Prince(ess) Charming and the Evil Mastermind. More often than not, the Evil Mastermind will use the Jealous Lover's pettiness for greater evil schemes. Purpose: While adding smaller obstacles for the Prince(ess) Charming to overcome throughout the drama, The Jealous Lover is also there to teach viewers a lesson in life and love. That lesson being: Don't go try to make nice with you crazy ex. They're an ex for a reason and if random acts of petty vandalism and violence start happening around you and your friends, they're probably to blame. My favorite Jealous Lovers can be found in dramas like East Of Eden (pictured: Rebecca/Nurse Yoo Mi Ae), and 9 Ends 2 Ins (Shin Joo Young played by Yoon A). East Of Eden was ripe with scorned lovers, however Nurse Yoo Mi Ae took the cake by totally screwing up the lives of practically everyone in the drama with one swift baby swap.  However, her crazy was probably attributed to the fact that the evil Shin Tae Hwan basically ripped her life in shreds by killing her unborn child and then leaving her for dead. While neither of their actions are admissable under any circumstances, you gotta give it to her. She really took the phrase "payback is a bitch" and made it her mantra! I was tempted to shout, “YOU GO, GIRL” because Shin Tae Hwan was evil beyond salvation... but I don't want to encourage her (or anyone else's) crazy to that extent. Moving on. Girl's Generation singer Yoon A, on the other hand played a spiteful student with a possessive crush in 9 Ends 2 Outs. Now, while she wasn't technically a scorned lover, she sure did act as one (and rather convincingly too!). Her scary personality changes and conniving ways fit right in with the profile of a Jealous Lover, so for being able to master the crazy it takes to love someone who was never hers to begin with, I say we give her the trophy. Someone with a similar admiration for Yoon A's evil ways uploaded one of my fave 9 End 2 Outs moments here: What are your thoughts? Is The Jealous Lover misunderstood or is there something more to it than that?