choiminsoo Actor Choi Min Soo -- who's famous for his charisma and also ironically disliked by many for his overwhelming charisma -- will be returning to TV drama for the first time in 2 years. This time, he’s taking the role of Yeon Gaesomoon -- a powerful military leader of Goguryeo (one of the Three Kingdoms of ancient Korea) -- in KBS2’s new drama Sword and Flower. Considering the charisma of Choi Min Soo, which is sometimes just too much, Choi Min Soo is perfect for this military dictator role. The drama is the story about Princess Mooyoung whose father was assassinated by Yeon Gaesomoon. And it gets more complicated: she wants to avenge for her father’s death, but she falls in love with one of Yeon Gaesomun’s sons -- yeah, of course... The princess becomes torn between her love for Yeon’s son and her desire to kill Yeon. Sword and Knife will be aired this coming July.