Among the newest iPhone models, the gold-colored Apple offering is the most popular in China. Unfortunately, there are gold iPhone shortages the world over. They have become so expensive and hard to find that someone in China actually came up with a creative solution to get a gold iPhone quickly and cheaply. Here's how:

Gold is a traditionally favorite metal and color in China and is also associated with being rich. The gold iPhone leaped to be the most popular and most desired model as soon as the new iPhones were released in China. However, its supply has been in shortage and the rareness has made the gold iPhone a hot product to buy and to sell. If you buy a gold iPhone for 8,000 yuan, you can sell it instantly for 9,000 or more, making a big profit. (That's almost $165 in US dollars.)

Whenever there is money to be made, someone will come up with a solution. The cheap alternative costs only 20 yuan (a little over $3 US dollars). Just buy a golden sticker to stick to the back and the sides of the phone! With the Apple logo on the back, the final result is quite convincing.

The taste in accessories in the East and the West are certainly different. While gold is the favorite color in China, the other iPhone 5S colors, space gray and silver, are much more popular in the U.S. market. For the 5C model, the yellow color is the least favorite of Americans (according to a recent survey). I suppose the same entrepreneur could market a sticker in other high-in-demand colors here in the U.S.!