Many things in Japan are known for being unique and quirky, and TV commercials are no exception. In years past, there was no way we could have watched commercials from another country unless we were actually in that country and sitting in front of a television set. But fortunately we now have YouTube, which brings us the very best Japanese TV commercials of 2015!

Brought to you by YouTube channel JPCMHD, this compilation video has been made to showcase the very best commercials shown on Japanese television in 2015. According to JPCMHD, which stands for "Japanese Commercials in HD," their mission is to "promote and experience the unique lifestyle concept of the popular culture of Japan by providing the viewers a wide selection of TV ads that air on mainstream TV stations across Japan." In making this specific compilation, the folks at JPCMHD went through countless hours of watching commercials that aired last year and selecting the ones they thought represented the very best of Japanese advertising. There are millions of others that didn't make the cut, that maybe cost more and had much higher production value, but those are just typical high-budget commercials, the kind which you might see in any other country. The ones you'll see in the compilation are very much the kind of commercials you'd only see in a place like Japan. In other words, they're about as quirky as you can get.

So sit back, get out your Pocky sticks, and enjoy the best and craziest of Japanese TV commercials that aired in 2015!


Yae's Sakura

Starring Ayase Haruka and Nishijima Hidetoshi

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