A little over a week ago, we asked our amazing Drama Fever fans which K-pop music video was their favorite this year. There were over 230 different voters, and votes by fans who voted for more than one music video were also accepted. Here are the top 10 results!

1. EXO's "Overdose" - 94 votes

With their amazing talent and their dedicated fans all over the world, it is no surprise that EXO is topping this list!

2. BEAST's "Good Luck" - 43 votes

BEAST always manages to come out with some of the catchiest music, and "Good Luck" is completely addicting!

3. SUPER JUNIOR's "Mamacita" - 35 votes

Even though it was just recently released, "Mamacita" has impressed fans all over the world!

4. B1A4's "Lonely" - 19 votes ('Solo Day' also had a few votes too!)

B1A4 is known for composing and writing their own songs, and "Lonely" is one of their best!

5. INFINITE's "Back" - 16 votes

This beautiful song paired with Infinite's signature perfectly synchronized dancing; it is no wonder they are on this list!

6. ORANGE CARAMEL's "Catallena" - 11 votes ("My Copycat" also had a few votes!)

Orange Caramel are known for their creative music videos. Their style is different from a lot of other girl groups, which is why so many people love them!

7. BTS's "Danger" - 9 votes

BTS showed off their awesome dance moves and their hip hop style in their latest release!

8. GOT7's "A" - 6 votes

GOT7 showed off their cute side in this music video and won over the hearts of many fans!

9. GIRL'S DAY's - "Something" - 5 votes

Girl's Day wowed fans with this catchy song and one of their sexier concepts!

10. f(x)'s "Red Light" - 4 votes & WINNER's "Empty" - 4 votes

With "Red Light," f(x) came out with the one of the most memorable comebacks of the summer, and Winner, the awesome super rookies, are the only group to make it onto this list with a debut music video!

Thank you to everyone who voted! What do YOU think of the top 10 music videos?