Body image. It is a hot topic, not just in Korea, but around the world. From body shaming and cosmetic surgery, to psychological disorders, the negative press surrounding this issue , especially in media and entertainment, can be astounding. However, the story of a South Korean man who went from zero to hero, or rather the "Asian Sensation " has begun to turn some heads. What did it take for a 125 lbs, 5' 9" man to become the "Korean Hulk?" Read on to find out!

Hwang Chul Soon's transformation into the "Asian Arnold" from a small, scrawny man began when he decided he could no longer stand the verbal abuse of being called "scrawny." He then underwent a transformation that would change him into a globally successful and award-winning bodybuilder!

Feeling looked down upon and disrespected by the people who would call him scrawny or small, Hwang Chul Soon, at the age of 20, began to work out. Now, at the age of 33, Hwang chul Soon weights over 220 lbs and has won many bodybuilding and fitness competitions all over America, even placing first in the 2014 Musclemania Universe and the 2012 Musclemania World Championship. 

Having spent the last 12 years following a strict diet and workout routine, Hwang confessed to Barcroft.TV, Now that I am much bigger, people treat me with more respect. They call me the ‘Asian Sensation,’ ‘Asian Pride,’ and the ‘Asian Arnold.’

So just what did it take to become this new man? Hwang went on to explain that, “I used to do sit-ups 3,000 times every day. Now, since studying more about bodybuilding, I spend less time doing sit-ups and more time eating properly.” Now, every month, Hwang spends around $509 on groceries and eats half a pound of food every three hours!

With his amazing muscles, Hwang was very adamant in pointing out that he doesn’t use steroids. While using steroids is legal in some countries, it’s not in Korea unless you have a prescription from a doctor! Hawang claims, Using steroids probably helps you build bigger and stronger muscles, but it doesn’t help you to balance your shape — especially for those who have weak physiques,” he said. “I think you get much better results if you work out using a long-term plan rather than just using steroids. It took me 12 years to get this body. You should just keep working out steadily little-by-little, step-by-step, until finally you will see changes and have the body you always wanted.”

What do you think of Korea's 'Arnold?' 

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