While ringing in the Lunar New Year, the Korean entertainment industry is trying to redefine how women see beauty. The recent KBS Lunar New Year Special Program Muscle Queen Project aired February 9 on KBS2 as a way to teach women how to look sexy while being healthy and fit.

The Korean entertainment industry has largely become synonymous with beautiful women, where beauty corresponds to how thin a woman is. This standard of beauty has largely influenced the state of women’s health in Korea. The emphasis on maintaining a slim body has lead to many Korean women choosing unhealthy lifestyles.

The premiere of Muscle Queen Project aimed to teach women proper fitness techniques as well as healthy lifestyle choices. The cast, which included popular girl group members like TWICE’s Jeongyeon, AOA’s Chanmi, Dalshabet’s Subin, and ex-After School member Kahi, revealed various secrets to their healthy bodies long admired by many.

Women of the 21st century have begun to realize that starvation is not the answer to becoming beautiful, a problem gaining more and more attention around the world. It’s good to know that the Korean entertainment industry is also trying to make a difference and striving towards a new and healthier image!

What are your thoughts on this new sexy-healthy look?

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