Some of the coolest things about being creative are the facts that anyone can do it and that it doesn't have to cost any money. Akira Nagaya, a "cutter" artist from Japan, proves these facts with his incredible collection of post-it anime characters.

Inspired by cut-out paper decorations made by sushi chefs to decorate their dishes, Akira decided at a young age to become an artist. His artwork consists of intricately and meticulously cutting shapes from paper with a pair of special scissors. The resulting beauty of his work shows his focus on the craft, an inner world that he expresses with a passion obvious to the viewer.

To have a little fun and to take a little time off from his more serious work, Akira decided to create post-it anime characters. Despite his attempt at making some lighthearted art, his skill and creativity were acknowledged and admired right off the bat, with praise coming from all over. Even when he's just having fun, his focus on his craft comes through, as seen in these photos of his anime characters.

Some people are just creative. Some are just focused. And just a few are both.



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