The new South Korean president Moon Jae In's bodyguard has been gaining great attention for his good looks and impressive background. After some digging, netizens have uncovered past photos of Choi Young Jae, including some very attractive ones showing off his perfect abs. It's no surprise that he caught the interest of netizens worldwide!

Following his quick rise to fame, he did a special interview with The Korea Times. In the interview, Choi Young Jae expressed his surprise at going viral on the internet.  "I feel good. But also I'm concerned about the spotlight and the attention focused on me. Attention should be paid to the President, not me. I don't want to steal the limelight."

We also found some more interesting facts about this heartthrob! He served as an officer in South Korea's Special Warfare Command for 10 years and is an 11th-degree black belt in martial arts. To become President Moon's bodyguard, he volunteered for the position along with 10 of his juniors from Korea's Special Warfare Command. This group was not part of a private security company, but rather they united together due to their strong support for Moon Jae in. 

Choi Young Jae is currently taking a break and looks forward to spending more time with his wife and two daughters as he was often away from them during the months before the election. 

Are you ready? Here are some of his past photos!


And he's still looking so fine!

Are you surprised by his past photos? Share your thoughts below!


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