Tokyo Cosmo, a five-minute animated short recently uploaded onto YouTube and Japanese video sharing site Niconico, is blowing away viewers and critics alike with its Pixar-like quality. The fact that the Japanese fantasy animation was produced independently is getting the anime world talking. 

Directed by Takahiro Miyauchi and drafted by Takuya Okada, Tokyo Cosmo brings viewers on a five-minute journey into the life of a lonely young woman who comes home to her tiny apartment after what appears to be another monotonous day. While routinely doing chores, the woman's imagination takes her to an outside world full of fantasy and excitement, where she flies through the city on a giant plush piggy and ultimately faces then conquers her fears. This awesome animation is currently up for the Audience Choice Award at the 17th Annual 2015 TBS Digicon6 Asia, along with ten other impressive shorts from all over Asia. Voting takes place until November 6t, so check out the website at if you want to take part in the process. But keep in mind that your vote may not affect the results. As we speak, Tokyo Cosmos is in the lead by a very wide margin, way ahead of the competition. Way, way ahead. And as soon as you see the opening title on the screen, you'll surely understand why.

Without further ado, here's Tokyo Cosmos. Enjoy!

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