Did you enter DramaFever's Power of 3 contest for a chance to win a trip to Korea? We will be announcing the winners soon, but in the meantime, are you curious if you got the trivia questions right? Check out the answers below to see if you're in the running for a free trip to Seoul!

1. Miss Granny

Question: Which music program did the "Ban Ji Ha" band (Miss Granny's grandson's band) audition for? What is the name of the show they were on?

Answer: M Countdown

2. Twenty

Question: In the movie, one of our three male leads wore a t-shirt with a superhero on it. What is the name of this American superhero?

Answer: Captain America

3. A Moment to Remember

Question: In the movie, at one point Cheol Su (Jung Woo Sung) is really excited that his wife Su Jin (Son Ye Jin) has made him lunch for work. In fact, so are his co-workers. The first dish was rice. What was the second dish?

Answer: Rice

4. Tazza 2

Question: According to DramaFever's translation, which famous nursery rhyme is sung in the movie? What is the name of the song?

Answer: Old MacDonald

5. Love Forecast

Question: In the movie, Hyun Woo (Moon Chae Won) has a cute painting in her apartment. It is of a man and a woman kissing. The man is upside down and the woman right side up. This type of kiss is called an upside down kiss. Which famous super hero movie made this kiss very popular?

Answer: Spiderman

6. GROW: Infinite's Real Youth Life

Question: During their world tour, a certain INFINITE member spent his break in Paris at a cafe. He wrote letters for each member of the group, which he later hand delivered to everyone. The members were all impressed and touched by the gesture. What is the name of this member?

Answer: Lee Sung Jong 

How did you do? If you submitted three correct answers to the contest, you could be on your way to Korea soon! Stay tuned for the winner announcement!