Hello fellow drama fans, and thanks for joining us here at the Cheer Up! drama club. We are pumped full of energy and ready to cheer right along with these great characters, and we hope you feel the same. Lots of friends and foes are revealing themselves in these first two episodes. Join DeShonda, June, and me as we get all buddy-buddy with this cast of characters. 

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Logan: So here we have another high school drama, but right out of the gates Cheer Up! seems a lot different to me. And I mean different in a good way! Great chemistry, some serious mature themes, and incredibly lovable characters! What do you ladies think of this drama so far?

June: I love high school dramas and this one is perfect for this fall! I agree it’s definitely going to be a bit different from other dramas. Also, I already love Eun Ji's character!

DeShonda: I agree, I love high school dramas as well. And I really like the fact that this is different from the other dramas in that genre. The character development is amazing so far.

Logan:That makes three fans of high school drams then! I have to admit I love pretty much any character that Eun Ji plays and already I am loving the character of Yeon Doo. But our heroine seems to have a mess of problems at her school. The first two episodes really contrasted the loyalty of her friends to the pure evil and manipulation of Soo Ah and the principal among others.

June: Oh my goodness, I know a drama is going to be worth it when in the first 2 episodes, I already hate characters with a passion. This Kwon Soo Ah is seriously so selfish and evil, I am already waiting for her downfall. To use anyone for her personal gain is seriously so messed up and this is only the beginning!

DeShonda: I felt so bad for Yeon Doo and what she had to go through in these first two episodes. From getting kicked out of school, to numerous punishments, and betrayal, things can only get better for her in the future.

Logan: Poor Yeon Doo! When she went home and broke down at the dinner table in front of her mom, I wanted to give all of her oppressors a good punch in the face. What kind of school treat their students that poorly? It’s ridiculous! Of course I love how her mom turned all mama bear and went to the school to give that loser teacher a piece of her mind! Words cannot express how much I loved that scene. Yeon Doo’s mom is my hero.

June: Seriously! Even I felt so wronged when I was watching this drama! I hate the way the school is treating Yeon Doo! It’s like hello she’s a student at your school too! Where is the equality! But yes her mom is seriously all kinds of awesome and I hope she goes more to the school and gives them a piece of her mind on how they are treating her daughter.

DeShonda: That was one of my favorite scenes in this drama as well. When I was watching that I thought about how my mother would do something like that if I was treated unfair in school. What I like is that her mother stood by her and was on her side. Yeon
Doo has the same attitude as well. She does not back down in any way. And she will fight to get what she wants no matter how many times she gets kicked down, she gets right back up.

Logan: That’s so true! Yeon Doo’s mom definitely shows us where Yeon Doo gets her fighting spirit from. I loved the way she smiled at her mom so proudly during that scene. It’s always refreshing to see a family that loves each other on screen! All the teachers in that room looked so ashamed afterward too. The homeroom teacher seems like he is going to be on the kid’s side, though. I’m hoping we see more out of his character. I really like Kim Ji Suk as an actor!

June: Same! You can tell he really cares for the students more than anyone else in the school. Especially in the ending scenes of episode 2! Which can I just say were crazy! I did not expect that to happen.

DeShonda: With everything these students have going on they need someone like the teacher to be there for them when no one else will. As an educator, sometimes we wear many hats. We are not just teachers, we are mothers, fathers, counselors, sisters and brothers. These students depend on us and sometimes we are the only person they feel comfortable to talk to. The last scenes of Episode 2 were heartbreaking for me. Totally did not expect that at all.

Logan: It’s cool hearing your perspective as an educator, DeShonda! You help confirm that there are some really bad teachers at Sevit High. The end of episode 2 was crazy and so telling into the nature of all of our characters. Dong Jae finds Ha Joon laying pretty much unconscious in the shower after hurting himself and Dong Jae freezes. Then Kim Yeol comes in and carries Ha Joon out. In those few seconds alone, there is so much to say. Dong Jae is paralyzed with fear. To me it seemed like this touched on something in his past. And we see how crazy loyal Kim Yeol is to his friend, Ha Joon.

June: It did give more depth on some of these characters and i greatly appreciate that, especially so early in the drama. It did make me wonder what went on in Dong Jae’s past that made him paralyzed with fear. I hope we get to see more of him in this drama. His friendship with Yeon Doo is so adorable. I’m like this is totally #friendshipgoals! We all know I love a good friendship in k-dramas! lol

DeShonda: I do hope that we learn more about Dong Jae as well. It was mentioned by Yeon Doo that when he plays basketball and someone tries to block him, he just lets them pass. He does not like to be hit for some reason or he does not like physical contact. The teacher in me wants to do an investigation at home on this student. I just hope he was not abused at home by anybody.

Logan: I think the teachers at Sevit High need to do a lot more of that! We already know that Ha Joon’s dad is abusive and yet the principal uses his manipulation to blackmail Kim Yeol rather than actually care for Ha Joon. What a great kind of friend Kim Yeol is, though. Right away, I knew there was more to him than meets the eye. Not only does he take care of Ha Joon, but he’s always watching Yeon Doo with an amused smile and seems disillusioned with the way things work at their school.

June: The manipulation from the principal to blackmail Kim Yeol is seriously so ridiculous. I cannot believe she would even pull that card so that they are forced to do that cheerleading club. But it did show how far Kim Yeol will go for his friend. It seriously made me see him in a different light. I like how he’s also looking out for Yeon Doo as well, even if she doesn’t necessary know he is.

DeShonda: At first I thought that Kim Yeol was a bit cocky, but it is refreshing to see that he does care about those around him. I am liking his nicer side. I can tell he likes Yeon Doo too. I think it’s really cute how she is always falling on him.

Logan: Yes!!! Oh my gosh, so much yes! I can’t lie, I was shipping Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo before I was even sure it was a realistic ship. This has to be one of my favorite OTPs ever. I can't say exactly why except they have so much chemistry, especially for a high school drama! And that fact that he doesn’t let her up right away when she falls and she gets all uncharacteristically shy is great. I love it!

DeShonda: I hope these two end up together. They are just too cute. He definitely likes her that’s for sure.

Logan: I personally enjoy the dramas where the leads are on unfriendly terms at first and grow to like each other. There is just so much character development to be had in those situations. Although, to be fair, I think that’s the case in most Kdramas. Lol.

DeShonda: Oh I totally agree! I love the love/hate relationships that develop into a budding romance. Those are the best! LOL many K Dramas are like that now that I think about it LOL. But those are the best couples in my opinion.

Logan: That must be why I like Kdramas so much then! Haha. When characters in Kdramas start out close and go downhill, those are the most tragic to me. Like the case with Yeon Doo and Soo Ah. Poor Yeon Doo betrayed by someone so close to her and come to find out, Soo Ah never really considered her a friend at all.

DeShonda: I was so hurt when Yeon Doo was betrayed by Soo Ah. I really liked when Yeon Doo found out about the betrayal, she confronted her immediately and went off on not only her but the entire student body. Poor girl was even betrayed by members of her dance team. I don’t blame her for going off, I would have done the same thing. I just love how strong of a character she is.

Logan: The hatred I have for Soo Ah right now is so crazy off the charts! This girl has got to go down! I know I will take a lot of pleasure in watching her be humbled! I hope even her friends turn on her so she can get a taste of her own medicine.

June: Kwon Soo Ah needs to be brought down to this Earth immediately. I was elated when Yeon Doo confronted her in the beginning because I swear if we would have to waited for this confrontation I would have gone crazy. Soo Ah thinks she’s so high and mighty because she mom is rich and basically runs the school, but oh I can’t wait for her downfall. It’s going to be magnificent. I know it. This is the mean part of me but I hope she doesn’t get into Harvard. Blah!

DeShonda: Soo Ah needs more than a slice of humble pie….she needs the entire pie. What goes around comes around my friend….just you wait.

Logan: Something tells me that we are not alone in our loathing of Soo Ah. If she had an anti-fan club, I’m sure people would be lining up to join. Haha. Luckily, the members of Real King are there to support Yeon Doo when life rains on her parade. Still, it is a bummer that those two members are helping out Soo Ah behind Yeon Doo’s back.

June: I had a feeling that something like that was going to happen sadly. I wanna see what’s going to happen when Yeon Doo, well if she even does, confronts them. Also, I wonder what the other members of Real King say!

DeShonda: If she does confront them I will be on the edge of my seat cheering her on! Oh and I nominate June as president of the Anti Soo Ah Fan Club.

Logan: I second that nomination. Haha.

June: LMAO! Bring it on! Who wants to join! >:D

DeShonda: *Raises Hand*

Logan: *Jumps up and down waving arms wildly* ME! ME! ME!

June: I will say this though, if an actress can make me despise their character so much then they are definitely doing their job right! LOL

Logan: Agreed! And it seems she might have at least one sympathetic ear from Dong Jae. It’s too early to say for sure, but it seems he realizes that there’s a storm brewing in Soo Ah’s personal life and feels at least a little bad for her.


June: I just hope they don’t try to make them into a loveline. Like can we just not with that. Please k-drama gods, let’s not have this happen!

DeShonda: I almost forgot that Dong Jae heard the entire conversation Soo Ah had on the phone with her mother. He does have that to hold over her head. Oh no...that would be a no no to make them a loveline.

Logan: I hate to say it. I mean, I really truly do, but I’m almost certain they will be one. You can just tell by the way she looked at him when he gave her some sympathy. I think I’ll lose all respect for him when that happens.

DeShonda: I kind of like him with Yeon Doo too. I think their friendship is cute and could become something more. I love how they always have Strawberry Milk...which I have had before...it’s so good! Their chemistry is great, but they will probably just be friends.

Logan: I thought there might be a romance at first, but I think they are truly just friends and that’s refreshing. Yeon Doo has a wealth of both friends and foes in this drama and it’ll be interesting to see if any of them switch from one side to another as this drama progresses.

June: I agree. Deep down I want something more to happen but I know Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo will probably be endgame. I will say I would be surprised to see if the writers end up putting them in a loveline just to have that must have love triangle.

We've met Yeon Doo's friends and we've met her foes this week.  There may be some out to get her, but at least for now she still has friends to pick her up when she's fallen down.  What comes next for our cast of characters?  Keep watching to find out and join us next week here at the Cheer Up! drama club for more of our thoughts.  In the meantime, you can keep up with us on our blogs and on social media through our links below.

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