Hello everyone and thanks for joining us for this final edition of the Cheer Up! Drama Club. We’ve seen many highs and many lows here over the last 5 weeks. We’ve laughed and cried along with this motley crew of characters as they’ve grown as people and grown together at friends. The wonderful transition from “I” to “we” has come to its fruition as this drama reaches its end and the members of the Cheer Team have become the 13 best friends that anyone has ever had. Join DeShonda, June, and me as we bid farewell to what has become one of my favorite K-dramas ever!

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Logan: So the sad moment has finally come. Cheer Up! is over, but I sure had a great time watching this drama. These final two episodes wrapped things up for us in a what I found to be a really surprising, but really great way. Firstly the unexpected twisted that neither Yeon Doo and Yeol nor their parents broke up. What did you ladies think of that?

DeShonda: I was very surprised that the parents did not break up. I was very happy with them staying together, But at the same time I was concerned about how this would affect the relationship between Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol.

June: I was surprised as well! I was happy to see that the parents got back together because they obviously really care for each other but also how Yeon Doo and Yeol also stayed together. It was a nice little twist for the end. Though, I would have loved to see Ha Joon get with someone. Lol

Logan: I think there are many broken-hearted #TeamHaJoon-ers out there, but I have to say I was impressed by how coolly he accepted defeat. True, he never confessed to Yeon Doo until it was too late, but he recognized that and didn’t expect her to reciprocate in any way. He was a class act and it was so touching to see how much self-esteem and self-love he developed as well.

DeShonda: I agree with you Logan. He was a true gentleman. And he gained more confidence as well. I was very happy to see his character develop that confidence. He may have been defeated, but in my opinion he won a very important battle against his father. I was hoping he would find love just like Kim Yeol did. If we had a few more episodes…..I believe I would have gotten my wish.


June: I agree! I love how his character developed throughout the drama. I love how he started to enjoy being around the other students and of course his friendship with Yeol and Yeon Doo. I’m quite proud with how he handled the whole Yeon Doon situation. I still think how it’s funny that he ended up being the second male lead when I thought it was gonna be Dong Jae!

Logan: They did throw us for a loop with the surprise second male lead, but Ha Joon was the second male lead we needed. The scene where he stood up to his dad was so deeply moving, but more than that it was IMPORTANT. As I think of everyone I’ve known that’s ever be tempted to self-harm and those who think they’re worthless, I think of how amazing it is to have this character who hates himself even though he’s rich and let’s face it -drop dead gorgeous- but by having a few friends who deeply care about him, learns to care about himself and others. Bravo, drama!

DeShonda: Ha Joon’s story had me in tears. I really felt bad for him and was rooting for him too. The scene when he finally got the courage to stand up to his father was a very powerful and very important as you stated Logan. I was cheering as I watched that scene. He is one of the characters that has come a very long way since the beginning of this drama. I have to say I was very happy with how his story ended.

June: Seriously if I could have a drama all about Ha Joon, it would be amazing. I was so glad when he was finally able to stand up to his dad. I also like that it kind of did go full circle for Ha Joon. It was a complete story and I love that they didn’t leave anything left unsaid.

Logan: Yes, June, I loved that too! It was nice to have them tie up everyone’s story even the “villains”. Speaking of “villains” and coming full circle it was kind of crazy how easily Soo Ah slipped back into the role of being Yeon Doo’s friend. But something about it felt right. It was like the prodigal daughter coming home so to speak. The whole time they were waiting for Soo Ah to repent and come back as their friend and she finally did.

DeShonda: Soo Ah is another character who made a big turn around indeed. After her wake up call she came back in and everyone accepted her back again. It was great to see Yeon Doo and Soo Ah back together as friends again. It reminded me of the first episode when the girls were together practicing singing. It’s like they continued where they left off as friends. And I was also very happy when she stood up to her mother. She realized that basically she was a puppet and her mother was holding the strings. And because of her mother's actions she ended up in very bad situations. It was good to see Soo Ah have her own mind for once and not be controlled.

June: Honestly I really liked how everyone became friends again and it was all happy and what not but I couldn’t help and just think how unrealistic this would be in real life. I’m glad that Soo Ah finally came to her senses and realize that her mom was a horrible influence on her but that still didn’t take away from everything she did. Lol But it is a K-drama after all and I wouldn’t expect that much from it either. lol

Logan: Maybe not very realistic, but we can dream. Lol. It’s crazy how forgiving our characters are. I aspire to be that forgiving, but honestly I can’t think of anyone who’s that forgiving in real life. But that’s the kind of unrealistic stuff I’d like to see more of in dramas. As great as the romances are, I’d rather see unrealistically good characters than unrealistic romantic expectations for sure. That way I can aspire to do more good with my own life.

DeShonda: I agree with the both of you. I was also surprised at how everyone was so forgiving too. But they can forgive…..but not forget. If this drama was to continue, I think they should keep a closer eye on Soo Ah because she did so many awful things. I think we could learn a lot from the characters about being forgiving to others. There were many life lessons throughout this drama.

June: Very true. I will say I wish I could be as forgiving but hey I’m only human. Lol They were really a good bunch of kids, minus some shady happenings (you know who they are!!) but overall they ended up bonding and becoming a team which was amazing to watch.

Logan: Did anyone else absolutely die when they all were hanging out together in the end? They were more than just teammates, they were best friends. I thought it was so adorable that the thirteen of them were inseparable. They’ve been through a lot together!

DeShonda: I was happy to see them hanging out with each other at the end. The entire team came around from the first episode when they were fighting like cats and dogs, to the end when they are all friends and have bonded. And the bonding is all thanks to Coach Nam. She did a really good job at bringing the students together. If Coach Nam was not in the picture, I don’t think they would have ever gotten along. They still performed at their final competition as one unit. And everything worked out between all of them.

June: Coach Nam and Teacher Yang were super amazing! It makes me wish I had teachers like that when I was in high school. They fuller believe in their students and wanted them to succeed. They were also the ones to help make this bond and team possible!

Logan: I was unsure of both Teacher Yang and Coach Nam at first, they both seemed a little self-centered, but they turned out to be so the opposite. They cared for these kids as if they were family. My favorite Teacher Yang moment was when the kids were on stage about to perform and everyone was sneering at them and he yells out and cheers them on and tells them he believes in him. He’s impossible not to love.

DeShonda: I was hoping for a romance between Coach Nam and Teacher Yang. I thought they were cute together as they grew closer to one another. They were the only two adults that really cared sincerely about the students...regardless of any bad things they did. They were very helpful to all of them, and really kept their spirits up when they were feeling down.

June: I was surprised there wasn’t a romance between them either! I really thought there was but I’m kind of glad they didn’t. There was enough going on in the drama and lord knows we didn’t need another thing. Lol What did you all think about the Principal finally getting the boot out of the school? I for one was glad she was finally kicked out! I really thought she would change somewhere along the way but nope!

Logan: It’s about FREAKIN’ time the principal got kicked out! How did she get her job in the first place? Ugh! And I’m glad that there wasn’t a lot of drama involved in her leaving. I was worried she’d try to burn down the school or something drastic. And I didn’t approve of her brown-noser taking over either, so I’m glad that didn’t last.

DeShonda: I was very happy the Principal was fired. This may sound harsh, but she got what she deserved. She was just as corrupt as Soo Ah’s mother was. LOL I was hoping that she would not come back and do something crazy either Logan. That would have been too much for me to handle. Oh yes I did not like the other teacher taking over either. Thank goodness it was only for a few days. The school would been in bad hands once again if he took over.

June: I know right! I was so happy it only lasted that long. Who knows what would have happened if he stayed as acting principal for long!

Logan: Nothing good. Lol. Another relationship that really developed a lot throughout the drama was Yeon Doo and Yeol’s. They’ve always been adorable, obviously, but they developed a really great basis of trust and it so great once they became official to watch how comfortably they relied on one another.

DeShonda: Indeed! How can I forget my favorite couple. I have been #TeamKimYeol since the beginning, and I was so happy as they grew closer. I thought it was very cute of him to set up the room for him and Yeon Doo to watch the movie. He did everything right...the decorations, the comfortable seats. And they even held hands. I was so happy for them when they were finally a couple. He really is a nice young man and he has a lot of patience with Yeon Doo. He was the best choice for her in my opinion.

June: They were so adorable! From the first episode to the last one, I never got bored watching them!

Logan: They were really perfect for each other! Although Ha Joon was one of the most compelling second male leads ever, Yeol and Yeon Doo’s chemistry was second to none! I’m so happy with the way this drama ended. I really don’t have any complaints, which is rare! Lol.

June: I was pretty satisfied with the ending as well. I would have liked to see at least one or two more episodes, but other than that I’m good! I am going to miss the antics of these kids and their cheerleading club. Lol

DeShonda: I am so glad that the ending was happy! I agree with you June, a few more episodes would have been great. I am hoping for a sequel though. This drama is easily in my top 10 list of my favorite K Dramas of 2015. I really enjoyed everything this drama had to offer. The story was amazing and I was always looking forward to the next episode. Bravo to the writers, they did an amazing job telling this story.

Even though we only had 12 episodes instead of the standard 16, we certainly weren't deprived of a well executed ending! We had six weeks of great plot, great characters, and great chemistry! Although it's sad to see Cheer Up! we can be happy for the wonderful time we spent watching the drama and talking about it here at the Cheer Up! drama club. Thanks again for joining us and we hope to see you again for another drama down the road!

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