Hello everyone and welcome back to the Cheer Up! drama club! This week was definitely interesting with coaches being hired for the cheer team, relationships forming, and of course some more drama. So join Logan, DeShonda, and me as we discuss this week's episodes of Cheer Up!.

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June: Wowww what interesting episodes we had this week! I literally cannot stand Soo Ah, if that’s even possible! lol

DeShonda: That’s why you are President of the Soo A Hate Club June! She is very manipulative and snakey. She is out to ruin everyone around her. She won’t have many friends if she keeps this up. But in a way I feel sorry for her because she is going through so much pressure from her mother to be the top student at school. Yet and still she does not have to be so nasty to those around her.

Logan: If I could compare her to anyone, it would be Satan. Lol. But seriously this girl is off the charts evil. When she walked up to Yeon Doo with the two former Real King members all smug, she deserved to get more than cursed at. You have to give Yeon Doo credit for keeping so classy in that situation.

June: Can we just talk about her slapping Yeon Doo for essentially saving her sorry self from getting in trouble. I was literally so mad. At this point, I see no redemption from Soo Ah and I honestly don’t feel bad for her at all. She is just so out of it and whenever she was crying and saying why is everyone mean to her, I just could not believe she was saying that. She’s delusional.

DeShonda: I must admit I was fuming when she slapped Yeon Doo. I was so mad, if I could spit fire I would. I don’t condone violence, but Yeon Doo once again kept her cool and did not hit back. Even though a small part of me wished she would have.

Logan: That slap was insane- Soo Ah is clearly very mentally disturbed. I think we can all agree that there are a number of times when Yeon Doo’s manipulation would have enticed a physical response out of a normal human being and Yeon Doo was surprisingly calm considering how passionate she usually is about everything else. The thing that finally causes Yeon Doo to last out at Soo Ah physically, is when Soo Ah causes Dong Jae to get hurt. This speaks volumes to Yeon Doo’s character. I know I was cheering at that point and I definitely think Soo Ah deserved it.

June: I completely understand and applauded when Yeon Doo finally did something. I don’t ever want to condone violence or anything but when she threw the basketball, I was like finally!! Using someone’s disabilities to get to someone else is seriously so low. I guess Soo Ah is ready to go that low and I’m not surprised.

Logan: I’ll condone violence in this case. Lol. And back to what you were saying about how shocked Soo Ah was that everyone was mean to her, June. Like what the heck? She’s a huge bully; she uses people’s biggest weaknesses against them and is surprised that people hate her? How is this girl #2 in her class if she’s that dumb?

DeShonda: The sad thing is she does not think she is a bully at all. She thinks she is doing the right thing. She is only hurting herself though. And I wonder what her backstory is. There has to be more to it I believe. I may be jumping the gun here, but she felt some type of way when looking at her phone of her friend who passed away via suicide. I wonder if she is suicidal as well? It’s obvious to me that this poor girl is hurting. See the teacher is coming out in me LOL. She seriously needs counseling and she needs a hug. I am afraid if she does not get help she will self destruct. And that would not be good for anyone.

June: I agree with you. I think she is feeling suicidal for sure. I get that she’s hurting but in the process, she’s hurting everyone else and in the end it’s gonna hurt her even more. I just wonder where they will take this character. I would like to see more depth because I know they can make it even more complicated.

Logan: I’m not without sympathy for Soo Ah either, but I also agree that having a difficult time does not give you the excuse to treat others badly. She’s so manipulative and what I really liked this week is how contrary to everyone else trying to convince Yeon Doo to join the cheerleading club, Yeol is gentle with her (mostly). He points out the facts and leaves the decision up to her. I really respected that about him. Compared to Soo Ah being so manipulative, he is genuine.

DeShonda: I agree with you Logan. Kim Yeol is a genuine guy. I really love the interaction between him and Yeon Doo. I must admit the more I watch him, the more I like him. And (let me have a quick fangirl moment) he is a cutie with a wonderful smile. His smile just melts my heart.

Logan: Ah, his smile! When he and Yeon Doo smiled at each other at the end of Episode 4, I felt like some sort of time and space was shattered.

June: I agree with both of you all! The Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol interactions are so adorable.

Logan: The moment that Yeon Doo smiled remembering the day they spent together, I had a major fangirl moment. Here it is episode 4 and they both like each other. Can this be real? I have to say, though, this scares me. I have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that something major is going to come between them...could it be a possible engagement between their parents?

DeShonda: I know! I was screaming at the TV when Kim Yeol’s father purposed to Yeon Doo’s mother! I did not want that to happen. I want them to end up together as a couple….not siblings. And I think that Dong Jae might like her too. I sense a possible love triangle. Like when he joined the cheerleading club to be with her. While watching this part of the drama, I said to myself he has feelings for her. And rightfully so because they are close friends and close friends make the best couples sometimes. And I really like the interaction between Dong Jae and Yeon Doo as well. She is always looking out for him and his concerned about his well being.

June: I love Dong Jae and Yeon Doo’s friendship/relationship so much. You can tell they really care for each other. But back to Yeon Doo’s mom and Kim Yeol’s father and the proposal. I can already see this is going to cause some bumps in the road for our lovely main leads.

Logan: Oh definitely bumps are coming. Yeon Doo’s mom might have said no, but it’s far from over. I really hope this is the only obstacle the two have to face, because it’s big enough as it is. Dong Jae and Yeon Doo are adorable best friends and it’s going to be really heartbreaking if he does have feelings for her, which it seems likely he does. We now know why he’s afraid of physical contact and I’m curious as to whether the little girl in his vision was Yeon Doo or someone else.

DeShonda: I was wondering the same thing. Who was the girl and where is she? Is she still alive?

June: I kind of figured it was Yeon Doo but it can always be someone else.

Logan: Well now that Dong Jae is partnered with Soo Ah in cheerleading, physical contact will be kind of difficult to avoid. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles it.

DeShonda: Indeed, that is going to very difficult for him. Soo A is so cold though, she probably won’t let him touch her.

Logan: I can’t wait to see Yeon Doo and Yeol partnered together. Are they going to be blushing and awkward or will they share some more of those steamy looks? Either way, it’s going to be good.

June: Oh definitely! I feel like we’re gonna get a lot more laughs with the cheerleading scenes. Which brings me to the coach! What do you all think of her?

DeShonda: There is a method to her madness that’s for sure! I do like the fact that she is trying to get the team to bond together. Weather it be eating together,doing physical exercise, or just getting to know more about each other’s interests. One of my favorite parts is when the team were asking each other who is your favorite singer. And the student replied APink. I said to myself, good answer lol.

Logan: That part was cute! The cheerleading coach is a smart lady. She managed to take these two absolute rivals and get them to bond. Instead of punishing them in the traditional manner, she uses their misbehavior as an excuse to train them. The ramen scene when they’re all dirty and eating ramen together and then just break out laughing. I thought, wow, she’s good. She may have been hired by Soo Ah’s mom, but she knows what she’s doing.

June: I really loved the ramen scene. It was so nice seeing them all get along! It’s kind of a preview of what’s to come dealing with the cheer team. I can’t wait to see them in action! Also, yes A+ to the student who said he liked APink! I wonder how many takes they had to get that with Eun Ji. lol

Logan: Another great thing that happened during that scene was one the girl from Real King asked Yeol if he had a girlfriend and he said there was a girl he wanted to kiss and Yeon Doo turned bright red. Then when he saw her blushing, he smiled at her. That was one of the most adorable scenes I’ve ever seen. I say that a lot, but I really mean it this time.

DeShonda: I love that scene too! I thought it was the cutest thing! Another cute scene I really enjoyed was when they skipped school and entered a dance competition. And on their way home on the bus Yeon Doo rested her head on his shoulder. They were flirting a little bit throughout the bus ride home.

June: They are seriously so adorable. What do you all think about the pace of their relationship/friendship?

Logan: Ooooh, I loved the bus ride. When he saw she was sleeping on him and then smiled and put his head back on her. These two are seriously a fantastic OTP. I would say the pace is realistically fast, but scary. Typically romances in kdramas move painfully slow. We all know this and we love it, but it’s equally exciting to see them liking each other this soon. But again, scary, because it really feels like something is going to sabotage them. Maybe I’ve seen too many Dramas.

What did you all think of this week's episodes? Do you all think Soo Ah is right and everyone is being mean to her? Also how will our new cheerleading club do at their upcoming performance? I know I can't wait to see it! Comment below and tell us what you thought!

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