Welcome back to the Cheer Up! drama club. Our characters are knee-deep in scandal this week, and we’re loving the drama. Join DeShonda, June, and me as we dig into the scandalous world that is Sevit High.

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Logan: Okay, so much is going on with this drama this week. Let’s start with the biggest scandal of them all, which was Teacher Yang getting accused of intentionally inappropriately touching a student. Unbelievable! The one teacher who is on the students side and here he is being labeled a pedophile. Were you guys as outraged as I was at this?

June: I could not believe they would go on and accuse him of that. I was completely outraged at the accusation. Like how did they not know that he would end up getting fired and along with that the things people were saying behind his back was awful. I hope these girls come to realize that Soo Ah’s influence is not a good one. In the end, she’ll probably end up using everyone for her personal gain.

DeShonda: I was furious when he was accused of this. Teacher Yang is one of the characters that I have grown to like in this drama. And what made me even more upset was that it was all planned by Soo Ah. I think the students realized their mistake as the accusations went too far. They did feel bad about it, but the damage was already done.

Logan: Can you believe Jae Young’s (the girl who accused Teacher Yang) mom encouraged her to keep up the lie when she finally confessed the truth? Disgusting! I mean, you could tell she was struggling with the lie she told and that’s a hard thing to admit to lying about yet her mom tells her to keep lying. I couldn’t stand the girl at first, but the fact that she eventually admitted the truth and helped Yeon Doo announce Teacher Yang’s innocence made me really proud of her.

June: These parents are as horrible if not worse than Soo Ah. For her to tell her to continue to lie, even when someone’s job and reputation is on the line, was just so disgusting to watch. Who cares about your status when you’re just a horrible person inside. I was proud to see them make things right at their performance. I can’t wait to see how it plays out next week!

DeShonda: I agree the parents are very selfish and they do not care who gets hurt at the end. I was screaming at the TV when Jae Young’s mom encouraged her to keep up the lie. But I am happy they admitted to telling the truth at the performance. Hopefully Teacher Yang will keep his job at Sevit High. The students need him for he is the only trustworthy adult in the school.

Logan: As Yeol always says, “Don’t trust adults” but Teacher Yang has proven himself the one exception- keeping their secrets and looking out for their best interests. What I really love about this drama is not only the character development but also the depth of each characters. There’s complexity to each character not necessarily all good or all evil. They’re complex and so realistic. Even Soo Ah who we love to hate has so many different layers.

June: I agree! As much as I dislike Soo Ah, her character is very complex and I feel like we’ll only continue to see more of her character shed each layer as time goes by.

DeShonda: I definitely agree with you ladies as well. I think we are starting to see Soo Ah shed some of her layers. She did feel sympathy when Teacher Yang was accused and he was about to lose his job. She realized her wrongdoing and even shed a few tears.

Logan: She is such a fascinating character because she alternates between absolute confidence and arrogance to completely breaking down out of self-hate. It was very telling that she wanted to end her own life by walking into the lake. It was also interesting that Ha Joon, someone who could relate to the feeling very well, was there as a silent support to her.

June: I was wondering during the scene at the lake, if they were setting up another line with Ha Joon and Soo Ah. Perhaps a line they can use later for their Soo Ah redemption arc because we all know that’s going to happen later with either Ha Joon or Dong Jae.

DeShonda: I must admit I was happy Ha Joon found Soo Ah at the lake and stopped her. These two have a lot in common with each other and they can relate on so many levels. Oh of course that’s going to happen June! It will either be Ha Joon or Dong Jae with Soo Ah. I wonder which one would be the better choice for her.

Logan: Here’s my prediction and it may seem a little crazy, but let me highlight how I interpreted things a little differently this week. I think Dong Jae-Soo Ah loveline is happening. She shocked by the fact that he has no animosity towards her and views her as a human and it shows. Ha Joon has similarities to Soo Ah, but I see him more as a foil. He shows the alternative Soo Ah could have chosen- to genuinely care for people even though he had a cold upbringing. From what I saw this week, he seemed to warm up a lot to Yeon Doo. He’s been cold so far yet once he started interacting with Soo Ah we’ve started to see him smile. I think he’s actually set up to be the second male lead, not Dong Jae. Did you see the way he smiled after he left the umbrella for Yeon Doo and was walking back to the dorm soaked?

June: That is interesting if they set him up to be the second male lead. It’s something I honestly would have never thought but I kind of like that. As opposed to the Dong Jae-Soo Ah line, because well we all know how I feel towards her. But anyways, I agree with the Ha Joon and Soo Ah comparison and the alternative. I feel like Soo Ah could have essentially been like Ha Joon if she only really cared about her friends or really had any friends.

DeShonda: Ha Joon as a second male lead….I could see that happening. I did enjoy watching his interaction with Yeon Doo and he did start to trust her a bit more. She did see him getting abused by his father and she kept that secret. He began to trust her a bit more I think.

Logan: She looked absolutely heartbroken when she saw Ha Joon’s dad hitting him. Yeon Doo has got to be one of the most compassionate, selfless characters I’ve seen. She felt so deeply for him that it was almost as if it were her getting abused. As Ha Joon and Yeol realize and get after her for - she always is putting others first. And I think that’s really admirable. I’m a Yeon Doo fan.

June: I absolute love Yeon Doo. She’s always so selfless and cares so much for everyone. It’s crazy that even the things Soo Ah has done to her, Yeon Doo still watches out for her. It takes a very strong and compassionate person to do that. That’s why I hope she is able to make things right at this corrupt school.

DeShonda: If I was in school, I would want a friend like Yeon Doo. She is very well rounded and mature. And I really love the fact that she is a true friend to the end no matter what. She has such a big, wonderful, and caring heart even if someone does wrong she still is forgiving and sees the good in people.

Logan: The fact that Yeon Doo’s friends are so loyal to her is proof of her character. A perfect example of her heart is when she’s out searching for Soo Ah when Soo Ah’s “friends” are back at the bus worried about being late. A great added touch to this scene was that Yeol smiled at the fact that it was Yeon Doo’s heart to search for Soo Ah even after all she had done.

June: I just want Soo Ah to come to her senses and break her mindset that that everyone is in her way/out to get her. Also, if she could break the hold her mother has on her that would be great. Speaking of which, I wonder how mommy dearest is going to react next week. Lol Seeing the mom’s face just irritates me so much.

Logan: I hope she’s absolutely furious. Lol. She does have a very irritating face. I hope the cheer team’s actions were enough to get Teacher Yang his job back. The relationship he had blossoming with the Coach was absolutely adorable two. I seriously ship those two. 

DeShonda: Oh yeah I almost forgot about that budding relationship between the Coach and Teacher Yang. They were very cute and I like them together. I hope Soo Ah’s mom is very upset with her and does not encourage her behavior, but I think that she would.

Logan: Speaking of budding relationships, Yeon Doo and Yeol’s has progressed to the point where it looks like Yeol is ready to confess to Yeon Doo. I’m pretty excited about this. I mean he’s all but said the words, hinting at it, and passionately embracing her. Even though their kiss was a fake-out, I was okay with it. It’d be too tragic if she was too drunk to remember her first kiss with Yeol. What do you think her actions are going to be towards Yeol now that he’s making his feelings known?

DeShonda: I think she may be a bit shy at first then come around eventually. It’s obvious that she does really like him and I would hope her reactions are positive. Those two make a great couple and they are so adorable. Plus her mother approves of him so that’s a good thing as well. I can’t wait until he finally says how he feels to her. I can picture a big smile on her face.


Logan: It’s cute to see her so shy- like she was when he hugged her. She’s usually so loud and always got something to say that when she’s stunned speechless it’s especially adorable. They are really a great *potential* couple. So much so that I thought if a second male lead came along, it wouldn’t even be an issue. But I have to say after Ha Joon went to his awful awful father to try to help Teacher Yang I had major feels. If he does become the second male lead, it’s going to be really hard to see Yeon Doo go to Yeol instead.

June: Their hug was seriously so adorable! Omg Ha Joon is slowly going up my list and there’s still the chance that Yeol is Yeon Doo’s boyfriend’s father! So we can only imagine how that will play out. Well until next week I suppose!

We’ve seen all sort of scandal this week. Will the drama continue to build next week or will our friend on the cheer team finally catch a break? Tune in next week to find out!

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