Welcome back to the Cheer Up! drama club. Just when you thought the scandals and backstabbing couldn't be any worse, the students at Sevit High prove us wrong. Join DeShonda and me as we discuss the crazy world of Sevit High this week.

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June: It really always amazes me how much backstabbing and craziness that can happen in high school Korean dramas. Lol Once again Soo Ah proves to be the worst person ever. Like hello! Did she really think that no one would find out that she left Yeon Doo at the store? I honestly don’t know what’s going through her mind half the time.

DeShonda: Yes...Soo Ah strikes again with her evilness. I was literally screaming at the TV once again when she left Yeon Doo at the store. She was so wrong for that, and she knew it too. Poor Yeon Doo she was so scared to be out in the dark and in an unfamiliar place all alone. I was very happy when Ha Joon found her. He was like her knight in shining armor. But I got choked up and shed a few tears. And I was so happy when Kim Yeol went off on Soo Ah about leaving Yeon Doo. But I wonder who is leaving Soo Ah the notes everywhere.

June: I literally let out a sigh of relief whenever Ha Joon found her! Also, I really wonder what the writers are doing with Ha Joon and Yeon Doo. Because I don’t want to see best friends fight over a girl!! But back to Soo Ah, I hope since she realized that it wasn’t Yeon Doo, that she backs off a bit. Like stop trying to ruin this girl’s life geez. I was so glad whenever Kim Yeol went off on her. She needs to get a reality check and see that she’s hurting everyone and herself by her actions.

DeShonda: I agree June. She really needs to get her act together and quick. Everything she trying to do in order to hurt others is backfiring. Like when she stole the USB with the midterm test and answers on it and blamed KIm Yeol for it. This almost ruined his High School career as the number one student. Soo Ah is trying to hard to be perfect and it’s putting a lot of pressure on her. So much that she has these frequent nose bleeds and such. What’s up with that? Is it because of stress? I did like the fact that Teacher Yang offered an open door to her just in case she wanted to talk. Everyone around her is somewhat concerned about her and see that she is lonely and hurting.

June: Teacher Yang is seriously the best. I can’t believe he was almost gone forever from the school! Even with the horrible things Soo Ah has said and done, he was still there to offer her a helping hand. Which is something all the faculty should do, instead of constantly trying to find reasons to kick certain students out. Ugh the principal is so annoying and I was happy whenever Kim Yeol’s dad brought in lawyers. That’ll teach this good for nothing school!

DeShonda: Ah yes...one of the many times I celebrated and cheered while watching these episodes! When Kim Yeol stood up to the Principal to clear his name about the USB which resulted in him coming back to school. I was very happy that his father stepped up and stood behind his son. I was worried for a bit that he would not believe him at first. And I was also happy when Teacher Yang was back working at the school. Those students need him for he is someone that is very trustworthy.

June: For sure! Also, that other teacher needs to learn a few things from Teacher Yang. Like for instance, not to go ahead and assume things so quickly! Like look at the mess he essentially started. I also honestly can’t believe he couldn’t remember he was talking to Soo Ah when he lost the USB. Like hello, you all even talked about her grade and what not. Also this is random but every time Soo Ah just screams at someone, it’s like nails on a damn chalkboard. SHE. NEEDS. TO. STOP.

DeShonda: That’s right June. That’s why you are President of the Soo Ah Hate Club LOL. I agree with you 100%. I think that this last incident with Yeon Doo may have given her a wake up call that she desperately needs. When she does all of these malicious things, you can see the look of worry on her face. Believe me, she knows right from wrong. She knows exactly what she is doing when she is being a bully. I think that someone will intervene eventually and stop her before she causes any more trouble.

June: LOL I can’t help it! She’s just so horrible but I give props to the actress because she’s doing a really great job! I agree with you too. She’s not completely clueless when she’s doing her master evil plans and she knows that. She’s always super paranoid afterwards and she’s going to be her own downfall. One can only get away with so much and time is ticking for Soo Ah. Especially that someone else knows she was the one who took the USB.

DeShonda: Yes someone definitely knows she stole that USB. I am trying to figure out who knows and who is leaving her those notes all around. I don’t think it’s Yeon Doo, it’s not her style. She is more confrontational than to sneak around leaving notes. It’s someone who is at camp with her.

June: Yeah it’s definitely not Yeon Doo and I feel like the writers are making it seen like it’s Dong Jae but I’m just not sure! Honestly, it could be anyone but what if it happens to be one of the Baek Ho club! Like and they are holding it against Soo Ah! Ah the possibilities are endless.

DeShonda: We will have to find out later on who is behind these notes. I was thinking Dong Jae too. Speaking of the writers….I think they are trying to make a love triangle between Yeon Doo, Ha Joon, and Kim Yeol. Ha Joon is catching all kinds of feelings for Yeon Doo now. I think it is cute that he is warming up to her more and smiling! He has a nice smile. And when he is smiling, it makes him look even more handsome. I wish I had her problem. She has not one but two handsome boys crushing on her.

June: OMG I know and I love his smile so much! *hearts in my eyes* I seriously wonder what the writers will end up doing because we still have the fact that Kim Yeol’s dad and Yeon Do’s mom are dating…..But seriously, both ships are adorable and I just hope this doesn’t hurt the boys’ friendship!

DeShonda: I don’t want to see two best friends fight either. I hope that does not happen. Kim Yeol’s father and Yeon Doo’s mother are getting closer. She is thinking about the proposal he offered her. I have a strange feeling that she will say yes. But in a strange way, I don’t want her to. I want Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol to be a couple. They are very cute together and the chemistry between the two of them is getting closer. Like when he was kicked out of school and Yeon Doo called him. Kim Yeol was so happy to hear from her, he was smiling from ear to ear. Also when they were eating with Teacher Yang and Kim Yeol was playfully stealing Yeon Doo’s food. That was a cute scene. But the others are catching wind of the two of them being together all the time. They are suspecting they are dating.

June: Their chemistry is off the charts and it’s always so fun to watch. I just feel like when it comes down to when they find out about their parents, Yeon Doo is going to put her mom’s happiness first. It’s kind of like whenever her and Kim Yeol were talking about why she went to Sevit in the first place. I feel like that could have been a little foreshadowing.

DeShonda: Ah yes June. You do have a point there. I can see Yeon Doo wanting her mom to be happy and putting her happiness first. She has a big heart and she is caring of others.

June: I feel like people are constantly telling her that she pays more attention to others than herself but I feel like that’s just who she is. She’s really just such a nice person. I think that’s why so many people like to be around her and protect her.

DeShonda: And that’s what I love about her character. She wants to help and she is very protective of those that she cares for. I hope that she does not get hurt or no one takes advantage of her. So far this has not happened….thank goodness.

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