Welcome back to the Cheer Up! drama club. A lot of truths were revealed within these episodes, emotions were high, and one of our characters finally got a reality check. Join Logan, June, and me as we discuss these exciting episodes of Cheer Up!

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DeShonda: Alright ladies, a lot has happened to our students at Sevit High. I don’t know where to start! I was so very happy that Ha Joon found Yeon Doo. I almost cried when she saw him and ran to him. That was a very emotional moment for me in this drama. Soo Ah is up to no good once again. She finally got her reality check though.

June: Reality check indeed. These past two episode were so emotional. I honestly have no idea where to start. From everything that happened at the camping place to the stuff at the school. I may sound mean but after everything that’s happened, I’m like did everyone suddenly forget that Soo Ah almost did an attempted murder with throwing Yeon Doo down the stairs? But, I am glad Soo Ah has finally realize the magnitude of her horrible actions.

Logan: Emotional is right! The love triangle between Yeon Doo, Yeol, and Ha Joon is heart-wrenching because both Yeol and Ha Joon are likeable and care about Yeon Doo. I find myself going back and forth between Team Yeol and Team Ha Joon, but now that Yeon Doo has shown her feelings for Yeol, I have to root for him, although I do feel bad for Ha Joon. As far as Soo Ah goes, I think it’s a really interesting scenario to have this group of characters that’s so forgiving and the villain who keeps getting forgiven no matter what she does and how it changes her heart.

DeShonda: The love triangle is hard for me to watch too. I feel so sad for Ha Joon though. I agree both are very likeable characters. I may be jumping the gun here, but when Kim Yeol finally kissed Yeon Doo I was very happy! I admit I have been Team Yeol from the start and I have been waiting for those two to kiss since Episode 1. They were very cute together when she went to visit him in the hospital and bought him food.

June: This love triangle is so hard to choose between because I love both guys! I was happy about the advancement of Yeol and Yeon Doo but I still have this nagging feeling because they still don’t know about their parents dating and they are in a serious relationship at that. I love both of them but who knows what will happen when they find out.

Logan: In my opinion this is the worst love triangle since Boys Over Flowers. And even that one wasn’t so hard because there was so clearly a best choice. But with the way Yeol and Yeon Doo look at each other, I know Ha Joon doesn’t have a chance in the world and I’m trying to come to terms with it. I hope it doesn’t hurt him too bad, because I’ve really grown to love him. I hate that they’re dragging the whole parents thing out. It is really ominous. The sad truth is that both couples can’t be happy. Either Yeol and Yeon Doo are going to have to call it quits or their parents are. Things are going to get messy.

DeShonda: I agree with you Logan comparing this love triangle to the one in Boys Over Flowers. It’s funny I was thinking that same thing as I was watching these episodes. But I was very nervous that the parents would find out about each other when they went to visit Kim Yeol in the hospital. That was a close call. The parents do make a cute couple I think too. I really like how Yeon Doo’s mom advises Kim Yeol’s father about how to help their relationship. I hope that Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo don’t become siblings. They make a cute couple to me.

June: As much as I love the Yeol-Yeon Doo couple, I really don’t want their parents to split. Like Yeol’s dad has said, Yeon Doo’s mom has changed him her the better. I really hate that they’ve dragged this out.

Logan: I know! I wish we could have two separate dramas with two different endings. One where the parents gets to stay together and one where Yeon Doo and Yeol get to stay together. The parents are adorable together and let’s be honest have a longer chance of staying together in the long run. I mean, how many people stay with their high school girlfriend/boyfriend. My head is telling me the parents’ relationship is the logical choice to survive, but my heart is telling me that Yeon Doo and Yeol must be together at all costs.

DeShonda: We need a few more episodes of this drama or like you mentioned Logan two separate dramas to get that relationship sorted out. If the parents end up together I can’t get mad at that though. But I can get mad at that Soo Ah for basically ruining everyone’s lives lol. She did all of those bad things to everyone and she thought it would make her happy. But she gained nothing from it at the end. She was not the number one student, she lost all of the friends she had, and she ended up even more alone than she already was. There is a lesson to be learned here. What goes around comes around. She was remorseful and realized that she was doing wrong, but the damage was already done. Even Yeon Doo was tired of her mess for a little while.

June: I agree with both of you all! Logan, the parents will probably most likely stay together longer than them sadly but they are so cute I can’t help rooting for them. I agree sooooooooo much with you DeShonda! The damage was already done and I wish Soo Ah would have had her redemption phase a bit earlier because some things she did, just did not get justification. But this is a k-drama and I wouldn’t have expected any less with how easily they forgave her. I think that’s the only thing that bothered me because I knew redemption was coming already but honestly they should have made it a tad bit earlier.

Logan: Strangely, I actually really loved Soo Ah’s redemption. I too thought it was going to be too little too late, but when it finally came and we see Soo Ah breaking down, I caved. She goes to her mom and she’s practically begging for help, yet her mom tells her she did nothing wrong. Soo Ah is just a girl and when she doesn’t get the help that she’s asking for, the only escape she can see is suicide. And that is just so horribly tragic. This really is a true prodigal son (or daughter) story and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Kdrama that shows such forgiveness.

DeShonda: I mentioned in an earlier episode that Soo Ah was crying out for help. I also wish that she would have gotten help much earlier. I hate that she tried to commit suicide. I must admit that was very sad and I felt bad for her. And I was glad that Dong Jae was the one that save her. He finally got over his phobia! I was cheering about that. That was also a very emotional moment for me in the episode. How everyone forgave Soo Ah was very nice I thought. They can forgive her...but don’t forget! I would be keeping a close eye on her if she came back to school.

June: It’s definitely going to be interesting with what they will focus on with the final two episodes. I definitely hope they wrap up a few loose ends. Also, I really wish they would have given more of a background story with Dong Jae. I feel like we only scratched the surface with his character and I honestly thought we would have had more of him in the drama then Ha Joon in the beginning.

Logan: I concur, June! There is just so much more story to be told about Dong Jae and all of the characters really. Do you know what the perfect solution would be? A sequel!!! And maybe just in time for the holiday season they could call it “Full of Cheer”. What do you think? A Christmas-themed Cheer Up! sequel!

DeShonda: LOL I love the idea Logan! I would totally watch “Full Of Cheer” . But I was thinking that as well. I would have loved to see more backstories on many of the characters. I have to mention this since these episodes were focused on the truth. I was surprised that it was Kim Yeol who left the notes in Soo Ah’s locker and in her bag about the USB. I was totally wrong with who I thought it was last week. I was saying to myself...good job Kim Yeol. LOL Oh and at the campfire when they were playing the truth game and Kim Yeol called Soo Ah out in front of everyone. I literally was on the edge of my seat watching that scene. But then Yeon Doo came to the rescue as she always does. She has such a big heart! I just love her character.

June: I know right! I was like dang Yeol you are seriously always one step ahead of everyone else. Lol

Logan: He really is one of the most savvy Kdrama characters ever. It’s great that he’s so full of forgiveness too, but the absolute most adorable thing about him is the way that he looks at Yeon Doo when she does something selfless. He’s so proud of her and you can tell that her heart is his favorite thing about her. That is what the basis of liking someone should be!

DeShonda: OMG Kim Yeol is so cute when he looks at her! He has a beautiful smile. My heart just flutters when I see him smile at Yeon Doo. It’s the cutest thing ever.

June: They did a really good job with his character! Also yes you can tell he really likes her and is proud whenever she stands up for other people. Yeon Doo also always looking out for other people and seeing the good in them was so admirable!

Logan: She really is my role model! It’s easy to forgive someone once or twice. It’s something that even someone with horrible character can do, but to be able to continuously forgive someone for the same thing - it has to be part of your nature. And I don’t think it makes you a doormat, because I guarantee that Yeon Doo is happier by forgiving Soo Ah than she ever would be resenting her forever.

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