Cheese in the Trap viewers have been wavering between the two characters who both love Seol, forming Team Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin) and Team Baek In Ho (Seo Kang Joon). But what does Kim Go Eun, who plays Seol, consider as her ideal type from the leading men in the hit romance drama? You may be surprised by what she says.

First of all, Kim Go Eun has only nice things to say about her two Cheese in the Trap leading men and their characters. 

She said, “Hae Jin sunbae is very considerate and warm. He’s the most veteran out of all of us so he was in a position where he could control the atmosphere on set. But the atmosphere was so good and I think that’s due to him. Seo Kang Joon has a bit of a playful attitude. Both of them took very good care of me.” 

But for her own real-life ideal type, it turns out that the 25-year-old actress would pick neither Yoo Jung nor Baek In Ho.

She said, “Neither of them is my style." 

She further explained, "I like Eun Taek. Eun Taek is very honest about his feelings. He likes Bora and follows her around. Even when she doesn’t reciprocate and ignores him, he moves past it. I like that honesty.”

Eun Taek has been in love with Seol's best friend Bora for the longest time, and he stays as a loyal and protective friend even when Bora has not accepted his romantic feelings.

(Just looks at where Eun Tak's eyes are always looking to!)

Are you surprised by her choice? Who wouldn't admire a man with an unabashed honesty and persistence to pursue his love, especially when he is also played by handsome rising star Nam Joo Hyuk?

Also, what do you think about Eun Taek finally making a decisive maneuver for Bora (Park Min Ji) to admit her true feelings in the recent episode 14?


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