Webtoon-based new drama Cheese in the Trap is looking for a leading lady for Park Hae Jin. Apparently the recent offers to Miss A's Suzy and then to Kim Go Eun have been declined. Although Park Hae Jin is perfectly cast, the webtoon's fans apparently have influence.

Previously we reported that Suzy of K-pop girl group Miss A got the offer to star as university student Hong Seol alongside Park Hae Jin as the leading man in Cheese in the Trap. When the offer was first reported, fans of the popular webtoon were very vocal, with some viewing Suzy as not a good match. After being given some time to consider, Suzy declined the offer.

According to media reports, Suzy's agency JYP Entertainment said, "Suzy received and reviewed the offer to play the female lead in tvN′s new drama Cheese in the Trap; however, after going to great pains, she has respectfully declined."

Apparently the production then offered the role to actress Kim Go Eun. However, it was reported on July 18 that Kim declined the offer. According to her agency, "It was a good original work so we gave it a lot of thought, but in the end, we decided to decline the offer." 

Cheese in the Trap's production team also reportedly said, "Auditions are currently in progress," and "Nothing has been decided as of yet.”

So the search continues!

I hope they finish casting soon. I'm a big fan of Park Hae Jin, and I can't wait to see him as Yoo Jung in Cheese in the Trap. We do know fans agree that Park Hae Jin is perfectly cast for the role.

~ NancyZdramaland

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