Hello everyone, and thanks for joining us for the first edition of the Cheese in the Trap Drama Club! We’re in the new year, which means a new drama! Cheese in the Trap has definitely been a great start, and we can’t wait for what awaits us. Join Debo, Marakeshsparrow, and me as we welcome Cheese in the Trap to the DramaFever Drama Clubs!

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Marakeshsparrow: So I am already totally intrigued by this drama! I’m completely unfamiliar with the webtoon, so went in blind. But there are some really interesting (and somewhat suspicious) characters already developing. I’m just going to dive straight in and ask--who else thought our leading man was a little...strange? I’m wondering if Hong Seol actually had him pegged because as charming as he may seem, I think there’s something off about him.

Debo: I also am not very familiar with the webtoon but from the web comics I’ve read so far, the drama factor found in this series is definitely familiar. I also feel there’s something a little off about our leading man as well, seems a bit stalker-ish. I just want to know how he managed to get her work schedule so easily and why isn’t she questioning why he seems to be everywhere she is?

June: I also haven’t the web comic but I really want to now. This drama has already pulled me in and I’m intrigued but these characters. I agree with both of you all as well about our leading man. Something is just off and I can’t put my finger on it. There’s this dark side to him and I’m super curious to know about it. I also wonder why he’s doing this to our leading lady. Especially since this had all started a year before. All I know is that from the first two episodes, this drama seems to have a lot of potential.

Marakeshsparrow: At first I thought Hong Seol was being really ridiculous with her paranoia about Yoo Jung, I was like “Hello! It’s so clear he just likes you! You’re acting as if he wants to destroy you like he’s some heinous super villain!” But honestly, there are some really strange things about his behavior. He’s definitely not as straightforward as he seems. What is the whole deal with the punky kid, Baek In Ho? He seems to believe Yoo Jung ruined his life and he didn’t seem to have any remorse or want to give any apology for whatever he did. And why did he get all weird when Hong Seol tried to set him up with her friend? I mean I figured he’d be disappointed, but he was all “You’re just like everyone else!” … So bizarre. So many questions!

Debo: Haha. I complete agree. That outburst came out of nowhere for me as well. I feel though that Yoo Jung has just been so used to people coddling him and seeking his approval since he is filthy rich. Therefore, when Hong Seol and he first met and she glares at him instead of fawning over him, he was probably taken aback by that and was intrigued by her and so thought she would be different. Afterwards, when she started to be more trusting of him, he probably thought she was starting to like him for him as a person and not because of his looks and/or money because honestly that seems to be the only reason people hang out with him. That just seems like a fairly lonely existence. There is another facet of Yoo Jung that has really stood out to me. Apart from his rich boy pains, something about him really interests me. He seems like the type of person who likes to manipulate people for his own amusement. He seems like the type of person who would see others as being expendable and therefore like to make them perform whatever actual he wants them to. Sort of like a really rich, Korean Light Yagami. To me he definitely does not seem as innocent as he is trying to make himself out to be in front of Hong Seol, especially in regards to how In Ha and his sister fit into his past. A slice of dark backstory anyone?

June: I’m honestly just super curious about In Ho, his sister and their story because it’s like they came out of nowhere and something definitely went down between all of them. I love all the dynamics of the characters so far. But I agree with you Debo! I think Yoo Jung is used to people and things going his way. Hong Seol definitely intrigues him because she isn’t like the others and doesn’t care about his money. As for Yoo Jung, he’s a mystery and I can’t wait to find out more about him. Like what did go down between him and In Ho, because from the looks of it, it had to have been something big. What is he hiding behind the mask he hides from everyone. Also, it’s funny how many times Yoo Jung has asked Hong Seol out to eat lunch. I think I’m going to start counting it every time I watch this drama.

We got you covered, June!

Marakeshsparrow: First off -- Debo, you’re my hero for making that Death Note comparison! Hahaha! Now I’m just going to think of Yoo Jung as Light… hopefully he’s not hiding THAT dark of a secret though! (Would that make Baek In Ho L? he he) Second, I think it’s sweet how he keeps hounding Hong Seol to eat with him. I loved her thought process -- “What is it with this guy? Is he obsessed with food?” Despite his somewhat shady, somewhat stalker-ish tendencies, I think he does genuinely likes Hong Seol. I’d like to think he’s not really that bad and maybe has some redeeming qualities that Hong Seol can help him bring out more.

June: I think he really does like her for real, if I look past the stalkerish feel I think it is really sweet. I honestly hope he didn’t do something super, super bad in the past because I don’t know how I would feel about that. Also, does anyone sense the inevitable love triangle coming upon us?

Debo: Thank you, Marakeshsparrow! bows Also, I agree with both of you. He seems like a little kid who doesn’t know how to properly show his emotions since he never has to. He’s so used to others chasing him and not so much having to woo someone else so he decides to shower her with interminable invitations to lunch. My favorite part so far is that she became so used to him asking her to eat with him that she starts dreaming about it. Haha, June, definitely! It’s a drama, I’m always ready for the start of a love triangle.

Marakeshsparrow: Oo! Oo! Yes! Love Triangle time! Sign me up! Especially if it involves that tasty street ruffian Baek In Ho. Me likey! He’s someone else where there’s more than meets the eye. He seems kind of like a bum (and people mistake him as one pretty easily, hahaha) and he apparently didn’t finish high school and yet there are these little moments where this high intelligence slips out. Is he actually a raggamuffin genius? I’m not sure, but I really want to get to know more about him. And I want him to have more interaction with Hong Seol. If he’s the second male lead, I have a feeling I’m already coming down with SML Syndrome because I think he would make a better match for Hong Seol.

June: Oh my K-drama god, if he ends up being the second lead, I can definitely see myself having SML Syndrome. Even with the minimal screentime he had in the first two episodes, I was so hooked on his character. I can’t wait to see his interactions with Hong Seol because I already know it’ll probably be super adorable. Haha! Though, I’m hoping we will get some adorable moments with Yoo Jung soon. I think that would be interesting to watch because Yoo Jung seems to have a more cold-like personality rather than In Ho’s personality.

Debo: I like the idea of In Ho with her as well! (Personally, I think he’s cuter than Yoo Jung so that might also be a factor). In Ho, his sister and Yoo Jung’s backstory also intrigues me. Why was In Ho getting beaten up while Yoo Jung watched from the sidelines? Did it have to do with Yoo Jung’s family and company? However, even though In Ho has been a character I generally like even though he hasn’t had that much screen time, his sister is another story. So far I have not been too fond of her. However, the only time we’ve seen her is when she has been yelling shrilly at others so that might be why.

June: I want to know more of his sister too! From what we saw, things with her will be interesting. The phone call with her pretending to talk to In Ho made me laugh not going to lie. It seems she also dropped out of school as well. There is so much to the siblings that we haven’t even scratched the surface. I will definitely anticipate more from them!

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah I’m hoping we get to see more of his sister and that she proves to be a deeper character than what she’s showing us right now. Gold-digging spoiled brat… not my favorite type of person. HOWEVER, I think again there may be more to her than what we’re seeing and her current lifestyle may have a lot to do with their past. I don’t think she finished college--did that happen around the same time her younger brother had to leave high school? And what is her connection to Yoo Jung? It seems like the chairman of his family’s company put her up in an apartment? Or did I misinterpret that? I’m definitely eager to see next week’s episodes because maybe we’ll get a few more answers to these questions!

Debo: Oh, I thought the chairman was referring to their father like how Wilhelmina Slater from Ugly Betty would call her father the senator. But that theory also makes sense!

June: It’s funny because we are all so curious on their backgrounds! There’s just so many questions already and it’s only the first week. But I think I like that! It keeps me on my toes and watching out for every detail, though I hope my questions are eventually answered, rather than not.

Debo: Same here! Also, since our theme this week is about how people act differently than their actual motives, we should also talk about Joo Yeon. She acts like a sweet, innocent girl around Yoo Jung but as soon as she thinks Hong Seol is trying to steal her “man” her talons came out. But seriously, how is she allowed to get through with some of the things that she does?? Stealing someone’s paper and almost causing them to fail a heavily weighted assignment should not just be forgotten so easily (there should be rules against that, especially in a collegiate environment). Additionally, she almost caused Hong Seol to fail her class because she gave her the wrong class start time and almost made her miss her quiz. If someone did that to me, I would not just stand there and make up excuses for them. But I did love how Yoo Jung just calls out her bluff with the drunk guy and Hong Seol.

June: That girl, I think her name is Joo Yeon, is the literal worst. I mean I guess there has to be one in every K-Drama possible but oh my god, can she just not. The telling her class is at the wrong time, stealing her paper AND sending that drunk homeless man and Hong Seol getting injured because of it was just horrible. Like how low can you go and all for a guy. In my eyes, she can really never be redeemed. Point, blank.

Marakeshsparrow: Riiiiiight??? When she took Hong Seol’s paper I was ready to cut a gizebe! That’s so not right. I think she figured the drunk guy thing was just like a funny prank, but she needs to get a reality check and get her head on straight. Tactics like that will never make you look good. I’m SO glad that Yoo Jung doesn’t fall for any of her BS. But...maybe that’s because he can recognize two-faced behaviour easily??? Hmmmmmm… food for thought.

Debo: Haha. As the saying goes, “it takes one to know one.”

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