Welcome back, Cheese in the Trap drama clubbers! These last two episodes have truly brought out the drama but also started to help shed some light on our elusive Yoo Jung as well as bring an end to the nefarious stalker. Now, join June, Marakehsparrow and me, Debo, as we continue our discussion!


Cheese in the Trap

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June: Wow it feels like it’s been ages since we’ve had new episodes but the wait made it even better. We got more depth from our characters but also things started off a little crazy with In Ha and Young Gon at school! How crazy it would have been if that had happened in real life at my school. Lol

Marakeshsparrow: I really enjoyed these last couple episodes. It was definitely worth the wait! I’m so glad that we /finally/ got more insight into the characters. I feel like I even saw a different side to Baek In Ha (or did I merely dream that?) When she put on that show in the halls, helping to bring down Stalker, I realized that, yes, Baek In Ha is crazy, but she’s actually pretty smart. And she knows how to play up her crazy and manipulate to get things done. For once I didn’t find her quite so annoying. Maybe that makes /me/ crazy. Haha

Debo: I think that’s what In Ha meant when she was talking to Seol and stated that Yoo Jung and her understood each other, it’s because they do have similar manipulative personalities and will do whatever it takes to get what they want. But on the other hand, in these past two episodes, In Ha appears to be much more naive to me. Though she is still as rambunctious as she was before, but we get to see her vulnerabilities especially regarding her brother and how she is just scared that he will leave her again. That scene where In Ho was walking away and In Ha yelled that he was doing what he was best at (leaving her) and hung her head in sadness, really made me feel for her.

June: I agree! I started to feel back for a lot of our characters these past few episodes. Especially Seol and the whole situation with her parents basically putting on the responsibility on her shoulders. I honestly do not understand her father at all and his way of thinking. It was seriously so sad to see him say how all she has to do is get married and basically how her brother’s future is more important. Like Seol has had to essentially take care of herself and deal with all her problems by herself. I just wanted to give her a big hug after that scene.

Marakeshsparrow: I really love that we saw that side of Seol’s life in this episode. We knew she was a hard worker, and that she’d had to move back home to help her parents financially, but we didn’t get to see how they really had put a lot of burden on their oldest daughter. I’m glad she got a little rebellious and ran away from home for a night. Plus that lead to a really sweet scene with her and Yoo Jung in bed together. /fans self/ That was fun! 

 Debo: I did really like the interactions between Seol and Yoo Jung these past two episodes. In earlier episodes I was never really interested in their chemistry as a couple but these past two episodes have really made me start to like them together. They can really fit well as long as they both communicate. I am happy that they are finally doing that and it really helps them understand one another and to have a deeper connection.

June: Yes communication is the key! I also must confess that before I really didn’t feel the chemistry before but after these episodes, I see the light! I just love how somewhat real this drama is. Like we have a main couple that seems to fight like a normal couple and some of the family drama that happens. I mean yes it’s still a k-drama and there will be tropes but I just feel like this one is just a little bit more realistic compared to other dramas.

Marakeshsparrow: Ha! ‘There Will Be Tropes’--I want that put on a tee shirt. Anyway, though my heart still lies with In Ho, I have to admit, after really getting to know the truth behind Yoo Jung’s behavior, he became so much more likeable. I love that we saw the whole story of their falling out from In Ho’s perspective and then Yoo Jung’s POV. Like you said, June--communication is key! These two friends turned against each other so bitterly because of some serious misunderstandings. I really don’t think that Yoo Jung was behind Baek In ho getting his hand broken though. I see why he might of thought that when his friend stood by so coldly as he got beaten (which was still a little creepy…), but Yoo Jung didn’t force that other pianist to believe In Ho called the cops on their little “bad kid” rendezvous. He said himself he wasn’t responsible for that--I really don’t think he meant to take it so far. None the less, I can definitely see why they’ve been estranged, especially now that it’s clear Yoo Jung felt betrayed as well. Why do you think In Ho said those things about Yoo Jung? That’s something I’m still a little confused by.

Debo: I personally don’t feel that In Ho was saying it as sharply as Yoo Jung took it. I think In Ho was worried that there was possibility that Yoo Jung would be taken away by Yong Soo and as a defense he was trying to deter him from trying to befriend Yoo Jung by saying how difficult Yoo Jung was and how only In Ho could be his true friend because he understood that side of him. And once Yoo Jung heard he thought In Ho was just one of those people who was just using him/his dad for the money and a faux family and that their friendship was just a sham even though he had put so much into it. 

 Marakeshsparrow: Omg! Debo--that was my thought too! Great minds think alike. hahaha. Since you got the same feeling maybe that was In Ho’s motive.

Debo: *high fives*

June: I was so glad to finally see the big blow out and why they weren’t friends anymore. It was really sad to see how everything played out. Like I said earlier, communication is key and if they only had talked to each other first it wouldn’t have ended up this way! But hey we can’t change these things. It was especially sad seeing the way Yoo Jung’s dad was talking about his own son. It’s like this is not helping at all!

Marakeshsparrow: I feel sorry for Yoo Jung. He was considered a “weird kid” even by his own father. He’s basically socially awkward and was constantly taken advantage of by people who just wanted to use him for his money. No wonder he turned cold and manipulative. But at his core, he’s not a bad guy! He just wants to be liked for himself and not his money! /sniffles/ Now I don’t know who my heart goes out to more. Though I have to say, it’s still killing me that In Ho isn’t going to get the girl (let’s be real, we all know she’s going to stay with Yoo Jung). He’s been an outsider himself all this time! He needs love too! Ay-yi-yi--what to do?

Debo: As much as I have been on the In Ho X Seol bandwagon for the entire show so far, but the more I think about it, I do think Seol and Yoo Jung ending up together works. Additionally, even though it is sad that In Ho does not get the main girl in the end, but I think it also works in the plot. In Ho as a character has been hurt both physically but also emotionally by Yoo Jung. His injury caused him to lose faith in piano playing and that was such a big part of him and truly what shaped him when he was younger as well as plain lose faith in Yoo Jung, a person he had considered a close friend and even an almost sibling. Therefore, I feel like the rest of the story will focus on In Ho getting back on the path that he had set for himself and well as gaining more faith in the aspects he lost through furthering his piano playing as well as his education. Though he does like Seol now, especially since she has been so great to him, showing him warmth he probably has been greatly lacking, both through helping him with studying and getting him his jobs, his path so far seems to be more focused towards his professional growth not as much a romantic growth. But that is not to say that there will not be a love interest in the near future, just right now, his path does not seem to be a romantic entanglement with Seol. 

June: I agree. I love In Ho to bits but I know he is not going to get the girl in the end, no matter how much I wish he could. I feel like it would be too late to introduce a love interest for him but I’m fine with that. I do want him to focus on the future and continue his rekindling of playing the piano and getting into school, etc.

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, I guess you’re right. It makes sense for him to focus on his career and getting back onto the path he was meant to take. I also hope he’s able to come to some sort of understanding with Yoo Jung. I want them to be friends again! I’m going to try to be optimistic and guess that that fist-fight they had will only bring them closer!

Debo: I felt bad, but I started giggling during the end of the fight. They just wanted to draw it out as much as possible, even starting to kick at each other weakly while they were both groaning in pain on the ground. However, the fight did bring one good plot continuation, In Ho finally confessing his feelings about Seol. Though we have already discussed how miniscule his chance is with her, but it’s good he is finally coming to terms with his feelings so he doesn’t have to continue to be so anguished over it. 

There sure was a lot that happened these past couple of episodes. So tell us, what do you think about what happened? What are you looking forward to next week? Tell us in the comments below!

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