Welcome back to the Cheese in the Trap Drama Club! This past week has amped up the drama even more with our characters. From love confessions to love troubles, from gangsters to annoying classmates, expect everything in this drama. Join Debo, Marakehsparrow, and me as we discuss this week's episodes. 


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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June: Wow it seems like every week the drama just gets more and more crazy. From love troubles, school troubles and now we have people after Baek In Ho. Our characters can never catch a break! Lol

Marakeshsparrow: These last two episodes majorly pulled on my heartstrings. Waaaa! .´¯`(>▂<)´¯`. I can’t get over my SMLS (second male lead syndrome)--I felt so bad for Baek In Ho this week! He was such a sad puppy. Won’t someone just give him a hug? I know last week we discussed how In Ho has to focus on his piano and passions and what not and that Hong Seol should stay with Yoo Jung, but, but… I CHANGED MY MIND. If she is not totally taken with our adorable little ragamuffin, especially after he told her he likes her, than I just don’t know what to think.

Debo: Ahh. I know what you mean. I honestly thought (or I guess a better word would be hoped) that In Ho was gonna be like, “just be my girlfriend for a month before I leave” instead of just telling Seol to act how she used to before she knew he liked her. But alas our poor little In Ho just can’t seem to catch a break, what with gangsters trying to get his money and also his hand starting to show signs of wearing down. The poor guy needs some happiness in his life! Hopefully nothing bad happens at his piano concours and he gets the 3 million.

June: I am so down the SMLS pathway, I don’t think I could come back from that. I can’t stand to watch his life the way it’s going. I seriously hope he does well at this piano concours. I wills seriously be so sad if something happens. Like you said, he needs some happiness in his life! Also, what do you all think of the Bo Ra and Eun Taek situation? I love them but I can understand where Bo Ra was saying she was scared they would break up down the road if they started dating. She cares so much about him that she doesn’t want to lose him.

Marakeshsparrow: Their story-line was my other favorite part of these last two episodes. I’d always been relatively disinterested in Bo Ra and Eun Taek, it kind of frustrated me that she kept him dangling as her “lackey.” But then when we learned the truth, that she actually really cares about him and is so scared of things changing because then there’s a chance she’ll lose him even as a friend--that really hit me in the feels. I could totally relate to where she was coming from, and I got so worried when I saw him getting kind of distant and hanging around his glamorous ex-model boss. It was so sweet when they finally cleared things up, and when he gave her the earrings she thought were for that other woman. Yay! That made me pretty giddy.

Debo: I agree with both of you guys. I liked the Bo Ra and Eun Taek plotline as well. It is a good short break from the main storyline. The confession was really sweet and I’m happy they are finally together, I was wondering how long it would take for them to finally start dating! The entrance exam portion of these episodes was also very dramatic. I found it interesting when Da Young talked about how Seol would not have been so stingy with the notes if they had asked before she and Yoo Jung had been dating which is very true. It was a good reminder for just how much Seol has grown as a person especially in the sense of her being able to better communicate her feelings and to stand up for herself.

June: The students at Seol’s school are so annoying. They always complain whenever Seol has notes and doesn’t want to share or how they had the audacity to complain after they didn’t do anything for the presentation earlier in the series. Like Seol doesn’t own these people anything, so if she didn’t want to share her notes, then she doesn’t have to. Also, it’s not like they are Seol’s friends either, especially with how they talk about Seol’s back all the time.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG, agreed. The other students at her school drive me nuts! Especially Da Young--she’s really been getting under my skin lately. And Sang Chul has always been such a lazy oaf, but I have to say a part of me--a small part--always feels a little bad for him. I think it was in one of the first episodes that we saw what his living conditions are like and how his family is expecting him to get a high-paying job, most likely to help support them. That certainly doesn’t excuse all his boozing and screwing around, but I feel like he became that way to escape the pressure and the feeling that he’s not quite cut out for the high-speed life of the city. So saying all that, I really felt bad for him after the way Yoo Jung played him. He’s always been conniving, we know this, but I think what he did to Sang Chul was truly cruel. What did you guys think?

Debo: I definitely agree. At first after finding out that Sang Chul was in fact the one that stole the notes, I wanted him to be punished. However, after hearing his drunken feelings, I also started to feel very bad for him. Even though he should have paid for lying and stealing, taking away his future employment was just cruel (albeit Sang Chul was foolish to give up his backup plan so easily). I think many of us can relate to that feeling of being told or believing that we were so amazing at something but then when we go into a new environment, finding out that we were not as great as we had always assumed we were. And that’s just what happened to Sang Chul. He was such a smart kid when he was in his town but once he moved to the big city he found out that there were others out there that were smarter, more talented and a hella richer than he was. I agree with what Marakeshsparrow said about drinking and messing around becoming his coping mechanism. It was probably such a shock to him and those were the easiest things to turn to because he can blame those things instead of facing the fact that he was not doing as well as others just because he isn’t as amazing as he grew up thinking he was. I feel that Sang Chul is going to come back with a vengeance in the next couple of episodes and I’m also interested in seeing how the company reacts to finding out Yoo Jung is the CEO’s son.

June: I totally agree with you both. I will be the first to say that Sang Chul is not my favorite person and I think he should have been punished for taking Seol’s note but Yoo Jung took it too far, especially since we finally got to see a peak into what he’s been through. I just wish he hadn’t been the way he was throughout the drama. I agree, that he’s probably going to come back with vengeance and it’s not going to be good. It’s going to be interesting seeing the reactions with Yoo Jung, especially with the way they’ve been making him do all the work and not crediting him.

Marakeshsparrow: I always find it interesting how Yoo Jung’s brain works. He totally set Sang Chul up, but when Sang Chul came to confront him he told him that he didn’t do anything wrong. He said it was Sang Chul’s decision to forgo his other interview, and he’s the one who didn’t prepare fully for his interview (which really are both true). It’s just the same with how he handled In Ho--though he really was behind a lot of what happened, he finds ways to show that the people who’ve been “wronged” made their own beds. I don’t know. I get that Yoo Jung has become cold and manipulative because of the way he’s always been treated and used in the past, but I feel like he’s gotten really cruel (except when it comes to Hong Seol). I’m a little shocked how Hong Seol wasn’t mad at all when she found out what he’d done to Sang Chul. I guess at this point she comes to expect it--but why does she want to stay with someone like that? ┐(;Ծ⌓Ծ;)┌

Debo: I agree with you Marakeshsparrow. The people that Yoo Jung targets have all done bad things that should be brought to light. However, the more the drama goes on the crueler his punishments become. I also am not sure why Seol went back to Yoo Jung so easily after the Sang Chul incident especially after hearing just how much it hurt him. I understand that Seol wants to stand by her man and support him because she wants to prove that she can understand Yoo Jung’s actions (contrary to what In Ha says about her) but I personally would not want to easily go back to someone who would attack another person in such a vicious way that affects their future so deeply. If I was in Seol’s shoes I would be worried that one day Yoo Jung will think that I crossed him in a similar way that he could not forgive and would want to punish me in the same manner. There are also many other small reasons in addition to that which just make it hard for me to fully support Yoo Jung and Seol’s relationship.

June: I think this is the reason I can’t fully trust Yoo Jung. Like I know they want us to understand him and understand why Seol is with him but I can’t. He’s still like super possessive of Seol and the way he handles things with people is getting crueler and crueler. I honestly don’t understand why Seol stuck by Jung especially with what he did to Sang Chul. Like I said Sang Chul isn’t the best person around but to essentially ruin his chance of having a future was a low point.

Marakeshsparrow: This brings me back to my love and sadness for Baek In Ho. Yoo Jung said he would give him the money he needs if he doesn’t see Seol ever again. This made me so angry! It’s not just about Hong Seol; for the first time, In Ho is feeling like he belongs somewhere. He fits in so well with Seol’s family and he was finally getting back on the right path studying for his GED and practicing for his piano concours. I could see how the idea of leaving broke his heart, but he felt like he had no other options. I wonder if Hong Seol would be so forgiving if she knew he’d given him this proposition? (PS--am SO glad he decided to try and raise that money on his own)

Debo: I agree. Our darling second lead has just been hurt so much this past episode and also with him having to beg Yoo Jung’s father for money and being turned away in such a terrible way. Yoo Jung’s father was probably also turning down the loan offer in part because of In Ha but his quick dismissal of the offer just because In Ho did not accept Yoo Jung’s “apology” was terrible. His father had no sense of empathy and understanding what In Ho had gone through both physically and emotionally. Yoo Jung’s father seemed like a pretty ok guy in the beginning but those words just made him seem more like Yoo Jung. He is using others to get what he wants. In this case, he used In Ho and In Ha to create a more family dynamic because of Yoo Jung’s most distant personality which is uncomfortable for all those involved.

June: Oh my goodness, the scene with Baek In Ho and Yoo Jung dad’s was so infuriating, that I was glad he stood up and didn’t just take it from him. The way he just dismissed In Ho and didn’t even let me explain anything was so annoying. It sucks but I’m actually glad that In Ho is trying to collect the money on his own. It’s like he’s saying I don’t need that family’s help and he’ll be able to do this on his own. Ugh, that gangster is not to be trusted at all though! Especially when he was saying how he wanted to take the money and still turn in In Ho.

Marakeshsparrow: I have to wonder how In Ho got involved with those gangsters. Is that what he did after he left home when he hurt his hand? Again, like Yoo Jung pointed out, he’s the one who had made his life that way. Still--everyone deserves some kind of happiness. I really hope that gangster doesn’t screw him over. And what about his hand? Ah! There are too many variables. I have a feeling things won’t go smoothly for him. And who will be there to help and support him? I’m hoping that even if Hong Seol can’t “like” In ho in that way (which I seriously don’t get) that she’ll continue to be his friend and help him out when he needs it the most.

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