Welcome back, fellow Cheese in the Trap lovers! It's time for another week of discussion, speculation, and general tom-foolery. Though we're only 4 episodes in, things are already ramping up--the story is drawing us in more and more and we can't wait to find out what is behind the mysterious Yoo Jung Sunbae and the adorable Baek In Ho. Just what is it about their past that has them at odds? And what will Hong Seol do when she's inevitably thrust in the middle of it? Join Debo, June, and yours truly, Marakeshsparrow, as we break it all down and dish! 

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Marakeshsparrow: I don’t know about you gals, but this show just continues to hook me more and more. After the first week I was definitely intrigued, now I’m itching for next week! I think we got to see a little more of the real Yoo Jung in these episodes, yet he’s still a frickin’ mystery! I want to crack this boy’s head open and figure out what’s going on in there!

June: Man this week was amazing! We got to see so many things happen in two episodes and I’m so ready for next week! I’m just waiting for Monday to come around again. The mask of Yoo Jung is slowly but surely starting to crack! But I agree, I just can’t figure him out yet and really his intentions with Seol. Also, how intense is the atmosphere whenever In Ho is around!?

Debo: I agree with both of you as well. It just seems the more I know about Yoo Jung the less I feel like I understand him. There are definitely many layers to this guy that need to be revealed! Both boys are definitely clamoring for Seol’s attention right now and though Yoo Jung is the main guy here, I definitely ship In Ho and Seol more. That scene where they’re running and laughing to the convenience store together in the rain was really cute. They definitely seem to be having a lot more fun together (not counting when In Ho begs Seol for food), at the very least laughing more together. The interactions between Seol and Yoo Jung just seem to be a lot more tense and forced. Seol even said “that’s awkward” after sending a goodnight text to Yoo Jung and I can’t figure out it if was just because it’s her first boyfriend and she isn’t exactly sure what to do or it’s because she still does not truly trust Yoo Jung nor know his motives and it just makes her uneasy which would make a relationship difficult if trust cannot be built. This is especially true now as she learns more and more negative things about Yoo Jung.

Marakeshsparrow: Ok...first off my second male lead feels are STRONG. I have so much to say about In Ho but I’m going to try to pace myself here and take a step back (haha). From what was revealed this week it seems like he was on his way to being some kind of brilliant pianist and I’m thinking that Yoo Jung was also somehow responsible for that not happening. He injured his hand really badly--was it because of Yoo Jung? Is that why In Ho is always saying that he ruined his life? Is that why he seems so aimless now? To me though, I have to wonder if that is enough for the Chairman (Yoo Jung’s father) to support both In Ho and In Ha. Did something else happen to make him feel responsible for their well being in such an extreme way? I’m so curious. ALSO--I think In Ho definitely makes for a better pairing with Hong Seol. She was very uncomfortable with Yoo Jung on their first date and seemed to think they were on different wavelengths, but with In Ho she’s totally comfortable and acts like herself. Is Yoo Jung really the first male lead here? Really? I love Park Hae Jin, but I’m having some doubts.

June: I agree with you both. The Second Male Lead Syndrome is strong with this one. His interactions with her are really just super adorable to the point that I really feel bad for Seol because her interactions with said boyfriend Yoo Jung are really the complete opposite. I think the scene with her and In Ho running in the rain was my favorite from this week. There’s just something that is not clicking with our main pair and I honestly hope that it disappears soon because right now I am totally shipping Seol with In Ho. Also, I loved how he took her advice and ending up getting that job! I was like good for him, he finally got one! Also from a flashback, it looked like In Ho got beaten up pretty badly and that’s how his hands got hurt and Yoo Jung just watched it happen? I honestly can’t wait for us to find out what really happened.

Debo: In Ho, his sister and Yoo Jung’s background is really what intrigues me about the story right now. I feel like all three of them grew up together, maybe In Ho’s parents were housekeepers for Yoo Jung’s family or worked under them. And they all became close friends so the chairman knew In Ho and his sister personally making him more likely to want to take care of the siblings. And I constantly feel like there’s something devious to Yoo Jung so I feel like he may have been a bigger part of In Ho’s attack, more so than a normal spectator. Maybe something happened and they wanted to make sure that In Ho could never play piano again? But I have also questioned whether or not Yoo Jung is the true main male lead, Marakeshsparrow, because the way things are going, it really feels like In Ho would be the better love interest.

Marakeshsparrow: Riiiiight? This whole drama has got me perplexed! I’m wondering if it’s going to follow the typical drama story arc since it’s based on a webtoon. If Yoo Jung is the first male lead (and maybe he is, the jury is still out) it seems like he started “dating” the main female lead awfully quick in the story. Which makes me think things still are not all that they seem, or that they could at least go very wrong. He has me so perplexed! He’s definitely one of the aspects of this drama that has drawn me in because I just can’t put my finger on what his deal is. With Seol he seems like a quiet, nice guy. Maybe misunderstood. Maybe he’s cold because he’s always had people coming at him, wanting something from him, you know the usual rich boy issues. But then...sometimes he seems really...off. Like maybe he’s actually a sociopath or something. I dunno. I’m stumped as far as Yoo Jung goes. A part of me hopes that Hong Seol will bring him down to earth a bit and maybe shine some light in the dark for him. Another part of me wants her to run as fast as she can to safety (and straight into dreamy In Ho’s arms!)

June: Speaking of the webtoon, I started to read it but I’m not too far in! But I agree, there’s something about Yoo Jung that is really irking me. I have so many questions about him and also them going out by the third episode sent out a red flag for me. I was like woah woah woah this is starting to move a little too quickly for my liking. Also, can we just talk about how Seol’s group just totally screwed her over. I was absolutely livid during that part. I had to disagree with what her professor said. She did try to get the group motivated and to do their parts but they were the ones that didn’t listen. Also, Sang Chul can forever go away. He seriously annoys me too much.

Debo: I’m so glad you brought that up, June, I had a lot of opinions about that as well and almost forgot. Haha. Watching that group project section was very frustrating for me. We did so many group projects during my last two years of college and they’re so annoying if other people don’t do the work or if you’re constantly having to be the mom of the group by organizing and dictating everything because others are unreliable. I felt really bad for her especially because of that grade! I understand where the teacher was coming from, human interaction and being able to work together is very important in a business setting but it is also wrong to completely dock someone’s grade just because other people won’t do the work. I did not like however how she went to find the senior guy to tell him off at the bar but never got to. I was so excited to see her yell at his stupid face but I never got that satisfaction! But I’m glad that towards the end of episode four you can see that she is definitely starting to find her voice and talk back to those who walk all over her.

Marakeshsparrow: Um, was anyone else totally creeped out by the dude that was trying to get her drunk and take her to a motel? //shudders// That could have ended seriously bad for her if Yoo Jung hadn’t shown up and tossed her in a cab. I will give him this much--he does truly seem to have Seol’s best interest at heart. But yeah, just have to throw in my two cents on the whole group project thing--that made me SO ANGRY. How could they all back out like that? I thought that at least the quiet and kind of nerdy girl would have been a good student and done her work. BAH! //ends rant// Anyway, I do think she’s going to continue to find her voice. She’s even speaking out a bit more to In Ho (which is adorable) and also doing her best to speak her mind and emotions to her friends. I loved when she went to dinner with them and was telling them about how Yoo Jung said they should date and the two didn’t believe her! hahaha! Too funny. Speaking of which, that was another weird flag re: Yoo Jung. He asked her to date him and then just kind of ignored her for a few days? I would have been confused too, poor girl!

Debo: Agreed. What kind of guy ignores a girl he just asked out? A lot of times he only seems to talk to her or interact with her when it is convenient and that’s been bothering me about him. (Especially when she finally talked to him about it and he made her seem like she was empty headed for “misinterpreting” what he meant even though he was obviously dismissive). Also, since we’ve been talking about Yoo Jung for so long, we should talk about one of his many admirers. Mainly, In Ha, who has not been brought up by us yet. She’s been an...interesting character. I think she’s trying to be comical with her over the top facial expressions and way of speaking but I’ve been finding it very annoying at times and just can’t bring myself to like (or even, at times, tolerate) this character.

June: Ugh him ignoring Seol was seriously so annoying and shady. Like how are you just going to ask her out and then ignore her. That’s not how things should be Yoo Jung, like I know you don’t really express your feelings all the time but hello YOU where the one who asked her out. UGH! On the topic of In Ha, she’s so over the top every time she’s on screen, which I don’t mind too much because right now it’s been in small doses but it looks like we are going to get more of her next week. I will say I was pretty mad whenever she took In Ho’s money. Like he worked hard to get that and she needs to grow up and get a job. She can’t live on Yoo Jung’s dad’s money any longer and Yoo Jung is already making sure that happens.

Marakeshsparrow: Baek In Ha is SO RIDICULOUS. Since we saw a little bit more of her this week I decided I really don’t like her. The way the actress plays her is SO over the top--it’s obnoxious. I mean, I get it, she’s supposed to be an obnoxious character, and I guess in that light I should say “Brava!” But it’s a bit much to stomach. I’m thinking she’s going to have some kind of intense “make-over” and learn to not be such a waste of space (at least I’m hoping) but until then, I hope we get just these little doses of her. Something that I wonder about though...did whatever tragedy that hit her and her brother somehow turn her into the shallow, money-grubbing gold-digger she is now? We know she quit school, did that happen around the same time her brother “left” high school? I’m thinking there may be some more substance to her and am hoping that starts to emerge in the next few episodes. Meanwhile, let’s hope she stops taking her brother’s well deserved modeling money. (Have I mentioned my bad case of Second Male Lead Syndrome? lol)

So that's all for this week! There are still a lot of unanswered questions that have us wracking our brains, trying to guess which direction this drama will take. What did you all think? Do you expect this drama will follow the typical path, or take the road less travelled? Those of you who've read the webtoon, what are your thoughts? Is it sticking pretty close to the original? Let us know in the comments and join us again next week for another Cheese in the Trap DramaClub! 

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