Welcome back, Cheese in the Trap drama clubbers! It's that time of the week again when we get to analyze and discuss the intricate drama and intrigue that have been surrounding our lovely K-drama. Though some of our questions have but answered, many more have been raised as well. There has also been much more development between Seol and Yoo Jung, but has our second male lead syndrome been escalating as well? Join Marakeshsparrow, June and yours truly, Debo, as we discuss our latest two episodes. 

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June: So our lead main couple kind of finally felt like an actual couple in episode 6. I was genuinely surprised by that because so far, in my opinion, they hadn’t really looked like a couple either. I will say this, I still don’t like how Yoo Jung keeps telling Seol what to do and who she can’t and can hang out with. Like dude, chill! She’s her own person and she can feel the way she wants.

Debo: That’s true. I really don’t like how Yoo Jung has been trying to manipulate who or even where Seol can see or go. That is the beginning signs of an emotionally abusive relationship. But I am continually happy to see that Seol is finding her own voice and told Yoo Jung off by questioning his controlling actions.

Marakeshsparrow: Yoo Jung, Yoo Jung, Yoo Jung… how you continue to intrigue and confuse. I keep expecting to get a clearer idea of who this guy is and how he works, but each episode I’m just continually perplexed. I agree, I’m not too crazy about how he wants to control Seol but let’s be honest, there are lots of men out there who act the same way. And I also get the impression that Yoo Jung is used to having people under his thumb and manipulating them the way he wants. What I’m I’m really wondering is if he might be a sociopath. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a psycho, but sociopaths typically move through the world unconcerned about other’s feelings and always believing they are in the right since they are pursuing their own interests. The part at the end of episode 5 where Yoo Jung was starting to question why everyone acts strangely around him was a really telling moment. His conclusion? “I’m not the weird one. It’s everyone else!” That was definitely an eyebrow raising moment for me.  

June: Wow how could I forget that ending of episode 5. I definitely agree with you! The mystery behind Yoo Jung becomes more and more complex the more we go into this drama. It’s like instead of us figuring it out, it just becomes more unclear about him. I really do think he might just not care about how other people are feeling and it’s probably because he’s always been that way. It looks like he’s always been able to get people to do things and have anything go his way. Which brings me to Seol, I wonder if having her around will end up changing him even if it is for a bit. Also with Baek In Ho, back in the picture, I wonder if this will push him to do things he normally wouldn’t have to do.

Debo: I think the sociopath characterization question is very interesting and I’ve also seen many people raise it in the comments section. I can definitely see where that rationalization comes from. As Marakeshsparrow points out, Yoo Jung does not understand what he has done wrong anytime he hurts others, he is also very charismatic and is able to use that charm to manipulate others into doing his bidding or blackmailing them and he knows that and he enjoys it. However, what June pointed out regarding Seol being able to change him is what makes me lean towards the thought that Yoo Jung is not sociopathic and is instead just a person who struggles with interacting with others. Since he is so used to not being able to truly connect with others given that most people usually only approach him to use him for his looks, money or status, he hasn’t developed a great relationship with others. He has never truly had a heart felt connection with another person like he has with Seol so far and being with her is changing him. He is starting out not knowing how to truly care for another person in terms of their feelings and thoughts but by having Seol tell him her thoughts, it is not only helping their budding romance but also helping him understand. When Yoo Jung was questioning why Seol was still angry at him even though he told her the truth, that is showing how he is learning to interact truthfully with another person, I think these moments will truly let Yoo Jung grow as a person not just for Seol but also himself. But it’s definitely an interesting idea and it would be great to see a greater breadth of mental disorders presented in mainstream dramas.

Marakeshsparrow: You’re probably right. To a certain extent I think Yoo Jung is misunderstood, but no matter how you slice it, he’s one cold hearted namja. hahaha. His logic is very interesting--he just moves forward without really thinking how it might impact another person or how they might feel. I felt pretty sorry for Seol’s gay neighbor (can I just give a shout out to TvN for having a gay couple in this? Was that in the webtoon?) when Yoo Jung basically said he had to leave or he’d tell his family about what was going on. That’s just . . . not cool. And we saw that the TA had taken some money from Yoo Jung (or attempted it), so I get their “agreement”, but still, even Seol was put off by that kind of blackmailing and manipulation. I mean, who wouldn’t be?

June: The situation with the neighbor made me so angry! I was like first he was got accused as the underwear thief, then basically given an ultimatum by Yoo Jung for this relationship with TA Heo. I mean yeah, the TA should have never taken the money but still this was just too far. It just makes me sad because I don’t think we’ll see the neighbor too often now. But I agree with TvN for showing a gay couple! I want more progress in k-dramas! The whole thing with the Seol-scholarship-lost paper thing was so crazy. Like did Yoo Jung just think Seol would accept that with open arms?! That was just next level and I know he wanted to help her but he definitely does not think of the repercussions.

Debo: Totally agree with you guys, I was so proud that they showed a gay couple in the show and especially as normal citizens just trying to survive the rough wave that is academics. And the moment with TA Heo just made me sad, it all makes sense why TA Heo was also so mean to Seol earlier in the drama. I think I would probably be too if I was in that situation. He thinks that everything is just falling in place for her and she can have anything she wants while he is under Yoo Jung’s thumb in order to help his boyfriend. As for the underwear thief, is it assumed that it is just that guy in the black hoodie, the landlord’s grandson? Did he just take TA Heo’s keys and hide it into his room? Were all those underwear under his sweatshirt or did he have a stack in the building and just stole those keys and went back to retrieve them just to hide them into the room? I’m not sure if I missed anything during that part of the story?

Marakeshsparrow: Umm . . . the “landlord’s grandson” has been super creepy and sketch from the beginning. It doesn’t help that he’s always wearing the standard K-drama uniform for mischief: the classic black outfit with black hat (do a lot of people in Korea walk around like that or something? I always feel like that get-up is way more conspicuous than anything else they could be wearing). We didn’t really get a clear look at who the thief/brick thrower was, but 10 guesses it’s him.

June: Yeah he’s been super sketch ever since they showed him trying to fix Seol’s window and there’s like a second where they show her underwear and she closes the door because she saw that he saw it. But yes, the ever mysterious black hat and outfit was kind of a giveaway for me. They didn’t quite show his face when he attacked TA Heo but I figured it had to be him especially how suspicious he was when the neighbor and TA Heo saw him at the apartment complex and questioned why he was even there at that hour. Everything about him just screams suspicious to be honest. Also, I wonder if they ever are going to show the landlord, just so she can be like my grandson doesn’t live here/hasn’t been here in years. Now that would throw them for a loop! lol

Debo: Haha. I’ve definitely been waiting to see if that moment will happen, June. I feel like it will. These last two episodes have definitely been the moment of dubious male characters. First the “landlord’s grandson” acting all weird and now the stalker guy who In Ho tried to stop from hurting Seol and now In Ho has lost his job because of it. There was definitely a lot of background drama surrounding the people who had “found In Ho” and were looking for him and I can’t wait to see more about that!

Marakeshsparrow: I’m so glad we’ve circled back around to our adorable second male lead!!! I feel like we got a little more insight into his past (his moment standing in the rain, watching his old piano teacher promote a new star student was heartbreaking) but at the same time, I feel like he’s become a bit of a mystery man as well. Aside from the sudden appearance of this stalker (which we have to touch on more in a moment) who is this other guy who showed up saying the “president” had found In Ho? They saw the ads he’d modeled for at the language academy and now he’s got to leave Seoul and lie low? What is this all about? This must be why he’s been such a vagabond, going aimlessly from place to place without really settling down. People are after him? /Who?/ We know it’s not Yoo Jung’s dad since they all had dinner together like a “happy” (haha) family, so who is this other president that’s tracking him?

June: Yes! I’m glad we brought up Baek In Ho (more like Bae In Ho haha ;) ) because there’s so much to him too that we haven’t even uncovered! So many questions! I’m like who’s looking for him and noooooo why does he have to move again. Does it have to do with something that happened after his accident with his hand? Was it before? The scene with him watching the guy play piano was so heartbreaking. I hope he get to play later on in the drama. Like somehow he can play it again. Also with him gone (maybe), who all is going to protect Seol whenever that creepy guy comes around again? Seriously, when he showed up I was like who the heck is he and he needs to back off Seol. Though it makes me wonder about what he said. Did Yoo Jung really send him to Seol? What is going on!!

Debo: I guess we’ll just have to watch more episodes to find out! D: But that part where the stalker was talking about how Yoo Jung sent him to Seol really makes me nervous. One moment Yoo Jung seems fine, all issues are cleared up and suddenly there’s another moment of drama that he has a hand in!

Marakeshsparrow: I’m hoping this is just another misunderstanding, though whatever Yoo Jung’s motives were, if he did actually send that crazy stalker Seol’s way, I don’t think she’ll be so willing to forgive him. I had thought she was seriously paranoid thinking he was out to get her that whole year of school, but I’m starting to think she wasn’t so far off. He even admitted that he didn’t like her to begin with (in one of the FIRST and FEW scenes where they actually had some cute, natural chemistry). But I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to figure out this mystery! Man, why does a week go by so slowly??? 

And that's a wrap for this week! So tell us in the comments if you agree or disagree with our thoughts and predications on the direction of the drama? What do you guys think will happen next? What questions are you guys excited to see answered next? See all of you next week!

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