Welcome back to the Cheese in the Trap Drama Club! It's been a crazy week with our favorite characters. We have crazy stalkers, crazy siblings, and a copy cat in the house. Join Marakeshsparrow, Debo, and me as we discuss this week's episodes of Cheese in the Trap!

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Marakeshsparrow: OH MAN. There was SO much crazy in these last couple episodes I don’t even know where to start. For once, Yoo Jung seemed like the stable, reliable “safe” character to me. What with underwear thief attacks, crazy stalkers that have turned to villains, and weird copy cats--good googly moogly! What stood out the most to me was the whole story line with Stalker Young Gon and his revenge attempts on both Yoo Jung and Hong Seol. This guy seems TOTALLY off his rocker. I guess to be fair, he was truly convinced that Yoo Jung had sent him messages encouraging him to pursue Seol (which we will have to come back to in a moment), but he has taken this whole thing waaaaay too far. The creepy, underhanded way he goes about everything is so bizarre. I seriously hope they can take care of him and get him out of the picture.

June: This week just blew me away! There were so many things going on, I felt like my head was spinning, but in a good way! Stalker Young Gon is so damn crazy, I cannot deal with him! I can't wait for him to go away but I know it's not going to happen. He needs to leave them alone, especially Seol. If I was her, I feel like I would never want to be alone.

Debo: His underhanded way of attacking people definitely seems like he’s trying to draw inspiration from Yoo Jung and manipulate people like puppets but he just does not seem smart enough to fully orchestrate it so I feel like it’s gonna blow up in his face soon (but not before causing serious damage to Seol and her crew). Also since we are talking about Young Gon trying to manipulate others, I think it’s a good time to mention Min Soo. I honestly feel pretty bad for the girl. All she is trying to do is make friends with Seol since she looks up to her but due to her terrible social skills that plague many of our characters, she does not know how to properly show it and instead creepily starts dressing and acting like Seol. All Min Soo wanted to do was hang out with Seol and eat with her but instead Seol avoids her. Though it was ok for them to question why Min Soo was dressing and acting like Seol, they (Bo Ra especially) should not have started out attacking her so forcefully in the very beginning.

Marakeshsparrow: When Min Soo first showed up with that gnarly looking red wig on, I almost spit out the water I was drinking. That was so over the top! Honestly, I would have thought she was just a little bit crazy. BUT, I do agree. I feel bad for her, and Bo Ra needs to calm down and not butt her nose in everywhere. Yes, Min Soo had Seol’s lion, but she wouldn’t have gotten so weird and adament that is was hers if Bo Ra hadn’t been so crazy defensive over it. I was like, “Chill girl! It’s not your lion!” Jeez! In a way, I feel bad for both our crazy characters in these episodes (not the underwear thief though--we totally called that the “landlord’s grandson” was a creeper!) But even Young Gon just seems so desperate for people to like him and he’s so weird and socially awkward. I think that’s one of the charms of this drama, all the characters are flawed, 3 dimensional characters, and most of them are seeking acceptance in some way, which rings pretty true to me. So something I said we’d come back to: Yoo Jung told Young Gon that he didn’t send him those texts. But the thing is--he /let/ Baek In Ha send them and didn’t tell her not to. He also knew those had been sent from his phone, but had no problem making Young Gon seem like a nut-job. Though we definitely got to see a softer side of him in these eps (that drunken moment was pretty sweet), there’s still a mysterious part of him we haven’t fully gotten to know.

June: I was seriously shacked as well when they showed Min Soo. I was like what in the world is going on! I'm still in a toss up over Yoo Jung. Like he has his moments but letting In Ha send those messages and not stopping her was definitely messed up. I agree with you Marakeshsparrow, they aren't afraid to show the flaws of the characters and they just want to be accepted. 

Debo: Definitely. Also, as a side note, every time I see Young Gon overreacting over something he always seems to have that over-exaggerated facial expression that In Ha wears on her face. Honestly, I think they should just get together because of that fact. Though I still haven’t warmed up to In Ha yet, she still annoys me a lot, I did feel bad for her during the flashback. She was just trying to fulfill her artistic dreams but they were pretty brutally shut down by her brother. It’s understandable why she would be angry but the way she just jumped up, attacked In Ho and tried to crush his fingers was also very scary at the same time. She definitely has a violent temper which I am sure will be playing into the plot.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG! Debo! That’s brilliant! Young Gon and In Ha would have the CRAZIEST children ever! Can you imagine? This has got to happen! Too bad they’ve locked the script on this drama and are filming everything ahead of time, otherwise I’d say we /have/ to get in touch with the writers. Hahaha. Yeah, we did get to see another side of In Ha here (though whatever side you’re looking at, she’s still obnoxious), but it made me sad that In Ho so callously told her to just give up painting because she wasn’t good enough. Not cool In Ho, not cool. But what was all that business with In Ha calling Yoo Jung her man? Was she just one of the girls who hung all over him and had wishful thinking that he was hers? Or were they actually in a relationship? Last week both Yoo Jung and In Ho were so quick to assure that Yoo Jung and In Ha had never dated, but Seol seemed a bit skeptical. It had me questioning things a bit though…

June: Oh gosh, I don't even want to imagine them having a family. It would be crazy central. I feel like they didn't have anything going on but I am wondering what was their relationship in the past?

Debo: I feel that they didn’t actually have a thing going, I’m pretty sure In Ha was just one of Yoo Jung’s admirers and Yoo Jung was just too polite to tell In Ha that he wasn’t interested since all three of them appeared ot be pretty close and he and In Ho also seemed to be very close friends as well.

Marakeshsparrow: So something I wanted to touch back on also, was some of the sweet moments between Seol and Yoo Jung in these episodes. They’re definitely getting closer and I’m glad that Hong Seol is chilling out a bit and not quite as awkward around him as she was to begin with. It was really cute how he was eager to show off their relationship at school, even though she was super embarrassed. And the scene where he first tried to kiss her and she got all nervous was so funny! When she grabbed his face her her hands and was moving to kiss him, I was dying of laughter. It was painfully awkward, but hilariously cute all at the same time. I also liked how sweet and polite he was with her parents when he went to visit them at the restaurant, though had to cringe when their behavior changed after they found out he was the heir to a large company. Though it was seen as rude, I actually give her dad props for not bending over backwards after learning who he was. BUT despite it all, despite the squishy cute, romantic moments growing between them I STILL enjoy her chemistry with Baek In Ho better. She is so much more relaxed around him, like she can really be herself and enjoy herself. And they play with each other so sweetly! That last scene where they were both at the piano had me grinning ear to ear. Does he really not have a chance with her? MUST I ACCEPT THIS???

Debo: That face squishing scene was too cute and awkward. I loved it! And there is the obvious drama parent split opinion regarding their daughter’s boyfriend. I also agree with Jess that I’m glad the father did not instantly try to please Yoo Jung just because of his money and made this into a Meteor Garden/Boys Over Flowers moment in which they do everything just to make sure their daughter is attached to the rich guy. And I agree. I love her with In Ho so much more. That piano scene was super cute. I have a soft spot for piano duets. The scene between Victor and Emily in Corpse Bride was the reason why I shipped them so hard in elementary school!

But yeah, second male lead syndrome is a really big thing right now.

June: The second male lead syndrome is so strong with Baek In Ho, I can't even handle it! There's just something about him that I can just watch him on screen on day! Haha I'm soooooo glad he's playing the piano again. I felt I could just hug him!

Marakeshsparrow: I’m really interested in Baek In Ho’s character. I mean, he doesn’t have as much mystery going for him as Yoo Jung (though that may be a good thing), but the fact that he’s back to playing the piano has me waving my arms in the air shouting “Fighting!” I love the fact that he’s finding his passion again, and I’m wondering if any of that might be because of Hong Seol. I keep waiting for him to realize, or admit, that he’s got feelings for her, because that is going to be soooooo juicy! A bit heartbreaking though too, if I’m predicting this right. Sigh Why must second male leads be so dreamy? I’ll gladly take Baek In Ho if Hong Seol really decides she doesn’t want him!

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