Well Cheese Lovers, this week the story is certainly ramping up. We’ve got many different manipulators setting their traps and now we’ll just have to see whether they take the bait! From Min Soo (poor man’s Hong Seol) to the crazy Stalker to Baek In Ha and her “Loser Removal” project, there’s lots to discuss and lots of danger to dodge! Join June, Debo, and yours truly, Marakeshsparrow, as we dig in and break down all the juicy moments from this week's Cheese in the Trap!


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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June: Wow can I just say that emotions were real high this week! From Seol and Yoo Jung taking a break, to Young Gon manipulating basically everyone and Min Soo and Seol finally had a confrontation. Which I have to just talk about first because the whole Min Soo situation was really starting to piss me off and I was like, I need Seol to confront her or something! I hate that it was really something Yong Gon egged on but I wish Min Soo was smarter and had not gone that far. From the lion doll to the picture of Seol’s brother, that trap was set and Seol was not going to take it any longer. Also, someone who is also bothering the heck out of me is Young Gon’s girlfriend. She is really dumb to not see that he’s playing her and he’s only obsessed with Seol. Phew, I needed to get that off of my chest! lol

Debo: I am glad that the Min Soo thing is over and everything has been roughly settled. However, I do feel bad for her, all she wanted was attention and affection and she happened to go down the wrong path to achieve it, which was what lead to her downfall. Though I did not agree with all of Seol’s actions, I am glad she stood up for herself and spoke her mind regarding multiple issues.

Marakeshsparrow: Oh good lord--Min Soo and her stubborn delusions were seriously bugging me. Yeah, I really wish she’d been smarter and not believed all of Young Gon’s wacky ideas. “Why would I copy Hong Seol? She’s copying me!” How did she even start to believe those lies? We got to see some of Yoo Jung’s manipulations in action here as well. He knew exactly what he was doing and knew who Min Soo’s “boyfriend” was when he saw the picture on her phone, yet played totally innocent until all the crap hit the fan and everyone was in the same room together. How intense was that scene? Hong Seol and Min Soo rolling around on the ground pulling at each other’s hair! Woah! I honestly didn’t think Min Soo had the guts to pull a stunt like that, but it seems like her red hair made her feistier. I agree though, Debo--I do feel bad for the girl and I’m glad Seol had a moment of reflection where she realized if she’d just given her a chance to be friends, it most likely never would have gotten to that point.

June: Oh yes Yoo Jung definitely knew what he was doing! When he saw her walking and “mistook” her as Seol it was so calculated, and the whole presentation thing was real telling. I was taken aback too whenever they actually started attacking each other. I really didn’t think they would go that far in the drama, I had actually read that part in the webtoon and was wondering if they were going to show that in the drama! I’m sort of glad they left it, I think it was really Seol’s breaking point for this situation. I agree that I’m glad she did go back and reflect on it.

Marakeshsparrow: Ok, so another trap we’ve got to talk about--Hong Seol and company’s plan to record all of Young Gon’s insanity and take it to the police. Pretty smart! I loved that Seol is taking matters into her own hands here and not just playing the wilting damsel in distress. She’s sick of his obsession (and let’s be real, he’s pretty crazy) and now she just needs proof. I thought it was funny in that first moment where he sees her on the street and she just starts running, but by the next time she was prepared. I guess she knew he’d be stalking her in the library so had Bo Ra and Lackey (lol--can’t remember his name) set to record. The only hitch in this whole plan is Baek In Ho! Hahahaha! Every time they try to capture something he’s there getting up in arms and running after Young Gon, ready to attack. It’s pretty hilarious honestly, but Seol’s probably going to need a few more recordings if she wants to make a real case with the cops.

Debo: Those chase scenes were great.

June: Haha Eun Taek is Lackey’s name and he is adorable! I love him and the actor! Hehe. But I agree, girl is taking things into her own hands and is getting evidence against crazy Young Gon because seriously, I feel like no one sees or believes that Young Gon is doing these things to Seol and it’s so frustrating! Baek In Ho is so precious and it’s so funny whenever he ends up running at Young Gon. It’s so nice to see someone care about Seol like that. What’s funny about the Young Gon thing too is now Baek In Ha is involved! Oh my gosh, whenever they were sending each other the photos. Things are about to get even more crazy!

Marakeshsparrow: So much crazy, so little time! And so much to discuss! I can’t decide if I want to get on the In Ho or In Ha train next. Hahahaha. Let’s start with Baek In Ha--this crazy woman is Up. To. Something! She is busy, busy setting her own kind of trap, her “loser removal” operation as she calls it. So now she’s got Young Gon involved, and I cannot even imagine where that is going to go. Now she’s also trying to get closer to Hong Seol and has an inkling that her brother likes her as more than just a revenge scheme against Yoo Jung. I know her long term goal is get back in Yoo Jung’s favor and once again be fully (financially) supported, but how she’s planning on accomplishing that is beyond me. I’m sure it won’t be pretty though. As Baek In Ho told Seol, if you see Baek In Ha, run. Just run.

June: I want to know what she’s ultimately up to so bad but I feel like you never know with Baek In Ha. It was interesting seeing her worry about that one university guy, I think she calls him Designer Peanut! I wonder what exactly was in the deal she made with Yoo Jung because we all know that Baek In Ha only cares about Baek In Ha. I was so mad whenever she spilled the ramen on In Ho’s piano books! Like how rude!

Debo: I thought the scenes with In Ha and Designer Peanut were great. I’m not sure if she has started to care about him in her own weird way or if she is just using her in her grand scheme.

June: Also, we finally got to see more into the three’s past and it looked like they were all best friends and having a good time. I am seriously so curious as to what happened because it also looked like Yoo Jung used to have a whole different personality before. What happened? What made everyone they way they are? I need to know!!

Marakeshsparrow: That whole moment that showed the three in the past was so heart-warming! It was interesting seeing Yoo Jung and In Ho being so friendly. It seems like they were seriously best buddies. I must know the truth! I’m hoping that Yoo Jung isn’t really responsible for Baek In Ho’s broken hand, that there was some kind of misunderstanding. But I guess time will just have to tell. So speaking of Baek In Ho . . . he’s finally realizing that he has feelings for Hong Seol! //claps hands then immediately hangs head in sadness// (ノД`)・゜・。 Why do I feel like this won’t end well? Now that he’s recognized his feelings for her, I’m afraid our poor little ragamuffin is going to get his heart broken. That part where she held his hand at the piano and he got all red-faced was SO CUTE though. This boy has seriously stolen my heart and won’t give it back.

June: Ugh I know. :( I love Baek In Ho so much and I just know he’s going to be heartbroken in the end or something. The scene with the blush was so hilarious, they made it so red! But I am so glad that because of Seol he’s studying to get his GED and going to try to get into the university. I feel like things are looking up for In Ho. I wonder what will happen when Yoo Jung comes back into the picture, judging by the preview, it looks like heartbroken In Ho is on the way. Noooooo, I don’t want a heartbroken In Ho. :(((((

Marakeshsparrow: I’m a bit torn, because I was finally warming up to Yoo Jung. BUT! BUT! //sniffles// I still maintain In Ho makes a better match for Hong Seol. He teaches her how to be tougher (also loved where he gave her all those defense tools) and she helps him get back on the path towards his future. Sigh. I think they would make such a sweet couple. But it does seem like Yoo Jung is coming back into the picture. I’ll try my best not to be biased and give the guy a chance, there is a lot we don’t know about him still after all. 

So what were your thoughts on this week's episodes? Are you rooting for Baek In Ho or Yoo Jung Sunbae? And what do you think Baek In Ha has up her designer sleeve? Whatever it is, it certainly won't be good. Let us know you thoughts in the comments and join us next week for another Cheese in the Trap Drama Club! 

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