While most fan meets focus on the main characters and actors whom viewers love and adore, the hit drama Cheese in the Trap is planning an event where fans can actually come and take out their frustrations on the villains of the drama instead. 

Representatives of Cheese in the Trap have announced that fans will have the opportunity to meet all the characters they love to hate at an upcoming event. The highlight of the event is to be a swear-off, where fans compete to see who insults the mean characters the best. The winner will receive an autograph from the webtoon artist.

Meanwhile, fans can also attend a different event with lead actor Park Hae Jin, where he fulfills the wish of a lucky viewer.

I have to admit that there are many characters in this drama that I would love to give a piece of my mind to, but I'm not so sure about the idea of yelling at the actual actors. What do you think of the concept behind this unique event? 

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