It’s time to recap Episode 10 in Cheese in the Trap. After arguments and heartbreak, we can finally see how things progress, so shall we start?


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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We were left off on the lethal back hug. Seol quietly calls for him but he doesn’t say anything, he just holds her a bit tighter, nuzzling his nose in her neck and slowly sliding the coffee can in her pocket. Without further words, he releases her and walks ahead, leaving Seol behind, with a confused heart and longing shining in her eyes.

After class, Bo Ra and Seol ask me, per usual, to have lunch together but I have to decline this time. They are shocked because when am I not hungry? But today I have plans and I can’t let them know just yet.

My plans are with Jung sunbae who asked me to grab lunch together to talk about Seol. As he won’t be around much because of the internship, he asks me to look after Seol and to please tell her if something happens to her, because she doesn’t tell him those things. I understand him and because I know how Seol is, to minimise everything that happens to her and just say it’s nothing, I agree. In fact, I even show him the video we shot of Young Gon. We watches it carefully as I tell him how nasty of a person he is and how bad he was last year. I regret not have dealt with him back then. This year Seol has decided to gather evidence to turn in to the police, but I’m not sure if it’ll do much. Jung requests I send him other videos if we shoot them and I agree.

When Jung is heading back campus he spots Wannabe Seol and because that hair, even if she wants it to resemble Seol’s, it doesn’t, so he knows it’s not his girlfriend, but he spots the lion charm hanging from her bag and charges.

Pretending she’s Seol, he wraps his arm around her shoulders and feigns he didn’t know, that he truly believed it was Seol (ha!) and points the lion charm, asking if she and her boyfriend also share those. She stutters an affirmative answer and that brings all the ice to Jung’s eyes, who grabbing a bit of her hair tells her that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t become Seol, shouldn’t she know that already? She’s not that stupid. He says it with such cold voice, those manipulative eyes that are so scary when he just becomes like that. Min Soo is left behind, confused and creeped out, wondering if that one was really Jung, recalling how he encouraged her during the project group, wondering if he did that to get at her. He did, she’s sure, but she assumes Seol is behind that. Oh great, sure, blame the girl who can’t even share her worries to manipulate her shady boyfriend.

*pinches nose bridge* These people are giving me a headache.

At his internship, Jung is just minding his work when a sunbae comes, congratulating him for his job and giving him more, work that he should be doing. And Jung forces the smile, doing the same as usual, letting people use him.

In Ha texts him then, informing him how the plan to get rid of the loser is on the go, but he doesn’t reply, then he receives a text from brother-in-law Jun, asking him to meet the next day and have lunch together. He recalls Min Soo and the picture she has of Jun and we can see how he starts machinating to get back at her.

The next day in Campus, Min Soo is once again mumbling to herself when she spots her ‘boyfriend’ with Seol, acting close, laughing and such. She’s shocked they know each other and unaware they are siblings, she thinks Seol is ‘taking everything she wants from her.’ Oh God, someone take her away already.

Jun tells Seol he’s having lunch with Jung and although she is not keen of the idea, Jun insist they should all have lunch together because his Ah Young is also going. Said tangerine arrives then with breakfast for the three, with Min Soo watching enraged the scene. She remembers the lion charm and balls it in her fist.

Before exam, Min Soo purposely bumps into Seol, pretending she didn’t see her and drops the lion charm, to step on it, drag it as she walks and then kick it towards Seol who picks it, seeing the damage she’s caused. Bo Ra is enraged and urges Seol to have a go with Min Soo, but Seol insists she won’t let her ruin her test.

Jung is watching what happened so when he walks in the classroom, he sits near Min Soo and makes one of his friends to sit front, too. He praises Min Soo saying she gets prettier every day, asking if she has a boyfriend already. Da Young confirms and Jung acts all excited, asking if he’s handsome and such. Everyone starts asking, wanting to see a picture and although she doesn’t want, Da Young takes her phone from her and shows. Jung feigns ignorance.

Min Soo, paranoid because she knows Seol knows him and she could be found out in her lie, can barely do her test and blames her failure on Seol. Of course, Seol is the evil in her life. Then why does she copy her, uh?

As the exam is over, Seol confronts Min Soo, claiming one thing is keeping her lion charm, but why did she stomp on it? Min Soo gets louder and defensive, even Da Young gets in (doesn’t that girl understand if it’s not her business she should just stay the hell away. That’s all she does, getting her nose in between) and just rolls her eyes because they are still with the damn doll. At that time Ah Young and Jun arrive but he runs to Seol, calling her noona, wondering what happened.

Ah, the cat is out of the bag. Nosy Da Young immediately recognises him as Min Soo’s boyfriend and asks her about it, Seol doesn’t take long to think Jung brought him there and she looks at him, but he’s an expert at feign ignorance.

Back to the fight, Ah Young demands Jun to know if he has a girlfriend, but he quickly denies it, he has no idea who’s Man Soo. Jun affirms Ah Young is the one he likes and everyone starts muttering, Da Young tells Min Soo to say something, and trying to disappear, she says he only resembles her boyfriend, but no one is buying your crap. Seol snatches her phone and confirms there’s a picture of her brother there.

That’s it, she demands to know how far Min Soo is taking this, how dare she involve her baby brother. Min Soo is so humiliated, seeing how everyone is turning on her and looking down on her, so she launches at Seol, claiming this was all her doing to publicly humiliate her, to stop tormenting her.


Seol fights back this time, pushing her to the floor and going after her, screaming and gathering everyone around. Young Gon tries to record a video but Jung stops him and erases the video.

Jun manages to take Seol from Min Soo, who is still on the floor, screaming and crying, playing victim demanding to know what did she do so wrong for Seol to be bullying her like this. Did she put a patent on her clothes and project? Seol shouts back, throwing at her all the things she’s done, from her lion charm to her brother! Min Soo finally shuts up and just cries and cries, saying how everything she wants, Seol has it. Grades, friends and even a boyfriend. Yeah, so do many other people.

Seol, also about to cry, says how everything Min Soo wants didn’t come easily for her. She knows Min Soo didn’t used to be like this and wonders what happened. The girl says she was nothing before and doesn’t want to go back. Then it’s flash backs to the many times no one remembered her, not even her name, including Seol. Seol asks if she’s happy now that everyone will know her as Liar Min Soo. She breaks in sobs.

Afterwards, Seol asks Jung if he brought Jun there on purpose and he claims that he’s been patient, but he knows how much trouble she’s been having because of Min Soo and it was time she let it all out. He tells her how people with victim mentality will always end up like that, losing what they have in their pursue to get what isn’t theirs.

Seol looks at him, realising he’s always been surrounded by people like that, and understands him a bit better. He then mentions that he won’t rush her, that if she can understand him better and get closer, then he’ll wait patiently.

Seol asks back if that’s enough, he stands still and she goes to him. He admits he’s thinking about all this, trying to fix what makes her frustrated. He also confesses that he thought they were alike before but now he realises they are just as much different. He puts a bag with medicine in her hand for her battle wound and pats her head, playing with her fringe gently, lightly cupping her cheek before walking away. One tear escapes Seol.

In the music department, In Ho is playing Fur Elise over and over again per his professor’s request. He’s frustrated, asking how else he can play it and the professor says it has no feeling. What made him a gem before was the core of his playing, not how fast or skilled his fingers moved. He tells In Ho what really got injured wasn’t his hand but his heart. The professor offhandedly mentions Professor Noh, In Ho’s previous tutor, and after knowing he told Professor Noh about his return, he gets personally offended that it was done without his consent. Enraged, he storms out and stops in the hall to listen to another student playing a wonderful piece, something like what he wants to play. His emotions, the conflict in his heart is reflected in the storm in his eyes.

Later, In Ho catches up with Seol, noticing she’s hiding her face and acting weird, so he pulls the hoodie off and finds the scratch on her cheek bone. He gets all worked up but she tries to dismiss it. He starts asking who did that, Stalker? In Ha? But Seol just brushes him off and pulls the hoodie back on. In Ho asks him if she is planning to go home like that, her mother surely will be happy about it. So he drags her somewhere else.

He buys ointment for her scratch and tells her to apply it, but she can’t see and does it all wrong, so he grows frustrated and does it himself. He then jokingly asks her if she got in a fight and, most importantly, if she won. Seol says there’s no winning, it’s just complicated.

She launches to tell him how she’s been thinking why Min Soo did all that, and thinks back it’s a bit how she uses to be jealous of the girl following Jung everywhere, realising that envying only makes you more pathetic and frustrated because you try to be more like them, yet you can’t. Seol points how all this time she was just angry at Min Soo, but she never tried to understand her. She thinks back that if only she had accepted her friendship when she first approached, things would’ve been so different.

Seol affirms that only after the fight she can understand Min Soo a bit better, however Jung told her not to think too much about it. In Ho asks if they got back together and she denies such, but claims she’s begun to understand him a little more, too. She mentions how she only sees what she wants to see and hears what she wants to hear, only seeing him in the light she wanted to see him.

In Ho watches her intently, his eyes expressing how he’s really thinking about what she said and when she turns to look at him, he can’t meet her eyes. He goes back to his jokey self and teases her, wondering if she knows what she’ll tell her parents.

The next day, through Seol’s narration we know Min Soo didn’t show up to school and most likely is taking some time off. She’s become a campus celebrity, everyone talking about Seol the fighter… but even that becomes old gossip and the school moves on.

In Ha is making herself ramen and looks for where to put the pot so she just grabs one of the piano books and finds out it belongs to Hong Seol. She wonders how In Ho knows her and how they are connected, and that just makes her more excited.

Seol is walking home when she receives a text from Jung wondering if she’s doing fine. She doesn’t know how to reply, what to do, and then hears the piano when passing by her uncle’s cafe so she stops to see In Ho.

He’s playing Fur Elise and she sneaks in and sits next to him, surprising him. She marvels at his playing and wonders how a song can sound so different. She says there was always something sad about Fur Elise, but then muses how the song must change depending on who plays it. That makes In Ho think and get more focused on her as she tries playing it, helping her with the notes and then praising her deeply when she finishes. It’s adorable.

In Ho suddenly asks if he should go to school, officially enrol after getting his high school equivalency exam, like she suggested. Seol lights up at the idea, holding his hand and getting so excited about it. She just points all the things they can use, how she’ll help and such. In Ho, however, only looks at the hand she’s holding, cheeks going bright pink and heart racing like crazy.

Seol finally notices his bright cheeks and asks him what happened to him. He brushes it off but when she goes to touch his cheeks, he just stands up and escapes her, but she continues asking what’s wrong, practically chasing him around until he exclaims he’s jut got a cold and leaves first.

Why is this so adorable?

They walk home together, he’s still so blushed but fakes coughing, and she tells him to take some medicine but he says he’ll be fine, he’s strong. He asks why she’s following him and she says that in his state, he’ll be useless so she’s going to help close the store. They bicker back and forth until they arrive, just for In Ho to spot In Ha there. He tries to get Seol away before his sister notices them, but fails.

In Ha recognises her as In Ho’s academy girlfriend, but then learns she’s Hong Seol and realises she’s Jung’s girlfriend instead. Seol confirms that and just stands straight, but In Ha doesn’t pull her hair, instead acts all friendly, apologising for the things she said on the phone. In Ho knows this isn’t normal and wants to take his sister away as soon as possible, finally managing to save Seol. She just sighs in relief.

At their home, In Ho asks how she found out where he works but she starts asking if he likes Seol. He tries to deny it, but he’s too cute and easy to read, In Ha just laughs at him knowing he’s lying and teases him further. Siblings quarrel.

The next day, Seol starts her tutoring lessons to In Ho, from primary school even if he graduated from that, but they need to know his level. He doesn’t seem to remember though, and starts asking her or throwing the pen to know the answer. While there, he checks his heart, realising it’s not racing and assumes what happened before was because of his cold.

Bo Ra and I are around, waiting for Young Gon to alert Seol when he’s there. We’re trying to collect new evidence. Seol goes to do her job and Young Gon just follows her, even when she ignores him. He throws a tantrum because of that, throwing the books to the floor and screaming, we are recording that, but In Ho comes in and charges against him, chasing him off the library. We go back them and In Ho finally catches Young Gon and throws him to the floor, but Seol stops him from hitting Young Gon although he kicks In Ho in the hip. She allows him to escape and tells In Ho they were trying to collect more evidence.

Da Young saw the commotion and confronts Young Gon outside, who lies, saying Seol ‘thinks’ he still has feelings for her and makes it all terrible when he’s around. Seol, Seol, Seol, it’s all her fault. I want to puke. And because she’s bias, she buys it all and thinks Seol has mental problems. Let me tell you who’s the one with mental problems: YOUR BOYFRIEND!

Let’s leave them behind. About the video? I send it to Jung per his request and he watches it, but also spots In Ho in the middle, stepping in for Seol in a loud and clear way, without machinations or ways he can’t explain later because they get out of his hands.

On the subway back home, In Ho asks her what’s so important about getting this evidence when they could just deal it with fists. Seol reminds him he lost his previous job because of Young Gon, so she is protecting him. In Ho smiles when he realises then.

Another passenger sits next to him, squeezing him to Seol and at that, his heart starts racing again. He jumps before his cheeks blush again, giving just excuses. He then asks her about the book she’s reading and wonders if she’s tired of always working so hard. She mentions how he’s working part-time, studying for his exam, and attending piano lessons. In her book, he’s the one working harder. He points out how he didn't used to be like this, she made him that way. She lightly accepts the blame and he just smiles.

She hands him a box of medicine for the cold, saying that if he takes care of himself, then she won’t catch a cold, so it’s her way to take care of herself. He is surprised but smiles happily, accepting the medicine and giving her his heart. We all saw that too, right?

Jung is having dinner with his father and it seems okay, but when Chairman Yoo asks him if he’s doing well and warns him how his behaviour now can affect his future, Jung asks if someone told him anything about him, if there are complaints. There are none, but Jung is really defensive and finally says how he feels, like he does everything to please his father but it seems it’s never enough, he always finds a fault in his behaviour. He ask if he’s really that strange to his father and then excuses himself to leave.

Back to Seol, someone is calling her home and because her father doesn’t want to pick, she has to run to do such. It turns out it’s Young Gon, who got her home number and is stalking her there, asking her why she’s doing that to him. He’s creepy, so creepy I feel my skin crawling. He thinks she’s trying to make him jealous by having In Ho around and I think I’m going to get sick. She calls him crazy and hangs up on him, totally freaked out.

Upset, Young Gon just is just more determined to break Jung and Seol apart and tries to post something online, but then decides the best way is to prove Jung’s two-timing. The next day, he is working on getting evidence from In Ha who hands it easily, a picture of her and Jung, but also a picture of her cleavage for him, asking for one back and I need a moment. I’m going to go puke to the toilet and come back.

In Ha sees her new money-sweetheart being harassed by Sang Chul and hurries to chase him away. Everyone avoids Sang Chul except from Young Gon who accepts to have coffee with him. But even him gets fed up with Sang Chul, always blaming others for his failures. He tells him to put himself together and stop with the victim mentality.

Seol gets fired from her job in the library after what happened, and we see Da Young watching close by. This is surely her doing, as nasty as her stalker boyfriend.

Bo Ra and I try to cheer Seol up with food, but it doesn’t work much. The conversation drifts to future plans. Bo Ra will have her father to open any store she wants for her, I think of becoming a model but Bo Ra just mocks me. I demand to know for how long they think I’ll be their lackey and they reply in unison that forever. I can’t let that happen, right? Yet I still feed them like a good kid.

Why can’t Bo Ra see how good I am?

But the bad day hasn’t ended, Seol receives the evidence picture that throws her mood to the floor, making it hard for her to concentrate when In Ho arrives for the lessons. She asks to postpone it, but he refuses at first. Upon seeing how she really isn’t in the mood, lets her off the hook and they walk home together.

Seol is so spaced out he has to save her from walking into street lamps. He has to snap her out of her trance and when she does, she realises he’s walked her home and asks why but he insists he’s not walking her home, however she points his home is in the opposite direction.

Annoyed, he just hands her a bag. A present? Hs heart again?

She opens it and finds weird things he has to explain, all for self defence like the taser and retractable stick. She accepts them and thanks him for his kind gesture.

In Ho asks her what has her in that mood and so lost in thoughts but she doesn’t want to answer. He nags her how she is back to not saying anything and bottling up inside, calls her illness of “it’s all okay.” She laughs and tells him it’s not something that will be fixed with just talking about it, and heads home.

He watches her go but calls her and makes her open her eyes, and keep them like that so she won’t break her nose while walking into a wall or something. That really hurts. He continues watching her, feeling down because she can’t rely on him. He kind of comforts himself, saying he wouldn’t rely on him either and turns to head his own way.

That’s where the episode ends, with those two being so cute, In Ho trying to protect her in such honest and open ways. I’m left thinking, he’s good to her in a way that’s so easy to read. He’s honest and transparent, even if he has a bad temper and so much to work on, but he doesn’t hide his true colours and that… I think that’s refreshing for Seol. She knows what type of person In Ho is, while she can’t say with Jung.

Ah, how will things evolve from here? We’ll see next week. Hopefully! With New Years celebration, broadcasting might be delayed. We’ll see. Until next episode!

—Eun Taek.

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