It’s been two weeks. Two. Weeks. How are we even alive? Let’s recap Cheese in the Trap together already. Why wait?


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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Seol is in her room, watching the picture of Jung and In Ha and telling herself not to put meaning into it, then she’s looking for a new job. Remember she was fired because of Young Gon’s girlfriend? But she gets distracted because Jun is nagging to their father and we can see how her face falls as she sees how their father still gives money to Jun, pampers him and, well basically, praises him too much.

In school, we’re in a lecture, you know, minding our business, going for what we’re paying and such, but Stalker Young Gon keeps looking at Seol, mumbling about how it doesn’t seem she and Jung broke up, so he needs to keep working on that. When the lecture is over, I rush Seol and Bo Ra because I noticed the stalker looking at us and being creepy, so better make a run for it before we have to deal with ew.

Outside the classroom, I spot tall, fashionista In Ha. I like Bo Ra’s comment that she’s tall like a giraffe. Seol looks reluctant to see her there and at best wary. Young Gon is following us but his girlfriend has followed and stopped him, after seeing him being creepy in class, and is demanding to talk but he doesn’t want to. She finally notices he’s been suspicious and he almost hits her, making everyone gasp. He’s apologising to Da young when In Ha comes in, hitting him and making a scene. I know it’s not okay but why do I feel so good he’s getting hit? She’s acting like she just caught him cheating on her.

Oh, lovely.

Young Gon tries to tell Da Young it’s not like that, and she asks In Ha who’s her, so she gets her phone back and shows that ew picture Young Gon sent her. Yes, many other people react the same way, gagging. Da Young slaps him and Young Gon brings the picture of In Ha and Jung, telling she’s his girlfriend, not Young Gon’s. In Ha seems at loss of words, caught in her game while we watch the scene.

Seol narrates in that part how she feels this surge of rage because a disgusting guy like Young Gon will make people talk bad about Jung, which is totally unfair and she’s had enough, so she steps forward to stop him.

This is why I love our Seol, she’s clever and strong. When Young Gon shows the picture she acts nonchalant, because she knows In Ha and tells everyone she’s a childhood friend of Jung, she lived abroad and that level of skinship is just normal for her. She even explains she’s very close with her younger brother so it’s all fine. In Ha comes in then, whining and asking her not to tell Jung because she feels pathetic.

Young Gon is in the loss and tries to tell Seol not to lie, there’s no way she knows In Ha. Da Young finally breaks up with him, with a last slap and more insults coming his way. In Ha does the same and Seol finally calls him a trash with no hope, shoving him off and getting rid of him.

Young Gon is back in the bottom.

In Ha is walking off campus, mumbling about what Seol said when she comes after her, asking to have a talk. They go for coffee together and she explains she just did it because Young Gon was just being stupid. She then asks her how In Ha knows Young Gon and if that’s connected to Yoo Jung. In all her blabbering and annoying talk, she says what happened today in particular isn’t his doing, and asks Seol what she’d do if it had been his fault? Break up with him? Seol doesn’t reply and she continues, talking about the two types around Jung: the ones that runs away and the ones that cling to him. But Seol isn’t neither and that surprises In Ha, however she finally says that eventually Seol will break up with Jung so better do it fast and stop making him hurt. Then she grabs her phone and says how she’ll call Jung. “My Jung, my Jung,” just to annoy Seol.

Jung is in a job meeting and when it ends they all organise to go eat, but one of them makes Jung stay to finish the report. Who seems the leader there mutters how that guy seems to be overworking the intern, but doesn’t do much about it and Jung accepts the extra load. Later, when he’s checking all is well, he gets fed up all his work is under another name. He stands up, pushing the chair and startling other people. When he takes a look around, many eyes are on him and he recalls his father words, that how he acts now will affect his reputation later so he has to suppress himself and walk away.

In the library, Seol and In Ho are studying together, he seems worried that she got fired but she barely registers that and just gives him more work, in the mean time she falls asleep even after the time is over. In Ho watches her sleep, recalling his annoying sister asking him if he likes Seol, so he starts considering it, wondering if it’s true. He finally leaves a note for her and leaves.

When Seol wakes up she finds the note where he says he had to go before for practice. She mumbles he should’ve woken her up and then corrects his spelling before keeping the note.

In Ho is practising Fur Elise while recalling his memories with Seol and there’s a different feeling in his playing this time. The professor is watching from afar, mentioning how he looks weak and lonely, and comments how he is going back to himself. Yay In Ho!

Somewhere else, Jung is talking to In Ha, basically scolding her for what she did today in campus. That aside, In Ha says that as she’s been following Young Gon, who follows Seol everywhere so she discovered how In Ho always around Seol, acting like her knight. Way to hit Jung, uh? Annoying as she is, she gets what she wants, in that case, her credit card to spend shamelessly.

Seol, on the other hand, looks gloomy as she heads home recalling In Ha’s words describing her and her attitude to Jung. She questions herself, wondering if she’s really indecisive in the middle, finally accepting it’s true. She can’t run from him but she can’t accept him either, yet she stills wants him next to her when she’s having a hard time… and she misses him.

When she makes it home, she hears Jun didn’t just take time off, he quit school. His father is furious, forcing him to go back to school immediately and only come back when he’s graduated. Jun defends himself that he couldn’t stay there when he knew things were so bad at home, and for the same reason he can’t come back. Their father tells him not to worry, just go there and finish, they’ll manage to get the money even if Seol has to take time off.

That’s where she steps forward, asking why… why does she have to take time off for Jun? She finally explodes, ranting how she does everything alone, she always worries about money, she had to leave her flat, commute four hours, work part time and study hard for the scholarship, and she’s never been praised, and now she has to take a semester off for Jun? It’s just too much. She also wants to be praised and taken care of, she needs someone to lean on because everyone leans on her, and it’s unfair.

She storms out the house, leaving her parents arguing some more, clearly not communicating. Jun, who had been crying for his sister, follows her running into In Ho. He asks her if he’s seen Seol because she ran away and tells him, roughly, what happened. In Ho is off to look for her, trying to call her and running around.

Seol calls Bo Ra, but she’s with her dad having dinner. Seol doesn’t tell her something is wrong and just lets her have dinner, pushing herself down and holding it all up. She tells herself nothing has changed, she’s always been fine on her own… yet she still feels so lonely now, so weak.

While she’s walking, she sees Jung. From the distance, just staring at each other they tear up. He mumbles if she was looking for him and she breaks down. Both run to each other, hugging tightly while she cries her eyes out and he holds her tightly. In Ho comes running then, watching the scene, hearing the sobs and just leaving with his broken heart. I’m sure I heard it breaking.

Jung and Seol are in the car and he tells her he’s missed her a lot, to which she says the same, but she’s missed him more than a lot. Carefully, he takes her hand and smiles when she places her other hand on his. He marvels at the fact her hands are so small and she thinks how despite having so many questions for him, she is too comforted with his presence. That fact alone is reason enough not to break up.

When her parents call, he offers to drive her but she asks him not to, so they go for a ride. They get convenience store food and start acting cute. She falls asleep during the ride and he smiles content at her, holding her hand.

The next morning, when she wakes up it’s in Jung’s room. He teases her a bit, about her bad sleeping habits and how he couldn’t sleep, he teases her about her bloated face and more. It’s cute, and he’s so amused. He hands her the phone so she can read the texts her parents sent her. He contacted Bo Ra to call her parents and put them at ease.

When he asks her if she’s not going to school and she confirms, he just drags her back to bed, cuddling her too tight and stopping her from running away, claiming he couldn’t sleep because of her so she should let him sleep now (he let the office know he’d be a bit late). She tries to escape but he stops her every time, cuddling her too much, basically trapping her. When she finally stops resisting, he whispers in her ear if he can contact her now and kisses her. When she doesn’t reply, he asks if he can go and see her and kisses her again. They stare at each other and when she finally nods, he’s too happy, cheering loudly before cuddling her again.

Aw, that was too cute for words.

She finally goes home. Her mother hits her, her father barely says anything and Jun is very apologetic. She is left with her mom after a while, who serves her breakfast. She apologises because she wanted to call Seol’s friends, but didn’t know any number, which says a lot about how much she knows her daughter. Her father comes out then and barely says a thing. Her mom is annoyed at him and but she’s also tired of always nagging him. I have no idea how that is going to progress.

Jun is going to open the store and In Ho has been waiting, asking for Seol first thing. Jun assures she came home and explains she was at Bo Ra, but In Ho’s face says he knows better. He leaves then and is alone sitting at some place, recalling the scene he witnessed between Seol and Jung with the face of a lost puppy. He figures they spent the night together.

At that time, Seol’s father comes in, asking him what he’s doing. In Ho says how he refuses to hand the flyers because he looks stupid in the pictures. They bicker a bit, and it shows how Seol’s father has accepted him and treats him comfortable. They end up splitting them in half and working together.

At work, Jung receives a text from Seol where she tells him she got hit a lot. They start sending messages back and forward, being all couple like. Then his superior arrives, brining him coffee and asking him about the report he asked him to do. Jung has that glint in his eyes when he says he’s still working on it and he’ll be done by tomorrow. Why do I have a bad feeling about this? Like he’s going to put his name on it instead of make his superior look bad?

Now with Stalker Young Gon, he’s desperately calling In Ha. He’s about to write another post when he notices all the new ones, including one that shows all the pictures of him stalking Seol. He has no clue who could’ve done it, and discarding Jung because he doesn’t go to school with the internship.

Young Hon runs into Sang Chul sunbae who annoys him and mentions how the one from the pictures looks like him. Sang Chul keeps following him, just saying how it has to be him while trying to figure out who did it. He narrows it down to In Ho.

Seol is alone when Bo Ra and I come to her rescue before Young Gon gets to her. We take her away although he still texts her telling her to tell the thug (In Ho) to stop posting those pictures of him or he’ll sue him. Bo Ra tells her to forget it and off we go. She asks Seol where she spent the night and Seol says with Jung. When I ask if it’s in the same bed I just realise she’s been corrupted! Our Seol has been corrupted! She insists it was just sleeping but sure~

I ask if they really just slept together and Seol confirms it, so that means Jung needs to go to the hospital. That’s not normal. Seol is just confused, she doesn’t understand what I mean, and Bo Ra doesn’t want to say, but really, any young man who spends the night in the same bed as her girlfriend would… you know what I mean, right?

In the library, In Ho spots Seol and goes to sit in the same table as her, but not next to her. He just sits there for a while, she hasn’t even noticed him so he knocks the table to get her attention. She’s confused why he’s two seats away and because he won’t move, she does but he just rolls his chair away.

He’s being so cute and silly I can’t help laughing out loud.

In Ho keeps escaping her and she gives up, just giving him the work. When he’s finally approaching, she gets a hold of him and drags him next to her. She starts tutoring him but he only stares at her, not really listening. When she asks him what’s wrong, he just says he couldn’t sleep well last night. They barely do anything and then he leaves, saying he needs to take off.

He’s just running away from his feelings, isn’t he?

Going back home, Seol tells In Ho what happened with Jun. In Ho tells her that even if Jun seems thoughtless, he went everywhere looking for her and scolds her for being a runaway. She teases him for looking mature and he tells her he’s older than her, she shouldn’t be that surprised. She stands straighter and asks if she should just call him oppa then, but that makes him flustered and says it’s not necessary. So she stays just calling him oppa several times, making him grin so much. He then, using his new title of oppa, tells her to get ready and just to follow her. She keeps calling him oppa and he wants her to stop, but they finally reach the place they were going to: her father giving the flyers. She learns that’s where he’s been the whole time when not in the restaurant.

Then Seol and Jun drag their mother and, “accidentally,” discover appa with the flyers. In Ho gets hit for telling Seol about it, omma nags appa for being stubborn and it’s just family time. In Ho gets dragged in the dinner meal, continuously getting hit by appa.

In the restaurant Seol changes seats with him, being considerate because he eats with his left hand. They are surprised he’s ambidextrous. It’s actually really cute how they’ve including him, teasing him and more They are really treating him like family and even praise him a bit when they find out he’s also studying and Seol is helping him. In Ho has this touched expression and seems so happy about it.

The next day, when he’s playing, his performance sounds different again, like the sun is shining, as the professor says. He comes in and asks him what has him full of emotions, and asks him if he still doesn’t want to see Professor Noh. In Ho replies he doesn’t have the confidence and then is surprised when the professor asks him to get a meal together.

Back to Seol, just when the class is dismissed, Young Gon tries to approach her but Bo Ra and I have been waiting outside and come in immediately, calling her name and running faster than Stalker, saving her. Aren’t we cool? But then she ditches us to go have lunch with Jung that dropped by school and texted her.

Bo Ra just watches her go, mumbling how they are on fire so I take my chance here. I ask her if I should be just her lackey, dropping honourifics, but she just hits me for it and leaves. And there goes my attempt to get her to see me as something more than her lackey.

Seol is running to meet with Jung, big smile and eyes sparkling, calling him and waving excitedly when she spots him. They are just cute, walking together and being such couple. They go to the cafeteria and he mentions how he remembers when she left him there to go on her blind date. She’s taken aback he remembers that and is a bit embarrassed.

Jung starts making basic questions like how things are going on. She thinks of Young Gon and all the trouble, but decides not to tell him because it’s the first time he comes visit her after their fight, so another day. She says everything is fine. Then he asks about the studies and she replies everything is good, but thinks that she should tell him about helping In Ho, it’s just studying after all. When she’s about to tell him, Jung gets distracted and Seol follows her gaze to see that he’s staring at In Ho and the professor that are coming with trays. The professor recognises her and tells In Ho to sit there. The looks are uncomfortable between Jung and In Ho, the latter doesn’t even want to sit next to Jung.

The professor nags In Ho a bit, telling him to thank Seol for handing the card and such. He thanks her very mockingly and then the professor mentions how In Ho should’ve just studied and attended school normally. In Ho is saying how studying isn’t that big of a deal and it’s about to blurt how Seol is helping him but she chokes before that happens, saving herself as she hasn’t told Jung yet.

The professor asks if Jung is friend of In Ho, to which he firmly denies yet Jung says the opposite. He asks how’s In Ho’s playing, the professor answers it has changed and it’s full of emotion now, he even asks In Ho if he got a girlfriend. Now it’s In Ho’s turn to choke in rice.

Jung is watching carefully, his expression cold and kind of hurt when he notices In Ho’s side looks at Seol. Then the professor is gone and before In Ho follows him, Jun calls him with just domestic questions about the noodles bowl they bought before and such. That family treatment? Yup, the same, with Seol joining in the conversation, talking about normal things that Jung has no idea. He just watches them being so close, getting happy together when they find out her parents went out together. Jung expression is colder, hurt.

When Seol turns to share her happiness with him, he’s warring flashbacks of the Baek siblings with his father, acting like a family and barely noticing him coming in. The hurt he felt seeing In Ho was more accepted than him, that his spot was being stolen. All that pain is in his expression and he can’t even fake it, so he stands up and leaves, confusing both In Ho and Seol. But she follows him, leaving a mumbling In Ho behind.

Seol catches with Jung and asks him what’s wrong, he mentions how she’s gotten close to In Ho. He’s angry, jealous clearly and she explains she is helping him with his studies and he works at the store, but it isn’t more. Jung just leaves, he can’t really take that right now. He leaves and Seol stays behind, watching with a confused and worried look.

And the episode ends there. More drama! just when they had made up and were being so cute. Aish! What is going to happen next? Are we going to understand more between the bad blood between In Ho and Jung? I hope so. We’ll know for the next episode. Until then!

—Eun Taek

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