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Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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It begins with In Ho walking into the library and meeting with the professor, drinking coffee. His expression is suspicious and he asks the professor what’s going on with him. He asks In Ho if he really wants to play piano and hands him a flyer about a performance while flashbacks of the conversation between the professor and Professor Noh show. The conversation is about In Ho and his playing and the possibilities for him. Back to the present, the professor asks In Ho if he doesn’t want to play and In Ho’s response is quite nonchalant, kind of insulting him. It’s a small event and it makes him a bit embarrassed, but at the end he agrees to happily.

Somewhere else, Young Gon keeps suffering from the stalker post, and I say suffering with the widest grin. Sang Chul keeps annoying him for being the one in the picture while I secretly record a video of him. Sunbae spots me but he just stays quiet when I ask him to.

Going home, Seol is muttering to herself about how they just made up with Jung and now they are fighting again. Se realises his expression isn’t just because he was mad, there’s something else.

She stops out of the sudden and calls someone to come out before she calls the police. It’s Young Gon, of course, and he gets on his knees, apologising for everything, promising not to harass her again and such. He even offers to sign a contract as long as she makes her friend (meaning In Ho) to stop posting those pictures of him. He begs her to stop him.

She doesn’t seem willing to help him and throws at him everything he did to her before, the big mess, and Young Gon with his victim mentality blames it on her for rejecting him and being cruel to his feelings. He stands up, hurt and saying how it annoys him to like someone like her, who goes crazy for rich guys. Seol defends herself, saying Young Gon can’t compare to Jung in any aspect and Young Gon really seem not to understand what’s so good about him, because after all Jung started it all, made him an outcast yet it’s Young Gon the one that’s treated like garbage.

Seol asks if what Young Gon is doing is just to get revenge, using her to get back at Jung. He gets so angry and starts threatening for real. He threatens to kill her and In Ho, but Seol confesses he doesn’t have anything to do with it, it was her work, she decided to do this.

When he asks if she was playing him, she says she warned him and when he takes a step closer, she takes the spray pepper and aims at his eyes, making a run for it. All the while, In Ha has been recording what happened and sent it to Jung.

Jung receives just a bit of the video where Young Gon is threatening Seol and asks In Ha to send the rest, before calling me.

Back to Seol, she’s running desperately from Young Gon, who’s after her, calling her father who’s luckily outside. Young Gon runs after she’s safe behind her father and appa tries following him, shoeless until his back hurts too much and he has to stop. He does all that for her.

Then Seol is in bed, texting us about what happened. We support her and tell her it’s fine, he started it all and now she’ll be free. She is still struggling after our conversation, wishing the problem with Jung were fixed. She seems actually in pain when she’s moving in the bed.

The next day, Young Gon arrives as flippant as he can be, greeting everyone, offering to buy everyone a meal and like that finally convinces Sang Chul who drags a few more at the promise of meat. The ones who stay there, comment how cheap sunbae is. Bo Ra and Seol say how Young Gon realises he can’t win over the girls, so he’s going for the guys, offering them meat. They wonder how can guys be so simple minded and I’m there, just drinking my coffee.

Back to Young Gon buying meat to everyone, they start asking if he really cheated on Da Young and being the little piece of crap he is, he says he was. He starts talking big, saying he only dated In Ha because she kept following him. I text one of the guys to tell him about the new post saying something weird about him and he diligently shows it to Young Gon.

More posts are coming, about all the things that Young Gon wrote about the other guys. One by one they go seeing that and demand Young on to tell them what’s up. They are all shocked and offended with all the truth, and Young Gon is just shrinking in his seat, he can’t even say anything anymore and runs away.

He screams in the street, asking how Seol found out about this and he is about to call her when In Ha texts him, saying she saw him doing something “funny” to Seol. He calls but no one answers and he’s throwing a fit. He starts texting In Ha, threatening to Sue them but In Ha fights back, throwing at him all the crimes he’s committed and the pictures that show his face while stalking.

Then one text reveals it’s really Jung the one Young Gon is talking to, throwing back at him the fake insult. He sends the video In Ha shot and warns him. Young Gon calls and Jung picks up this time, giving his final warning. Young Gon tries to make him come out and fight, but Jung just tells him to stop and hangs up. Young Gon is left in the street, throwing a tantrum and just being pathetic, finally crying because he was caught.

Game over.

In Ha is happily, walking with her new “babies” while Jung texts her, saying he won’t need her anymore. In Ha thinks differently, she wants back everything that’s hers, but Jung just takes the battery off the phone and throws it back in the doc In Ha sent it in.

Then it’s Seol, Bo Ra and I talking. I accept I was the one to put this posts about the guys, saying I just wanted it to end it with Young Gon once and for all. In fact, he was the one who helped me with the posts and such.

Bo Ra asks Seol if she’s telling Jung and she says she doesn’t want to tell him, but doesn’t share they just fought again. I get a bit nervous when I hear that and I have to confess I have told him already, I’ve shared the videos and pictures. How could I not? If I knew my girlfriend was being stalked I would be angry and want to kill the guy. I mean, if someone was stalker Bo Ra I would’ve chewed them with my golden teeth and then make golden rings for her. She’s a bit thrown off with my description, though.

Bo Ra scolds Seol for letting things go so far and not telling Jung about it. Seol excuses herself and leaves, while thinking of all the things others have told her about Jung, like TA Heo, Young Gon, and In Ho, including the warnings. What In Ha said as well— and she starts running.

Somewhere else, In Ha is arriving at the same time In Ho is leaving the building, surprised she bought so many things and asks her where she got the money. She says it was Jung the one and he doesn’t believe her. They start their bickering and In Ho just drags her inside, and by drag her I mean he takes the shopping bags and she just follows.

Seol is ringing at Jung’s door who seems surprised to see her there. She asks to come in and he moves aside to let her in.

Back to the Baek siblings, In Ho demands to know what happened and In Ha confesses about the deal to get rid of the loser, aka Young Gon. In Ha blabbers how Jung just needs her and she has to help, blah blah blah. In Ho gets angry because he realises Jung made Young Gon be around and then leave, exposing Seol along the way.

Seol is talking to Jung, asking him why he left like that and din’t answer her calls, asking if it was because she was friendly with In Ho. He denies it all the way. She finally explains how they got closer and she just wanted to help him back to play the piano and get his equivalency exam. She doesn’t need to explain about Oh Young Gon because Jung already knows about it, and apologises for not telling him before. She didn’t feel comfortable talking about that to him.

Jung tries to close the chapter, saying it’s over already, but she doesn’t accept that, it’s not over. She is trying really hard to tell all that to him, because she wants to hear his answer, his honest answer. He asks her if she thinks he’s hiding anything. She mentions his typical excuse “I didn’t think it’d go that far,” and says how that’s not the answer she wants.

He doesn’t want to answer, he tries to leave but she stops him and pushes him more. “I sent those texts because I didn’t like you,” “I avoided your calls because I was mad about In Ho,” those are the answers she wants to hear. He doesn’t understand why she’d want to hear that and it’s because she wants him to be honest with her. She’s realised she’s asked him to be honest when she hasn’t been regarding her feelings. She’s really opening up to him but he doesn’t give in and just tells her he’ll drive her home.

Back to the Baek siblings, In Ho is still angry that she just helped him. She tells him that to her, In Ho is more of a bad guy than Jung will ever be.

In Ho has a flashback of their times in high school, their bickering friendship. There’s this scene with another guy Jung’s family supports and how In Ho talks to him, making fun of him a bit and offending him in other ways. When he is kicked out of the room, the guy takes a look back and I have a bad feeling. Jung warns In Ho to be more careful with his words, but In Ho is In Ho.

During In Ho performance, Jung isn’t around because he had something to do, apparently. Jung’s father takes them to eat after it and mentions how he’s thought about adopting the Baek siblings. They are all shocked.

In Ho is happy about it, In Ha wants to marry Jung, so not so much. In Ha says Jung wasn’t happy, although In Ho argues he was just taken aback at first, but didn’t seem like he didn’t like the idea. They bicker about who knows Jung better but don’t get anywhere.

Another day, In Ho walks in the piano room to find that other student and Jung. In Ho thinks it’s the student who is giving a CD to Jung, but when the student leaves, Jung says he was the one who gave it to the student. Jung went to that concert instead of In Ho’s performance and In Ho is hurt by it, asking Jung if he’s angry at him or something. They bring up the adoption and In Ho is trying to find out if Jung doesn’t like the idea. Jung just smiles and says it’s his father’s decision, it doesn’t matter to him. He doesn’t like it or dislike it, he’s just indifferent—and that hurts In Ho even more.

Jung is including the other student in their activities, like lunch and the conversations. In Ho walks in during one of the student practices and Jung is there, listening, making In Ho be quiet. In Ho leaves hurt.

In another occasion, the guys who lost Jung’s fountain pen are inviting him to go to a place called Remember with him. The student arrives when Jung is leaving, having heard the invitation. The conversation flows until Jung has invited him to come with him when In Ho shows up, hearing that bit of the conversation. He’s been annoyed for a while already and tells Jung he shouldn’t go, his father wouldn’t like it, and the student should be practising instead. Jung makes it sound that the only way his father would know is if someone tells him, meaning In Ho. The student leaves offended, his expression angry.

The student (Park Yong Sung) arrives to the place, asking for Jung but he never showed up. Then the police is there and all the students get in trouble. Because Yong Sung was there, he can’t play the piano and they are all punished.

One of the big guys ask who did it, and it’s Yong Sung the one who says knowing who: Baek In Ho. The guys then are running, after In Ho and here it’s when the accident happens. It was the student who broke the hand, aiming for the hand. Jung was there, just watching, doing nothing to stop it. He turns around and just leaves and In Ho gets it.

He’s in bed now, miserable. Chairman Yoo apologises to In Ho and he’s just angry, so he storms out and goes to ask Jung to tell him it wasn’t true. He asks if it was really Jung who did it and Jung says it was actually In Ho who did it. With that cold expression, Jung makes it sound it’s because In Ho coveted what didn’t belong to him, he eventually lost what was even his. Jung doesn’t clear up anything and lets In Ho believe what he wants, leaving the room and In Ho stays in there, crying.

In Ho leaves the house then, and when In Ha asks him where he’s going, he tells her he doesn’t know but she shouldn’t wait for him. In Ha throws back at him that he’s the type to easily abandon her and just pushes him to leave and never come back. He really leaves.

It’s back to the present and reminiscent In Ho who storms out and runs. Jung is dropping Seol and it’s still awkward between them, he tries to stop her before she gets out but she doesn’t, he even gets out himself but she just leaves and he stays there until he receives a text from In Ho, asking him to come see him.

They are face to face and In Ho charges against Jung, grabbing him by the collar and asking to know what he did In Ha do. Jung is in a bad mood and shrugs him off, saying how tired he is of In Ha’s victim attitude while still getting all she wants. Jung tells In Ho to stop hanging around Seol because, after all, he’s doing that just to get on Jung’s nerves. In Ho asks for a favour, to punch Jung, to have that fight man to man for once.

Jung agrees and In Ho throws the first punch and off they go to their fight. In Ho is faster on his feet and they continue fighting, pushing each other, tackling, kicking, punching. Jung says how he’s tired of In ho and having put up with him.

They keep fighting, In Ho shouting how Jung sent the stalker towards Seol just to get rid of him, demanding to know how that protects Seol in any way. Jung shouts he’ll take care of it, he doesn’t need to get involved. Between punches, they keep arguing, finally getting out all they’ve hold for a while.

Jung is angry because In Ho keeps acting like a victim, coveting what’s not his and taking it away. Acting like a friend to then take what belongs to Jung.

In Ho says Jung backstabbed him first, showing his hand, and going for more punches. Jung demands In Ho to stay away from Seol, but he won’t and when Jung asks why he insists on staying around her so much, In Ho confesses he likes her, that’s why he cares.

Lying on the floor, both beaten up, Jung asks In Ho what he can offer to Seol when his life is so cumbersome already, and In Ho asks if Jung can guarantee he won’t ruin Seol’s life like he ruined his, if he can promise that. Eventually, his true colours always show and Seol doesn’t need In Ho to figure Jung out, eventually. In Ho says Jung is the reason why people’s lives are ultimately ruined and kicks him, but Jung kicks back and they keep fighting, telling the other to stay away from Seol and just pitifully shouting.

Seol is in bed with a lost look when Jung texts her to come out, he’s there. She finally goes and sees him with his face beaten up and panics, asking him what happened. He has this exhausted expression and just leans in, hugging her.

Seol takes him to the shop to take care of his wounds and sold him a bit for how his face ended up. She asks if he fought with In Ho and he lamely replies In Ho started it. She asks if he agreed to continue and he accepts it’s like that.

She asks him why, even if In Ho was the one to blame, why did he get dragged into it. She continues asking him why he hates In Ho so much, why fighting over something that happened back in High School.

Jung has flashbacks of the time he went to the concert In Ho wanted to go to but had his performance on the same day, and how he got the signed CD and then the sheet music, pretending to be In Ho to get it signed to his name.

When In Ho is getting off of stage he runs into Yong Sung who asks if chairman Yoo is really there and asks him how he got so close to Jung, because he also wants to be friends. Jung was coming their way and hides to eavesdrop In Ho saying Jung is pitiful, how he doesn’t have a dream and can’t do anything he wants. It doesn’t sound nice, almost as if In Ho pitied Jung even when he’s saying he’s probably the only person who understands Jung.

Jung stays hidden, with the signed CD and signed score, feeling hurt. Right after that was the adoption talk. Then Jung is heading to talk to his father when he hears him talking on the phone to a doctor, explaining he had thought about it a lot already and made the decision for Jung’s sake, because he’ll alway have trouble with relationships and needs someone next to him or he won’t survive. He just listens, his face mirroring the hurt he’s feeling.

He’s telling all that to Seol, explaining how he really felt about finding out that the people who were supposed to be his friends were actually keeping tabs on him. He wonders if he really seemed that strange to them, and even asks that to Seol.

She hugs him and tells him how they didn’t like each other at the beginning, how they really hated each other and it wasn’t because they were weird, just different. Different people. She confesses how people used to say she was sensitive and frustrating to be around, and how that worried her but eventually she came to the conclusion she was just like that, that’s who she is.

She says she thinks he doesn’t really have many chances to be honest to people, and how it must be lonely for him. She asks him not to have a hard time on his own, they can go through things together because she really wants to get to know him.

He confesses he was scared that she’d leave him if she found out who he truly was. Seol pulls back to look at him and grabs his hand, and tells him how she likes him a lot, even more now. Hesitantly, he covers her hands with his, trying to sort out his feelings before saying she was always different, observing and being obvious about her dislike. He confesses it might seem funny, but he found that helpful. Maybe the fact she seemed scared of him, scared she might end up provoking him. He didn’t like that.

But it’s not like that now, he says, what truly scares him now is that she might leave him. He also confesses he likes her a lot, very much. She leans in and hugs him again, and he wraps his arms around her, tightly.

Outside, In Ho is staring at the car parked outside the restaurant, his face worse than Jung’s, alone, with his heart broken. He walks away, saying how much it hurts and I’m sure it’s not just the wounds, his heart hurts more.

The episode ends there. We finally know the back story, from both sides. Jung and Seol have finally overcome that wall between them and I’m just so curious to know how things will keep progressing.

I guess we’ll have to wait to see. Until then!

—Eun Taek.

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