The story continues, our loved characters keep developing. We saw Jung and Seol finally moving forward, talking through the problems and becoming stronger. How are things going to go in this thirteenth episode of Cheese in the Trap? Let's recap it together.


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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It starts with In Ho playing the piano, fervently, his face all bruised up from the fight, when the professor comes in, scolding him for getting in a fight, even hitting him. He yells at him for being pathetic and getting himself in such trouble. In Ho asks if he really looks pathetic, to which the professor has to agree because he’s not a kid or high schooler anymore, right? In Ho says he’ll live properly now, go to the competition and win and call out his name. All cute talk right?

Talking about competition, the professor asks him if he chose the piece he wanted to play and when In Ho replies he chose Chopin’s piano sonata nº 3, the professor says it’s too difficult and he has just one month. In Ho insists a man should play something like that and the professor, chuckling, agrees and tells him to try it.

Somewhere else in campus, Seol is dwelling on whether to continue being close to In Ho or not when he shows up. She asks him if he’s okay, if he put ointment and such, but In Ho just shrugs it off. They go to the library to study, and she is helping In Ho understanding algebra, while Jung texts her. You know, cute couple like. In Ho catches on it and gets distracted, with all of Seol’s cute little smiles and such.

When Jung asks her what she’s doing, and because they’re already been through it and have overcome a great wall, she leaves In Ho for a bit and goes out to call Jung. This time, she really tells him she was helping In Ho, even if it’s hard for her, but she had already promised so she couldn’t break that. Jung admits not being okay about it, a bit teasingly and she apologises for it, but he is actually okay. She made a promise, after all, and he’d know she’d felt worse if she had broken it.

During this talk, In Ho walks out, eavesdropping a bit and with that painful look in his face, he leaves, knowing very well the problem his presence is causing. I’m sure he’s doing that just for Seol’s sake.

She goes back in the library just to find out In Ho is gone, just her things are there and a note where he informs her he left first. She mumbles inside, saying how he should've said something before. In Ho is walking, trying to pull himself together.

Seol, Bo Ra and I come with our coffees, commenting on how lovely it is without Young Gon around. Seol notices all the people studying, and it’s because of the graduation exam. She could take it, but she worries she won’t have time to prepare properly. Bo Ra reassures her that she’s already better than some of the sunbaes. She tries to persuade Bo Ra to take it with her but our Bo Ra has already her future settled with help of her dad. All the while during this conversation, I’m taking pictures of cute Bo Ra. She tries to see what’s so interesting in my phone, but it’s her, so I can’t let her see, right? I need to protect my privacy, so I leave without being caught.

Bo Ra and Seol stay together and Bo Ra comments how I’ve been acting weird, like going alone, ignoring her messages and calls. We all know I’m trying to make her notice my absence right? So she doesn’t take me for granted. Seol says I might be seeing a girl but Bo Ra doesn’t buy it.

Seol, keep trying! Make Bo Ra jealous for me!

Seol says it’s likely, though, I’m tall, handsome and manly. Bo Ra snaps then Seol should date me then, but that’s stupid! She has Jung and I like Bo Ra. Aish, this girl.

When Seol is going home she spots In Ho in the subway station and goes to him, but he’s acting awkward, like he doesn’t know what to do with himself. In the subway car they stand next to each other awkwardly, and she tries to start conversation, but he drives it to tell her she doesn’t need to help him anymore. Seol thinks it might be because of her, he’s acting differently, after all, and when she asks him about it, he says it’s just because he doesn’t have time. He comments he is preparing for a concours and she gets overly excited, surprising him a bit. He stays watching her for a while, with that infatuated puppy look and she asks what’s going on, but he just shakes his head.

It’s back to awkward silence and gazes lost in the night view.

In his bed, In Ho is struggling with the time Seol called him oppa, hearing her voice and not being able to fall asleep. He’s tossing and turning, recalling their memories together like playing the piano. He gives up, standing and just muttering how crazy it is. He starts doing push ups when In Ha comes out, to nag him and mock him for losing the fight. She eventually mocks him about his feelings for Seol and how if he tells her, it’s game over. He gets more upset and they start their bickering. Typical siblings.

The next morning, In Ha runs into Seol. Because In Ha is In Ha, she starts nagging at Seol immediately. However, Seol is bold and clear this time, saying how she doesn’t like the way In Ha talks about Jung and asks her to stop saying she’s his girlfriend, people might believe her one day. In Ha pulls the longevity card, saying how it’s fifteen years she’s been around Jung, there’s no way she can compete with that. Seol thinks about it and knows there’s so much she doesn’t know of their past, there’s no room for her, however she’s the one standing next to Jung.

Seol fights back, saying how not all long relationships are good. Fifteen years or not, her relationship with both Jung and In Ho isn’t good so at the end, who’s better? In Ha gets nasty and threatens to beat her up, but Seol knows her rights and dares her to try, because they are adults and things won’t go well for her.

Before In Ha throws the punch, Seol’s nose starts bleeding and In Ha panics, saying it wasn’t her and she can’t tell Jung she hit her or anything. She rans and Seol realises then she’s bleeding.

The next scene shows Jung arriving to the cafe to meet Seol just to find her watching over her nose bleed. She tries to hide the tissue, being so cute. He chuckles because she looks funny with the tissue, even if he’s worried, and he gets huffy because of it, teasing him back for his face. Jung hides in his scarf and she smiles. Well, both smile, so cutely.

Seol tells him about how she thinks she won’t need to help baek In Ho with his studies anymore, which seems good. He asks if there’s something else and after thinking about it and remembering her promise, she does tell him about In Ha. He apologises and promises to talk to her again so she’ll stop bothering her. Seol feels a bit bad about that, but Jung is happy about it, that she’s really being honest. He even likes she’s ratting out on someone, and even asks if she has more people to tell on. She exclaims not to, and he teases her a bit more, making her all flustered.

Outside, when they are walking, she asks him about the graduation exam, thinking he didn’t take it, but it happens he did. She mentions how she’s thought about taking it but she’s afraid she won’t be able to do that on top of preparing for the finals. Jung offers to give her the notes for the exam and even the finals and she’s too happy about it, bouncing and grabbing his arm.

He gets pouty, saying how she likes the notes more than she likes him and she tries to tell him it’s not like that, but he pushes it, sulking and refusing to give them to her. She teases him for alway being like that, getting angry for small things and cutting contact. “Oh, all what I’ve gone through!” she exclaims, just to push him further. He doesn’t stay quiet and says she’s not the only one who’s suffered, always getting angry at things and making him wait.

It’s actually stupidly cute how they are acting.

Seol muses how he’s changed, but she’s happy they are fighting like that. She tells him to always fight like that, still holding his arm and he starts smiling. However, he still won’t give her the notes and she insists. At the end, passing his arm over her shoulders, he says it’ll depend on how good she is.

At night, In Ho is taking the trash when his phone rings. It’s Sang Keun, the former coworker, to warn him how the Big Boss is looking for him in Seoul and tell shim to hide again. In Ho freaks out for a moment, but talks himself into believing it’s okay, the big Boss won’t find him, it’ll be okay. He takes a look at the restaurant and sighs, repeating it’ll be okay.

However, the next day he looks far from okay, with a lost look staring ahead. From the opposite side, Seol is coming, complaining about her stomach hurting. When she catches his eye and smiles at him, he acts weird, keeping distance, acting as if nothing were wrong. Seol asks him if he’s mad or anything, he’s walking ahead and such, but he shrugs it off.

Then, at the distance, he sees a guy with a flyer from them English academy, looking for him. In Ho panics, and grabs Seol to run away to hide, covering her mouth while watching the guys walk away, looking for him. Seol doesn’t seem to be only struggling with the hand over her mouth, but also her stomach.


The pain gets worse, she’s doubled over and can’t even stand up, so In Ho grabs her and runs with her to the hospital. Seol fainted and he carried her on his back. He thinks he suffocated her, but I’m sure it’s more than that.

A while later, she’s in bed and he’s next to her, wanting to take her hand (the one with the IV) but not daring to. Then her family arrives, In Ho says it’s stress related gastritis. Jun teases In Ho for looking so worried, Seol’s omma defends him and thanks him for being there and helping.

Seol wakes up and the parents tell her to stay the night, call Jung and such. Mid bickering, In Ho quietly walks way, musing to himself his bad luck for the Hammer to be around. He recalls then his own words of warning to Jung, that if Seol gets hurt because of him he might as well die. Well, back at In Ho, so he makes a call.

Them, he’s getting beaten up in an alley after turning himself in. I pray his hands don’t get hurt again. Hammer wants In Ho to go back with him to work the money he owes him. It’s five million won, but the guy is asking for ten million (interest, you know?). In Ho says he’s not a gangster so he’ll pay back. The Hammer gives him a week, figuring it out there must be a girl he likes who’ll suffer if he doesn’t pay. They leave him and In Ho stays in the alley, thinking hard.

In the hospital, Seol is in bed wondering how stressed she was. Then she texts Jung to tell him about being in the hospital. He immediately calls and says he’s leaving to see her, but another worker stops him telling him of an unexacting meeting. He can’t miss it, even the director is going so he apologies to Seol and promises to go as soon as possible.

Seol thinks of In Ho, how he was acting, noticing something seemed off and worrying about it, of course. No matter what Jung and In Ho’s relationship is, he was still a friend to her, helping her out. She can’t just turn her back on him, can she?

At home, In Ho is looking around for money, but he really doesn’t have enough and In Ha, we know, consumes it all like a vacuum cleaner. He considers getting his deposit back, but In Ha depends on him still. He’s basically screwed.

He then receives a text form Seol, thanking him for what he did and asking him if something is wrong. He obviously doesn’t tell her, I’m not even sure if he actually sends the reply.

Jung finally arrives to the hospital while she’s sleeping. She wakes up and looks a lot better to see him, happy and smiling. He asks about her family and she just tells him she asked them to leave. Jung says he knows In Ho brought her (Jun told him). He doesn’t look upset, but Seol explains it anyways, but he says it’s okay, it’s a relief he was around. What bothers him, though, is that he’s never around when she’s going through hardships. She tells him it’s okay, he’s working after all.

Then he asks her to move a little, even if a narrow bed, and lies next to her, cuddling her close. He says how she’s been stressed because of Min Soo, Young Gon and even In Ha… and he apologises for it, promising to always be next to he and never make her go through something like that again. She asks him smiling if he really means that, and he does, so they cuddle some more.

I hope it’s true, though, that they keep going forward, honestly, working out how to be together.

The next day, In Ho is waiting outside the hospital for Seol, with a little bag with medicine for her. Her dad asked him to do that, though, or that he says. He tells her to go easy and turns around. When she asks him if he’s not going to school, he says he has something to do. She stays behind, thanks him and wonders what’s going on, he didn’t even say goodbye.

At school, Bo Ra and I come running to catch up with her, asking her how she’s doing. We were worried, after all. I then take some tea my omma made for her, to help with the gastritis. When Bo Ra asks me if I have something for her, I say no. She’s not sick, after all. I have to leave for my job so I just tell Seol to get better and walk away.

Seol asks Bo Ra what’s going on, and after seeing how we’re doing, tells her that she should’ve accepted my feelings when I confessed. Bo Ra replies that it’s not because she doesn’t like me (I squealed I that, I confess it) but because she doesn’t want to break up. If we date, we’ll eventually break up and she doesn’t want things to change between us, she wants the three of us to be like that forever.

Why can’t she tell me that?

Seol feels moved and sorry about it, and offers her the tea instead, hugging her and comforting her. Their friendship is adorable.

Back to In Ho, he’s asking for a loan, but in his current job situation, it’s impossible for him. Not even a credit card. He understands it’s not going to happen, no bank will give him a loan and we can see the desperation that starts getting heavier.

Seol is in school, marvelling at Jung’s notes (yay, he gave them to her! Whop whop) when Sang Chul comes in. He knows she’s studying for the graduation exam and says to study together, even grabbing her notes but they are Jung’s. Sang Chul wants her to share the notes, he even tells everyone else she has the notes.

Seol doesn’t want to share them, it’s too much and they are Jung’s, after all, it’s not right to let them use his notes like that, so they try to be nice to her. Not only Sang Chul, but Da Young and other sunbaes, to the point it’s annoying.

At home, she’s eating at the noodle shop. She asks In Ho if he took care of his business and he replies a faint yes, then she asks for his piano and In Ho just cuts the conversation. She’s shocked he’s being so harsh and edgy, ignoring her like that.

He goes to take out the trash when he receives a call from the Hammer again. They are outside the shop this time. He’s threatening In Ho, even mentioning In Ha to put pressure. He freaks out when Seol comes out, making her go in again, trying to protect her. The Hammer is gone, though, and then texts him to be good.

It’s scary!

Later that night, Seol calls Jung to tell him about the notes and if she can copy them for the others. He is honest and tells her he’d rather if she doesn’t, after all they are trying to use her and at the end, it’s ultimately her loss. He tries to make it less serious but after saying that, she can’t help thinking more about it. It’s heavy on her shoulders, what to do? she seems very frustrated after they hang up.

Back to In Ho, he’s walking home, angry at the Hammer and wondering what to do, eve if he gets the deposit he’s still three millions short. At home, In Ha is just showing her new purchases and he gets angry she used his emergency fund and is just spending money. They fight and he tells her to get out, he’s sick of her but I’m sure he’s saying that so the Hammer won’t get a chance to hurt her.

The next day, he’s going to Chairman Yoo’s house. He’s pleased to see him and they have small talk before In Ho asks for a favour. He explains briefly and without much detail he needs money, but Chairman Yoo is angry. He got in a fight with Jung and it’s been a long time already since what happened.

They get in an argument, saying it’s enough and apologises were given already, he shouldn’t still hold a grudge. In Ho explains his point of view, how he feels and such, how Jung never apologised. Chairman Yoo recriminates him for never being grateful, him and In Ha, after all Jung and him have done. In Ho is hurt and shocked he’s acting like that, but also defeated after realising he’s Jung’s father after all. He knows he brought them to look over Jung. He doesn’t explain much what he feels, but it’s clear he won’t allow Chairman Yoo to keep treating him like that. He walks out the house, leaving Chairman Yoo flabbergasted.

At night, In Ho is just walking with a melancholic look, overwhelmed with his situation and apparently, aimlessly walking around. His attention gets caught by the couples around, the people playing music in the streets and his eyes get watery.

The next day, Seol is trying to convince herself she shouldn’t help the sunbaes, they’ve given her so much trouble, but Sang Chul texts her, begging her to help him. Later, she just says it’s the last time, she’s just going to help them now but when she’s going to the photocopier, Sang Chul and Da Young are bath mouthing her, saying what they really think of her and hating having to suck up to her to get those notes. They say nasty things, and a reminder that in the past Seol really was a pushover. She leaves, hurt and disappointed, but also determined.

Later, Da Young is sweet talking again, sucking up to Seol but she keeps rejecting her, making excuses because she won’t let them use her again. Sang Chul, before Seol leaves, stops her asking for the notes, he says he even sent her a text and all. Seol recalls Jung’s words, asking if she is tired of them always asking things as if they deserved it. And she is, extremely tired so she stands up to them finally. They get angry and try to intimidate her, but she won’t let them, and Bo Ra helps her to walk way, without handing the notes.

Well done!

At night, Chairman Yoo stops by to drop a field of a new client. The scene looks very shady, if I’m being honest. He also mentions In Ho dropped by and what happened, asking him what’s going on. Jung asked to leave the Baek siblings to him, so he’s doing a lousy job.

Jung goes to see In Ho, knowing about the debt. Of course he knows and when he finds out he doesn’t have the money, he offers to give the sum to him—if he stays away from Seol. Jung says it’s to protect her and her family, but In Ho gets angry, saying how he’s just using this ‘perfect’ opportunity.

Jung recriminates him for living his life wrong and that this is his chance to set things straight, organise it all and leave on his own instead of running away. He tells him to think carefully, and figure out who’s the real threat to Seol now.

Jung leaves a teary-eyes In Ho behind, who can’t deny the truth of that.

Seol gets home, and her omma tells her it’s all fine and doesn’t need help, but she asks him to drop some of the kimchi and check if In Ho is doing okay. They’ve also noticed there’s something wrong with him. So off she goes.

In Ho comes in when Seol is leaving the building, holding the kimchi and instead of going forward, he goes back in his steps and watches her struggle. He comes because of that, asking her what she’s doing.

She asks if he's okay and tells him her omma sent her, and keeps asking if there’s something wrong. In Ho is struggling, the pain and worry are drawn on his face. Without any word, he grabs the container with kimchi and goes inside. He stays in by the door, even when the lights goes off, with that lost look for a while.

Something clicks in his head, he gets tired and puts the container aside, grabs a scarf and runs after Seol to put it on her, telling her to stay warm. He thanks her and tells her to tell her omma that he’ll enjoy eating the kimchi.

The next day, Seol is worrying over In Ho, sure something is going on but not what.

At the same time, Bo Ra is calling me, asking me where I am but I’m busy and I can’t hang out with her. She hears a girl calling me but I can’t tell what’s going on, so I tell her to hang out with Seol if she’s bored and just hang up.

Bo Ra seems annoyed and just runs into Seol, dragging her to find me. They finally do and discover I’m in my job, as model, getting the pictures taken. Bo Ra is surprised, Seol is impressed and proud. They keep walking without me noticing it.

Bo Ra is watching with wide eyes how the other models treat me, being too close. She looks jealous, doesn’t she? Doesn’t she? And when she offers leaving, I push them to do that. When walking away, Seol keeps complimenting me but Bo Ra looks lost. She takes a look back at me and I hope, I pray she decides to do something about us.

Bo Ra, fighting!

In Ho is playing, but it’s not working, he’s mind is everywhere and he gets scolded by the professor. Eventually, he just grabs his things and leaves, sighing by the lake in school and struggling with all the thoughts in his head.

In the subway back home, Seol spots In Ho and that lost and melancholic look. It’s clear she’s worrying about him but not going to him. Then it’s their stop and she drags him out when he doesn’t, but walks ahead.

When they are walking home, she ask him what’s wrong to have him spacing out like that. In Ho shrugs her off again, and walks ahead, but she runs after him. She knows something is really wrong, so she pushes him to answer. He keeps asking who’s her to worry about it.

She asks him if it’s money what he needs, she heard he got paid in advance. He raises his voice saying whether he did get paid in advance or not, why should she care?

She replies she doesn’t care, but she’s worried, throwing back at him how he said she shouldn’t keep things inside, but he’s the same. He tells her not to worry, he’s that kind of person. Seol fights back, saying he’s a good person to her and her family, so please, trust in her.

He doesn’t say a word, he just pulls her in a hug she doesn’t fight but doesn’t return, just lets him hug her tight and get comfort from her.

That’s where the episode ends, a broken In Ho and a probably awkward situation next. I wonder how things will develop and what In Ho is going to do. Will he accept the money Jung is offering and leave? Will he find another solution? How is Seol going to react when she finds Jung did that? I hope no one ends up get hurt. I think Jung and Seol are doing great, but I don’t want In Ho to end up miserable and alone. Don’t you agree? I wish they could all be friends forever.

Am I too naïve for that? *sighs* We’ll find out soon. There’s just three more episodes left! Until next one, then.

—Eun Taek.

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