This is our last week in Cheese in the Trap and I'm emotionally unstable. There's so much to wrap up and episode 15 is a rollercoaster. Are you ready to recap it? Promise to hold my hand at the end.


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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It starts immediately where we left off, with Seol explaining she cannot judge him when she suspected him to be doing something but didn't say a thing. She adds she somehow got to think that for as long as he wasn't acting that way to her then it was okay. At the end, everything he does to the others will eventually come back at him. With love and care, she tells him she’d wish he wouldn't treat other people like that because he's such a good person to her, thus she knows he can be good to others, too.

Jung watches her, touched and I realise he's never been told that, even from the people who know his true personality. They have either accepted he's "strange" or demanded him to act in certain way, whereas Seol only states her wish and trust in him.

In Ha is proud of what she did and is expecting a response from Jung, but when none comes she gets pissed and tries to speak to Chairman Yoo.

The next morning Sang Chul wakes up to a call from the previous small company he ditched for Taerang. One of his sunbaes covered for him and he can go to work now. This very sunbae tells him he didn't know Sang Chul had connections with Taerang and based on Sang Chul'd expression, it doesn't seem like he knew either.

The school already knows about Jung's real background as heir of Taerang Group. Of course they know, *huffs*. Da Young accuses Seol of approaching Jung because he was rich, but our Seol ignores her. Then the rumour of what Jung did to Sang Chul also spreads and Seol worries about it, about how people are talking about sunbae Jung.

Bo Ra and I promise to treat him normally. I can understand why he never said a thing, people are horrible and would've never let him alone. It's a blessing he's not around anymore. Seol is worried but tries not to let it get to her, yet it's hard. What distracts her is seeing Bo Ra and I wearing couple rings. I mean, I need to let people know she's my girlfriend. She was elected once the prettiest girl of the major! Seol only says we should've started dating years ago and walks ahead. I totally agree.

The problem isn't school only though, at work all his coworkers are clearly sucking up to Jung. He looks utterly disappointed but resigned. No wonder he’s never wanted people to know, they already abuse of him.

Seol sees In Ho in the streets and the first thing she does is hiding but then realises he must be also having a hard time, so she goes to him and smacks him hard on the back. At first he's shocked but he catches up that she's just treating him normally and thanks her for that. They are back to the old days.

When Seol arrives to school she sees the other sunbaes surrounding Jung, sweet talking and sucking up, and Seol hurries to get in between and save him from the others. She says he looked tired and asks him if she did well. He does so, smiling so brightly that someone is actually on his side.

Then Sang Chul approaches asking to have a talk. He is aware he moved his connections to get him that chance and isn't thankful about it, he's tired Jung keeps treating him as an idiot. I think he did it because he was sorry and because what Seol said, but doesn't explain himself.

Jung is about to leave, acting cold and uninterested. Before that, Sang Chul tells him that everyone can see through his walls and how he looks down on people, he doesn't hide it as well as he likes to believe. He tells Jung he's not the only one looking at them, they have been watching, too. Sang Chul advises him to stop with the walls and be more careful of whom he looks down to because among all those people he judged, some sincerely wanted to be friends with him.

Realising they won't see each other again, Sang Chul apologises about before and walks away.

On their way home, Seol says she's glad Sang Chul got his job and things worked out, Jung doesn't mention his interference there. Then he suggests to have a trip together because she'll be busier in her fourth year and so will he. She's delighted and accepts but he's worried her parents won't let her stay overnight. She then says everyone lies in those situations, what kind of parent would let her daughter go? He's so amused he can't even hide it.

When they arrive, Seol asks for his hand and starts examining it carefully, he's confused but then she slides a ring on his finger and he's so shocked he can't even say a word. She blabbers about having waited too long so she had to buy it, and shows him the one she's wearing being too cute for words, while he just stares at his. She gets self conscious, wondering if he doesn't like it but he says it's not that, he's just too grateful. When he asks what he can do about it she asks him to never take it off or lose it. He surely can do that.

Seol takes a look around and when she's sure no one is there, she leans in to kiss Jung and then gets out, leaving him surprised and staring at his new ring. He's so happy about it.

The next morning In Ho gets a bit freaked out when he sees In Ha dressing up so nicely, and gets even more freaked out when she acts nice. He jokes it seems she'll go job hunting and In Ha says it's close to that when in reality, she's going to see Chairman Yoo.

Professor Shin managed to get In Ho the auditory for an hour so he can go practice. He's at that but his hand is still giving him trouble. Then another guy shows up, clapping at what In Ho has played so far He’s the one whom In Ho has heard playing before with longing that it wasn't him. This new guy has always admired In Ho and as a judge in the concours he can't wait to see In Ho playing. He notices In Ho's hand is trembling and has some scratches, but doesn't push him and understands he has to leave because he was interrupting.

Finally, In Ho goes to the doctor and it isn't good news. Some of the metal pieces he had to get in his first surgeries are infected and the area swollen. The doctor asks if he got a cut or scratch and In Ho recalls his fight with Jung. There you have it. With surgery and rest it can be good as new but that means two months and not taking part of the concours. He asks the doctor not to tell professor Shin about it.

When he goes back to the practice room, he laments his situation, regretting his choices and his luck. Poor In Ho, his bad decisions and hot temper keep getting him in trouble. I hope this time he really matures.

Then he goes to see Seol at the library and watches her with that lost-puppy-in-love look as she struggles to study, chuckles to himself as he sees her falling asleep. When she goes for coffee, he leaves one for her first.

In Ha goes to chairman Yoo and blames it all on Seol, the way Jung has been acting and why everyone found out the rumours. When she's leaving Jung spots her right before he's called to see his father. He's displeased everyone knows and orders him to break up with Seol, believing it is indeed her bad influence on him.

If he only knew.

Jung knows it was In Ha who said that and wants to stand up for Seol, but Chairman Yoo pushes harder and tells him he'll go to Europe after the launch party they are organising. He’s done enough with the Sang Chul situation and asking personal favours. There isn't much he can say about it.

As Jung leaves, we see the flashbacks Chairman Yoo has of Jung’s infancy, when he started showing his behaviour of manipulating people to get back at them. He made a girl cry because he didn’t want to play with her and Chairman Yoo pushes him to act nicely because people are watching. Jung is forced to smile and go to the little girl to fix the situation. They go out and makes a kid give them his cup that he saw being filled with wine. He gets the little girl drunk and in that state, she tears her teddy bear for him but once she’s done that, Jung is done with her and leaves her.

Professor Baek, upon seeing the way Jung acts, tells him he’s really similar to Chairman Yoo, but he debates Jung doesn’t lose his temper like he did. However, it’s scarier the way Jung is, because it seems he'll never form genuine relationships if he never really shows he's angry and can't tell what he's really thinking. That's where the advice of getting close siblings for Jung came, hoping that would give him someone to confide in and help him built healthy relationships.

Well, it didn't go as planned.

Back in the present, Jung calls In Ha, furious for what she's done. He tells her he let her slide one but she took that as a green light to continue her way. He threatens her that this time he can't do the same and she got to a point with no turning back, but In Ha got there long ago and she'll see him at the launch party. Later that night, Jung calls to get some more names in the guest list.

The next morning and before going to school, Seol sees Jun who's troubled, not knowing what to really do. She advices him to think of what he wants to do first, not following their dad's wishes. When Jun goes to school it seems he’s still troubled and after running into Ah Young he seems more depressed because she's busy working with some important sunbaes, being rewarded with her work and talent. Even if he introduces himself as her boyfriend, he can't even ask her to the movies.

In Ha dressed up for the launch party, delighted with everything. When she runs into Jung they act civil to each other but he soon leaves her alone. Then another guy approaches her, an ex of hers. In Ha treats him as rubbish and doesn’t want to talk to him, he’s too low for her. But then another guy, who knows the previous one comes, and he also “messed around with her.” With her temper and how she is, she gets in a scene with them. Jung watches as In Ha makes a fool of herself. Chairman Yoo also sees this unfolding and calls for the guards to take her out quietly. But In Ha is claiming she's Chairman Yoo's daughter and they can't do that to her. The guards arrive and then drag her out. She calls for chairman Yoo but he pretends not to hear and she's too shocked to see that happening. As she's being dragged, she sees the guys approaching Jung and thanking him for the invite. It was Jung's doing to get back at her.

I don't even feel bad about her.

Later, In Ho is startled to find her like a corpse on the floor. She barely reacts and tells him she'll just kill Yoo Jung.

Jung leaves the party to pick Seol. As he was in the launch party, he called a designated driver so he can go with her in the back seat, being all giddy because of their trip the next day. The excuse is that she'll stay with Bo Ra and Jung is eternally grateful to my girlfriend. He takes her hand and she takes his and then he puts his other hand on hers. They can’t stop being cute, can they? And then he kisses her hand. Seriously, stop.

Never mind, carry on.

In Ha is telling her brother what happened at the party and what shocked her more was chairman Yoo's rejection. She can't understand it, he likes her so much. But In Ho blows the bubble saying they were just like pets in that family. But In Ha doesn't believe it, Chairman Yoo adores her. In Ho begs her to put herself together.

In Ho, after seeing his sister like that, goes to see Jung, angry at him. When Jung arrives, in Ho demands Jung to get out and face him. At first Jung doesn't but eventually gets out to have a talk. In Ho think it's because he likes Seol and finally accepts to leave, but Jung wants the two of them to leave him alone. He finally speaks his emotions, saying how tired he is after all that's been done and how they've acted up. He knows they only wanted to look good in front of his father but it's enough. He also warns in Ho that the next time In Ha mouths off Seol he doesn't know what he'll do, which is scary.

In Ho can't answer to that and when gets home wonders what In Ha did. When she wakes up In Ho has left medicine but she doesn't take it and when she looks at her reflection in the mirror, realises she can't just be defeated that easily, not after all she's done to protect what's hers.

She goes to see chairman Yoo, blaming on Jung what happened and playing the victim, but it's not working. Then she says he can’t believe Jung, after all he is just strange, but chairman Yoo loses his shit this time when he understands how In Ha has always thought of Jung, He finally acts like a father, standing up for his child and severing all ties with the Baek siblings.

She leaves the house determined to kill Yoo Jung.

When we finish our exam, we're all happy. Bo Ra teases her for being so happy about the exam and asks her if she packed all what she needed. Seol doesn't seem to understand what she means and then Bo Ra says she meant books and notebooks. Seol just leaves to meet Jung, flustered, and I ask Bo Ra if we should go to my place to do books and notebooks. She just laughs. My cute girlfriend.

In Ha barges inside Jung's apartment, literally, she breaks in by force and starts throwing a tantrum because Jung can't just throw her aside for Seol. In Ha slaps him and when she charges again, he stops her and she ends up on the floor, whining she's the one who's always understood him, cleaned up after him and Seol will never accept him. Jung says what if she understands, that doesn't mean he had to love her, right?.

Jung asks to never see each other again and In Ha won't accept that. She throws a proper tantrum, breaking things (starting with the picture of him and Seol), having a proper mental breakdown saying he can't throw her away after all she's done, but the guards have arrived to kick her out. She keeps screaming outside, not knowing how she'll live and losing her mind.

Seol is walking and texting Jung that she's going to his place but no, In Ha is around. What horrid timing! In Ha spots her and realises she's not the only one to lose it all and charges against Seol.

She pushes her and then grabs her by the hair, Seol tries to hold on to her to protect herself, but In Ha pushes her so hard she lands on the street. People around gasp but no car is coming and Seol stands up. Then a car around the corner comes and collides against Seol, making her roll over the bonnet, windscreen and then land on the ground. People scream to call the ambulance, asking if she’s okay.

Jung receives then the texts and figures out how dangerous it is with In Ha around and rushes out, scared. Back on the accident site, blood starts pooling under Seol.


How am I supposed to survive until the next episode? Seol is bleeding too much! How are we going to wrap up everything in one episode? My head gets dizzy.

That aside, I'm glad this episode was focused on Jung and we finally understood more of his persona, that was lacking in the show. I am not sure what will happen, whether Jung and Seol will stay together, but we'll find out soon. Until then.

—Eun Taek.

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