I’m back to recap again. Are you liking Cheese in the Trap so far? Am I doing a good job? Well, let’s do episode two this time.

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It begins with the same scene of Yoo Jung walking in professor Kang’s class and Hong Seol having a mental breakdown next to him, however she survives the class and as soon as it seems the professor will dismiss the class, she starts quietly putting her things in her purse, getting ready to leave. The moment the class is finally dismissed, she runs behind professor Kang, not waiting to let Jung say anything.

Then he’s right on her track, some other day, asking her to have a meal together but per usual, she says she has plans and ditches him. In her paranoia, she thinks that because he’s still walking in the same direction he is following her and embarrasses herself when she tries to tell him off but he’s gone somewhere else and she was just panicking on her own.

Another day, it’s also humiliation when they run in the elevator and he asks her if she had lunch already. She lies but her stomach grumbles, telling her off. Jung’s smile in every case is, to say the least, amused.

Then, some other day, she’s going down the stairs and when she sees him coming, runs upstairs but a group of students are coming carrying many things. Collision! She ends on the floor along all the things they were carrying. Jung hurries to help and she snaps, reaching her limit. Seol asks him to come outside because they need to talk.

No, she isn’t telling him to stop or asking him what’s wrong with him, instead she properly apologises for the misunderstanding, but he can’t accept her apology as he doesn’t feel satisfied. Somehow, he manages to get her to agree to have a meal with him. He knows she doesn’t have work that day, which is weird, why does he know? But she doesn’t give it much thought, she agrees and goes with him to get convenience store food.

Jung is unfamiliar with it as he’s never had it before, he ruins the wrapping of the kimbap so she swaps it with him. As they are there, Jung apologises for pushing her so hard to get a meal with him. In her head she is struggling, not so sure if he is a cunning snake or not. In their exchange Jung manages to makes her compromise for another meal together, which is confirmation of his cunning behaviour. She doesn’t even realise how that happens until she’s trapped.

When they are leaving, someone cheerfully calls Seol’s name, and it’s Ah Young, a close friend of Seol. They hug happily, and then Ah Young notices Jung with a startled expression. It looks like she falls at first sight, even blurting how handsome he is when they are introduced. Seol takes her away and warns her of men in college, Ah Young asks if he’s a bad guy but Seol can’t exactly say that.

We now get a glimpse of In Ho, walking in campus when it’s dark, surprised that it’s so big. He then asks for the management building to a random man that appears, totally homeless and a drunkard, thinking he’s a student or a teacher. In Ho ends up following him.

In her bed, Seol is having nightmares of Jung calling her and asking her to have a meal together. Poor girl, she even dreams of that. Totally traumatised.

On her way to school, she bumps into the homeless ahjussi, and In Ho is sleeping there. After waking up, he spots Seol and calls her, but she ignores him, thinking he’s also a bum. In ho doesn’t have a good temper and goes to her, asking for the management building and she just wants to escape. When he grabs her wrist, getting angry at her, the guards come so both the homeless ahjussi and In Ho ran, causing Seol to end up on the floor. They succeed to hide from the guards and the homeless ahjussi asks for money, resulting on In Ho handing more than a thousand won. They say their goodbyes there.

In the classroom, Seol notices that when she fell, her computer got broken so she’s lost the report. She’ll have to write it again, hence she starts asking around if someone can lend her a laptop. No one can, however, Jung just approaches and lets her use his, without her asking for it.

Is he really a nice guy? He’s confusing me, too.

During professor Kang’s class, Seol just types furiously, hurrying to finish her report, ignoring the lecture. Witch Kang’s caught Seol not paying attention and when she’s about to get a hold of the student, Jung, who has been watching Seol the whole time, dives in, saving her by distracting the professor with a question. Seol is back to writing.

At the end of the class, because Seol isn’t done yet, Jung offers to collect the reports, which gives Seol more time to finish. She is still typing and he just waits next to her, making her anxious. He asks if he is distracting her, what she confirms. He mumbles how that’s good because she’s been distracting him a lot lately. She asks what he means about that, but he reminds her she doesn’t have time and she goes back to work. He just watches and waits with a smile.

Then she goes to print but there’s an error and she asks for his help, having a mental breakdown because it’s a horrible day. He just leans over her, caging her in his arms as he sends the report to print, making her all flustered. The report comes out well and right there Joo Yeon comes in, being witness of him collecting the reports and Seol thanking him for his help. He even hands her his notes of the class, so she is really grateful.

Jung leaves and Joo Yeon approaches Seol, commenting on Seol’s supposedly plan and talent to get friendly with him, just treating Seol as a cunning person to get Jung when that’s so far from the truth. Seol is left speechless.

Back to In Ho, he receives a call from a co-worker, anxious because the boss is asking for In Ho and he doesn’t know what to say. Our guy, in his very arrogant manner, tells him to come up with excuses that he’s in Busan or abroad, but these don’t really work.

In Ho keeps walking around campus, taking a look at the students, commenting on how they have such nice life. He takes a paper from the bulletin board, about a room apparently, because he’s looking for one.

Jung goes to the grumpy guy. I think he’s the secretary for the professors or something. This guy asks Jung if he’ll be requesting for earlier graduation, to what he replies no, he’s having fun for the first time in his life and doesn’t want that to end. He leaves the reports there and leaves. Later, I don’t know how much later though, Joo Yeon comes in, seeing Seol’s paper on top of the pile and taking it before the grumpy guy gets in. She is apparently looking for Jung. At that time the guy gets a call to take the papers to professor Kang. Joo Yeon keeps Seol’s.

Back to Seol, she’s at the library, tired and still struggling with her broken laptop when she notices her USB isn’t there so she goes to get it back, running into Joo Yeon with the paper in her hands. Seol doesn’t miss it and immediately suspects her, realising it is indeed her paper. So they have an argument, Joo Yeon thinks that the help Jung gave her was writing the paper so she doesn’t deserve the A, Seol is just surprised she is so in love with Jung to do that to her. Jung and another sunbae are there, listening to the conversation. They approach, Jung tells Seol to go and hand in her report nonetheless, then tells Joo Yeon that he’ll pretend he didn’t listen and confirm that he never gave her special treatment.

At professor Kang’s office, Seol is trying to hand in the paper but she doesn’t want to accept it, it’s past the due time and it is not correct. Jung comes in then, saying it was his mistake not Seol’s. With that knowledge, professor Kang accepts it, but can’t give her more than a B+ for it.

The two leave the office and walk together, but Seol’s mind is making mental calculations for her grades to keep the scholarship. Jung promises to help her with the projects and to study. She is just confused, not really knowing if he is nice or not. He is about to invite her to have a meal, but takes it back the last minute, saying she doesn’t eat, and turns around. She is left with a confused expression.

I’m in a special meeting with the other guys, we are voting for the prettiest girl in our major. Jae Woo is asking what would happen if the girls find out we’re doing this when Bo Ra comes in, having a go at me, chasing me even when I try to eat the evidence, eventually getting the papers with the votes. She keeps hitting me. I tell her she won the first place, of course, but she asks for Seol who tied the last place. Her conclusion: to set Seol on a blind date. It turns out Bo Ra had a blind date! How dare she? But she’s decided to give that chance to Seol instead. Excellent idea, right? Bo Ra doesn’t need that, she has me.

We go to tell Seol about it when she can’t find seats in the library, and we run into the sunbaes. Joo Yeon tells Jung she’s saved a spot for him, but he doesn’t want it and he’ll look for his, promising to get one for Seol if he can. She’s taken aback and just stares as the sunbaes disperse. When we are leaving, Seol asks me about our club room, which is available and I let her use it. She goes happily running.

Then it’s night and Joo Yeon is leaving, trying to text Jung when she spots Seol in the clubs building. The homeless ahjussi comes drunk to her, asking for money and instead of just getting all worked up or calling for help, she sends him after Seol.

Oh boy, what is she planning now to get back at Seol?

We get a glimpse of Seol, alone in the club, still studding and the man going in the building, mumbling about alcohol and looking for this girl, making noise, scaring the living days out of Seol.

In another part of campus, Joo Yeon is running to catch up with Jung, telling him Seol might be in danger. She twists what happened, removing her involvement and asks him to help her. Yeah, she’s trying to look like a good girl in front of him, but he doesn’t buy it. When he’s in the car, he tells her how her logic fails so he knows it was her doing, hence, her responsibility to fix it. Ha, your plan didn't work.

In the clubs building, Seol is trying to sneak out, but she’s caught by the homeless ahjussi who grabs her wrist, ranting and screaming while she tries to set free. He ends up hitting her arm with the bottle, cutting her. At that point the guards arrive, Joo Yeon saw them coming before. Maybe Jung called them?

The next day, Seol is at a vending machine when Jung comes and asks for her injury. He grabs her books, her wrists and takes her away, properly treating her cut. No matter how much she struggles to stop him, he finishes the job. He asks her why she lives her life losing to others, no one will acknowledge her for her problems. When she is wondering if he says that because he’s worried, he confirms it by saying he is saying it out of concern. She starts feeling differently, like she’s never done before. He then brings up Joo Yeon, but Seol cuts him in, excusing her because she really likes him so Seol can understand how upsetting it was for her to see the way Jung treated Seol. He just smiles, commenting on how amusing Seol is when she apologises for stepping over the line.

The seniors are taking pictures for graduation and Sung Cheol just snaps Jae Woo’s laptop, asking for an old project for another class. Instead of himself looking for it, he asks Seol to do it giving a bunch of excuses. She does it anyway, but in the process she finds the pictures of the receipts that were shown when Sung Cheol sunbae was exposed. Uh-oh, Jae Woo was the one who did it, not Jung as she always believed it. Jae Woo comes in, snatching the laptop back. She promises she won’t tell anyone.

She is walking when she spots Jung playing with a bug near a plant and feels bad for wrongly suspecting him all this time, so she goes to him. She hands him his notes and doesn’t leave, acting a bit awkward until she ends up asking him for a meal, to thank him and apologise to him. She honestly apologises for all the misunderstandings, explaining she has a very sensitive personality and tends to rush to conclusions. She says she’s trying to fix that and apologises again.

Out of the blue, he proposes to take picture together and no matter how much she complains, he snaps it anyway. She hates it and want him to delete it, but he says it’s cute. As they deal with that, Jae Woo spots them and we get a flashback from when the incident with the money happened. Jung was under the stairs, right? After Seol left, Jae Woo came out, complaining about Sung Cheol sunbae, so Jung follows him. And this is very suspicious, how he gets in Jae Woo’s head to persuade him to do something about Sung Cheol unless he wants the sunbae to continue stomping on him. Jung is the one who gives Jae Woo the receipt and smiles when he hears Jae Woo joining the dots, as if that was his purpose all along.

And here I was, almost believing he was all innocent. I don’t really know what to think.

Seol is having dinner at home when Ah Young calls her, talking about Jung at some point, how he’s so nice and remembered her name and all when they ran into each other. She ends up asking Seol help with Jung, and because she has a better opinion of him, agrees to help sweet Ah Young.

The next day, when Seol runs into us, we just kidnap her!

Bo Ra goes with her in a room I keep watch on, and starts changing her clothes, doing her makeup and all. A full make over! Seol comes in a dress and heels, looking miserable yet cute. She is going to the blind date.

Seol has to go to class and she’s really embarrassed, having trouble with the heels and trying to keep her face hidden. Jung is surprised and although she keeps being embarrassed, especially after Jung has said she looks pretty, Ah Young texts her. Seol decides then that it’s the chance to ask her friend so invites Jung to eat and then texts Ah Young to join them in the cafeteria.

They are getting their trays when Ah Young comes in. He doesn’t mind so they have early dinner the three of them. At some point Seol asks if Ah Young has a boyfriend and then starts bragging about all her qualities, going really overboard, even saying how they would suit each other. Yes, she knows she went over the line and awkwardly makes an escape with the excuse to go for coffee. When she comes back, she says she has another engagement and leaves them alone. Ah Young tells him that Seol was set on a blind date, that Bo Ra did it. Jung doesn’t seem happy about it, realising she asked him just to leave him alone with Ah Young.

In a restaurant, In Ho is intimidating a man there, about hiring him, but Kim Byung Ho, the manager there most likely, only seems scared and runs from him. As In Ho follows him, he spots Seol in her blind date, with a guy that only brags and brags, making her feel inferior. She says she did learn a bit of piano when she was small and he asks if he knows the piece that is playing: Schubert’s fourth movement, according to him. But she has no clue. She is trying so hard to hold her tongue and keep it cool, but In Ho doesn’t care and comes in.

In all honesty, he’s just making things worse for her and she just gives up, but stops In Ho from hitting the guy and then decides that’s it and leaves. She’s walking away when the guy insults her for being tacky, and she’s had enough so she comes back in her tracks and has a go at him herself. She insults him and closes it by criticising his english pronunciation. She storms out, In Ho watches amused, saying how she’s crazy. When the slimy guy is about to go after her, In Ho stops him, calling him on his mistakes by recognising the movement correctly, something even a bum like him knows. The guy runs and In Ho is left there, finding her phone.

We go back to Seol, who’s dragging her feet back home. There’s someone waiting for her: Yoo Jung. His eyes are serious, intense, reproachful and then he smirks in that sardonic way. He ignores all her questions and points out how he thought they were getting close, but at the end, she had her own notices to approach him. She was just like everyone else. With a hurt expression, saying how it was so had to get just a meal with her, he walks away, leaving a very confused Seol behind.

In Ho is walking around with the phone, realising he can’t even sell it so he’ll return it and get a free meal. When he looks in the contacts he sees Yoo Jung’s name, but can’t believe they are the same guy. Then he checks the pictures and finds that selca of the two of them, assuming they are dating. He calls Jung then.

In his car, Jung seems to hesitate but picks up the call nonetheless, just to hear In Ho’s voice. Jung recognises him immediately and goes to ask how he got the phone but instead asks where he is, so he goes himself to get it back.

They are finally face-to-face. It’s awkward, Jung looks extremely cold, no matter what In Ho says. He doesn’t want to give back the phone, so Jung warns him not to get close to the people in his life. “What are you going to do if I do?” In Ho asks, but then seems to snort as he already knows, talking about what Jung did before. He comments how he lives without guilt, but Jung doesn’t seem to be tormented by anything.

We see flashbacks of In Ho being beaten up to pulp and Jung just walking by, without doing anything.

Back in the present, Jung warns him that as soon as he graduates and starts working in his father’s company, the charity they are receiving will end so In Ho better find a way to support himself. Same for his sister.

In Ho has flashbacks of a time where he, In Ha and Jung were laughing, apparently happy.

What happened there?

The episode ends with a look to the three of them separatedly, In Ho, Seol, and Jung, all in different states. Hurt, confused, angry, respectively.

Aaaand, here is were things start getting more complicated. Are you curious about what might happen? How Jung and In Ho are exactly connected? What’s in the past of them?

Let’s wait together for next week’s episodes!

Eun Taek.

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