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Remember how we were left off? With a sudden and out of the blue question from Jung for Seol to date him? Yes, totally random! We start there, with her just too taken aback by his question mumbling about not understanding why—which also surprises him because he asks if she really doesn’t know—and saying she’s never thought about having a boyfriend. Jung releases her hand, understanding but she grabs it again and explains it’s not that she doesn’t like him so he pushes a bit more, telling her it’s okay if they just date. In her confusion she just nods her head, still overwhelmed by thoughts and mumbles a yes. Jung smiles and intones a “good” as his reply. Then he wills her to go inside because it’s late and she just trips over herself, totally cute and clumsy.

Inside, she has her mental breakdown, screaming and rolling around, exclaiming how it’s impossible, it makes no sense, Jung can’t like her, then why did he ask her out? She is so confused she even imagines other versions of her, projections of her conscience that try to help her rationalise it, but they still can’t get to an agreement. All the projections ask why she nodded her head, and she asks herself the same. No one knows.

The next morning she is overcome by all the worries about how to face him, what to tell the others and more. She seems to just want the Earth to swallow her alive, but then she remembers term in over so she’d get a break. However, she has to go to school that day and as she walks down the corridors she thinks what she’ll do if they run into each other and such. And talking about the Devil, at the corner she spots him waiting there and tries to go back but more people are coming and she’s just stuck so she might as well just greet him. She smiles, nervously yet happily and tries to wave at him but he doesn’t notice her, so she calls his name and he turns around. “Hi.” That’s all. Hi, a smile and then off he goes with his friends, leaving Seol blinking there, a bit confused and disappointed.

In her disappointment, she is also distracted during her session with the career counsellor. Despite her good grades, she doesn’t have any other specks to help her get a job, nor she has a dream. The cold lady tells her she at least needs to take English classes and take the English Speaking test.

Seol can barely save money for tuition, let alone worry about those things, because without the scholarship she might have to take more time off to save money. She looks at the ads of English academies, knowing she can’t even afford it right now.

At home we meet her parents. Her mother tries to comfort her and help her so she doesn’t have to take more time off, suggesting she comes back to live with them even if she has to commute four hours, but they can use the deposit money for the tuition. Her father doesn’t seem supportive, saying a girl shouldn’t be worrying about school and such because a man should keep the household, which Seol’s mother recriminates him for not doing. Seol finally agrees to come back home and when she goes home she nags out loud about all the things she hates about her place in her effort to comfort herself that it was for the best.

At home she wonders why Jung hasn’t contacted her, whether that’s normal or not. She laments that has no one to get dating advice from as she is still on bad terms with Bo Ra. Then her phone goes off and she rushes to get it, thinking it’s Jung but nope, it’s me, asking her to eat because it will be my treat. I’m genuinely pushing those two to make up, and once they are face to face it awkward, so awkward not even they can’t take it, so Bo Ra just gives up and tells Seol to go back to the way they used to be. Both are sorry, Seol for not being more open and Bo Ra for nagging her so much, but she was hurt that she didn’t know what was happening with Seol when she thought they were best friends. They promise each other trying to be more honest with one another.

I join them then, knowing they are on good terms again, bringing the food with me. I mention how I saw Jung in school and Seol jumps at that, bombing me with questions about him what raise our suspicions. There’s something going on there. Seol tries telling us it’s nothing but we keep waiting, reminding her of her promise. And we wait and wait until she blurts out Jung asked her out. At first we think she’s joking, and she mentions how not even she can believe it and keeps ranting how he just asked her out of the blue but hasn’t contacted her and she doesn’t know what to do. She asks us for advice and her big pleading us convince us it’s true. Bo Ra asks for more detail then, wanting to fully understand.

Outside, when we are leaving, Seol is asking us if we know about jobs because she needs to take one, and then she gets a call from TA Heo, asking her if she is interested in working for the Students Department office. She’s surprised at first and he is about to hang up when she accepts the job (that doesn’t make him happy, grumpy guy). Seol is beyond surprised, wondering how she could’ve got that dream job. We part ways and Bo Ra tells her to just text Jung because dating is timing. After she is gone I tell Bo Ra how now that Seol is doing fine maybe we should seriously talk about what I brought up before, but she just hits me and disregards me.

Seriously! Doesn’t she like me a little bit? Am I not handsome?

At home, Seol listens to Bo Ra’s advice and gathers all her courage to send him a text telling her about her new job and asking what he’ll be doing. Jung types a quick reply, congratulating her and telling her to have a good break, then he throws the phone and it’s back to playing video games. Seol rushes to read that reply and is left disappointed again with it, wondering if that means he doesn’t want to see her over break.

In her work… well, she thought it was the dream work but TA Heo only nags her and nags her, criticising her for everything she does because nothing is enough. It’s like he is determined to make her quit or ruin her life. She’s really having a hard time when, out of the blue (is that his speciality?), Jung shows up in the office, claiming he came to see Seol. The other TAs are surprised, asking if they are dating, what he confirms with a Seol staring at him with the same surprise. Because of that, the TAs encourage Seol to take that coffee break with Jung.

Outside he asks if things are okay and all that small chat, asking her if she’s missed him because he has as she hasn’t called. She is surprised and comments on how, given his last text, she thought he didn’t want to see her, but he explains to her he just meant literally that, for her to have a good break. She is mortified, feeling so sorry for reading more into it and apologises for it, blaming her lack of experience. He offers a date for that weekend.

On the date day, Seol struggles trying to find out what to wear as she recalls In Ho’s comment about her need to wear brighter colours, so she looks for that. She also recalls how he calls her dog fur so tries to brush her curly fringe.

At Jung’s place, he receives the refund receipt from the classes they signed In Ha to, and then checks her card activity, seeing how she’s spent ridiculous amount of money shopping and such. He is not surprised though, expecting that much of her. So he calls his father to tell him such and suggest putting more pressure to In Ha. Chairman Yoo agrees to it.

Despite his cold and scheming look, he is all smiles when texting Seol where to meet and the time. He changes so drastically even I get decompensated.

Then it’s back to Seol, in the streets, struggling with her straightened fringe when she runs into In Ho, who immediately teases her for the way she’s dressed and such, asking her where she’s going. After he comments he was on a job interview, she points out how he’ll never get a job dressed like that and gives him advice to wear a suit and such, instead of his casual attire. When he asks her how she dares to advice him she tells him she just followed his advice, and he laughs that she actually listened to him and she gets fed up with him. She goes back to change as In Ho keeps teasing her about being a grandmother and such.

Jung is waiting for her, but sees her when she arrives and is fixing her hair in the glass reflection. His smile is fond and cute as he watches her, trying to touch her with his fingers, patting her head kind of way. She then makes it in and apologises for being late and he says it’s okay, he just arrived. She notices he bought already the tickets and offers to get the popcorn herself as she has a coupon. He looks confused when she shows it to him and makes her wonder if he doesn’t even know what that is.

As there’s still time, they go to the arcade to play games. He's never been there so she teaches him the basics to play and encourages him to try. Surprisingly… or not so surprisingly, he is amazing and breaks the record. Seol is so excited next to him, going for a high five but it fails and then it’s just awkward.

When watching the movie Seol can’t but notice how their tastes are so different, while he picked a foreign film she would’ve preferred an action one. She also notices Baek In Ha calling him and he declining. It happens that In Ha’s shopping spree was cut short when she realises all her cards were suspended. After calling Chairman Yoo about it she finds out Jung had to do with it, hence why she is calling him.

Jung takes Seol to eat but the prices are outrageous and she just goes the cheapest item: soup. He orders what he wants, even expensive wine and that is further proof of how different they are. She sinks in his seat and wishes to go home.

Somewhere else, In Ho is in a job interview and thanks to Seol’s advice to dress properly, he actually gets the job as janitor. But when the director sees him he thinks of something else. He goes out with a lot of money after modelling for them.

As Jung hasn’t picked up her calls, In Ha calls In Ho asking for money. Panicked, he thinks she is around and saw him getting money, so he asks how she found out. At the end he goes to her and she seems scandalised he’s dressed like that, but he ignores it. He asks what happened and she tells him Jung got her cards cancelled. Finally, he gives her most of his pay check, warning her that it’s going to be the last time, but she doesn’t care, telling him that if he left all the pride behind it’d be all over. She seriously need to get smacked in the head so some sense can fit in.

On the ride home, Seol comments to Jung how she wanted to take English lessons, to which he suggests his friend’s academy. She’d get a discount for being his friend and she seems reluctant to accept, but he insists because what better time than during summer break? She can’t deny that.

Once home, after he’s even opened the door car for her, she wonders if all the dates are this exhausting. She is also starving after only getting soup, but there’s nothing home so she has to go out to get food at the convenience store.

In Ho is at the convenience store, calling repeatedly Jung until he picks up and nags him for cutting In Ha like that, without giving her time. Jung says he warned him not to hang around the people near him. In Ho is left surprised and confused, but then he sees Seol there and wonders if Jung actually meant her. But he doesn’t listen and won’t stay away from her, so he even gets her to give him money for kimchi they fight over until finally split half and half. At that she notices he uses both hands with the chopsticks and asks him about it. He tells her about being left-handed until an accident, then adds how what happened to his hand was Yoo Jung’s doing.

Back to Jung, he gets a call from his father who advises him not to push In Ha so much, but Jung reassures him to be all right. It seems he has an artistic side, with his colouring books and paper cutouts he does in he free time. Maybe his way to deal with stress and such?

In Ho and Seol walk together and he makes sure to tell her kimchi doesn’t count as a meal and she still owes him. She complains that she barely makes ends meet herself and rants about her job and how she gets criticised no matter what she does. He advises her not to take all the crap life throws at her otherwise she’ll be forever miserable. He encourages her to speak up, just like she does when she yells at him for being her biggest source of stress.

At home she ponders about In Ho and how he doesn’t seem a bad guy, wondering what really happened between him and Jung. During that she receives a text from Jung about the academy. She thanks him for that and mentions how she had fun in their date, but feels bad about him paying for everything so she offers to pay the next meal. They wish each other good night.

Seol goes to the academy the next day, just to find out it’s for free for her. Surprised is an understatement. When she is leaving she notices the posters for the academy and the model that resembles In Ho too much. She doesn’t think it’s him until she runs into him. Yup, that’s where he got the job as janitor and TA for the kids’ class. She wants to leave, uncomfortable as he says how now they’ll see each other every day.

She comes home to run into the neighbour and the landlord’s grandson who is repairing some things. She also gets her window checked, after all there’s a thief around so they need to take precautions. So he takes him in her room and lets him have a look around. During that time she gets a call from Jung and tells him about the free classes, to which he acts surprised, and tells her just to take the chance.

He isn’t surprised, he goes to visit the academy director to thank him for that favour and admits she is his girlfriend, but to keep it secret because his father doesn’t know. He acts all shy until he spots the new brochures and recognises In Ho as the model.

At her work, TA Heo is bombing her with more work than she can deal and after In Ho’s advice, she stands for herself and tells him how no one can do that. They are arguing that when another TA mentions that it doesn’t need to be done that day, exposing TA Heo with his lies.

Jung then shows up to take Seol to a break, which is allowed after knowing she doesn’t need to finish that work that day. Jung asks her how the classes are going and if there’s something interesting to report. She considers telling him about In Ho but then thinks twice and decides not to because it’ll only upset him, but he was waiting for her to say it and his cold expression when he leaves is enough to know he is displeased to say the least.

When she comes back, she sees Joo Yeon asking for papers to study abroad. The TA is mentioning how Jung was there before and when Joo Yeon asks why, the TA reveals he was there to see Seol because they are dating. Joo Yeon wants to talk to Seol and outside she confesses her sins, about sending the drunk man, but she also tells her about how she told Jung and he didn’t want to help. Seol is just angry she did such a lowly thing and tells her off, rubbing in her face how she isn’t really sorry, she just wanted to take that off of her chest. Seol finally tells her not to show in front of her again.

Joo Yeon is left alone, murmuring how both Seol and Jung are so harsh, and she recalls the rest of the confession, how Jung actually helped, calling the guards and then telling her to never show her face in front of him. She learnt that day he is cold and harsh, but she is not telling Seol that.

During her English classes she wonders why Jung would act like that and then ask her out, because it doesn’t make sense to her. Outside the classroom In Ho shows up and asks her for help. Well, drags her to help him is a more accurate description. He has her folding exams into airplanes, telling her that’s more fun for the kids and he starts throwing them, calling names and such. She just teases him because his don't fly and shows her how it’s done. She ends up laughing and he smiles when he sees that, pleased that she did.

When they come out it’s raining so he challenges her that the last to get to the shop will buy the umbrella. They rush, fighting each other, pushing and pulling, laughing like kids. He gets first but she grabs him then, making him fall and then going over him until she is the one to walk in first.

He ends up buying the umbrella and they bicker on their way home about their competitive skills and how they cheated. He finally asks her why she looked so down and wills her to really tell him, even when she says it’s nothing. When she asks whether it’s true or not what happened to his hand In Ho can figure out it has something to do with Jung.

They turn around the corner and she sees Jung, walking ahead to greet him. She only regards her, mentioning how he heard about the thief and wonders about her windows and doors. In Ho pipes in, commenting on how the almighty Jung is worried for someone else. Jung finally looks at him and says it’s only natural because Seol is his girlfriend.

Chan! That’s where the episode ends, with a shocked In Ho and a seemingly ruthless Jung.

What are your thoughts on the episode? We start to see better Seol’s dynamic with Jung and In Ho. Who do you like best? How do you think she’ll overcome the complications and awkwardness around her boyfriend? What will happen now? We all have to wait for next week’s episodes! Until then, who knows, maybe Bo Ra will accept to date me and we’ll go on double dates with Jung and Seol.


—Eun Taek

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