The wait is over! *throws confetti* we can finally watch how our beloved K-drama continues. The preview from the previous episode of Cheese in the Trap left us anxious, so shall we recap now?

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It starts right were we left off, In Ho walking Seol home and finding Jung in front of the house, waiting for her. Surprise and tension is in the air from all the characters. After telling In Ho Seol is her girlfriend this gets angry and demands to know if Jung’s girlfriend is the reason why he cut his sister like that. Instead of just replying, Jung tells Seol to go inside. Although confused, she does as told and the two men are left alone.

In Ho demands to know if it’s because he was getting close to Seol that he treated In Ha like that, and our male lead doesn’t deny or confirm such statement, instead he mentions how In Ha needs to find a new place to stay because living there for someone who does nothing is unheard of. That, or In Ho can quit his job at the academy; it’s up to him. In Ho looks dumbfounded and here I am with wide eyes watching how Jung keeps showing this shady and slightly scary side. After In Ho says how he says no intention to do so and asks him what he’ll do if he doesn’t, like destroying his other hand, Jung just acts impassive and asks him if that’s what he wants. In Ho mentions that’s how he is and what he likes best about him, when his masks comes off. Jung is really scary when threatening people and I get worried for Seol.

Back to our Seol, she’s at the stairs, worrying about things so she runs after Jung, calling his name when she spots him but he ignores her at first. He eventually stops and she apologises to him, explaining the situation with In Ho but Jung isn’t really listening to her or regarding her words, he just keeps telling her she should stay away from In Ho because he says so.

Rain starts pouring down as Seol thinks how Jung is always like that, just saying what he wants and marking the end of the argument, and that’s not okay so she asks why. Why should she just listen to him if he doesn’t explain things for her to understand? She asks why she should stay away of In Ho and I want to clap for that. That’s right, my friend, you tell him! He can’t boss you around like that. The least he can do is explaining to you why.

Jung doesn’t answer, though, and when he notices how both are just soaked wet, he opens his umbrella. For a second I think he’ll just leave, instead he walks up to her and covers them from the rain, telling her he doesn’t want to fight with her. He advises her to go inside and sleep, tomorrow they’ll talk but Seol knows nothing will change tomorrow. She is aware that even if she apologises and asks questions, he doesn’t listen. She even questions what she is to him and if what they have is a relationship at all.

She walks away, disappointed and hurt, on her way she receives a call from Bo Ra, made a mess, talking about someone on the floor and calling the ambulance. Seol barely understands and makes more questions. Finally Bo Ra explains her father collapsed and she doesn’t know what to do. Seol promises to be there immediately and turns to go to the hospital. Jung is still standing there and when he sees her walking by, he grabs her wrist and asks her to talk, but Seol has no time for that, she needs to be with Bo Ra now. Upon hearing that, he just says his car will be faster and takes her, putting the argument on hold to deal with something more important right now. In the car he makes some questions about it and when he notices how worried Seol is, he drives faster.

I arrive first at the hospital, running desperately after hearing what happened and although she takes her distress on me, I just reassure her everything will be fine. I’ll be there for her, no matter what. Then Seol arrives with Jung and as Bo Ra cries in her best friend’s shoulder, Jung asks a nurse for a room for Bo Ra as she’s been crying too much and needs rest. I take her to the room in my arms, even if she can walk, and stay with her. Jung and Seol stay waiting for news.

Somewhere else in Seoul, In Ho is at his room, sulking and thinking back of how Jung said Seol was his girlfriend. He tries convincing himself it’ll be fun but he looks positively upset, this close to throw a tantrum.

Back at the hospital, Jung notices how Seol blinks slowly, clearly sleepy and tells her to take a nap, but she wants to wait. He mentions how nothing will change if she sleeps and she can’t argue that. Then a patient passes by with many doctors calling for an operating room and Seol gasps at the sight of blood. Jung asks why she’s so scared, it’s a hospital after all. She doesn’t explain it.

The doctor comes out and finally tells them everything went well. Bo Ra’s father had brain haemorrhage but it was caught soon and that’s a relief. They can finally rest, Jung goes to get a blanket for Seol so she can sleep. As he goes Seol thinks how nice it is to lean on him, but she is still bummed that something always goes amiss with them. He takes one from Bo Ra’s room, where she is asleep with me next to her, holding her hand and giving her support even in her sleep.

When Jung comes back, Seol is already asleep so he covers her and sits next to her. After seeing Bo Ra and I, he stares at her hand for a while and slowly gets his closer to hers, brushing fingers until carefully he takes hers in his. Seol’s hand looks so small in his and how he can just wrap his around hers completely.

Seol wakes up later finding out how they fell asleep and moves until putting the blanket on him. The surgeon comes out, saying all went well and they can go to the recovery area now. Jung woke up there so they go together to tell Bo Ra about it.

Then we are waiting for her as she talks to the doctors. When she comes out she says it’s all okay and he should be fine. I reassure her it’ll be fine and she shouldn’t worry too much. Bo Ra thanks us all for staying so late and tells us to just go home because her father’s friends should arrive soon. I refuse to go because I’ll stay with her. Seol and Jung do leave, though. She then nags me again for not answering her calls during summer break and I take her hands and promise her to never do that again. I try hugging her but she says I smell and orders me to take a shower. It’s a lie, I don’t smell. It’s a fragrance and I follow her saying that.

Outside, Jung and Seol go back to the awkwardness after an argument and she is the first to apologise, but so does him, saying he went too far. They sit and he explains, barely, how is that he knows In Ho and that he got in a fight in high school and how he thinks it’s Jung’s fault. Jung says no matter what, they can’t clear that misunderstanding so he doesn’t want Seol near In Ho because he is aware of his bitter feelings and was worried that would act on that with Seol and make her think bad of him. Seol feels suspicious because the feelings seem deeper than a simple misunderstanding, regardless she decides to believe him that time.

He asks her if she is feeling uncomfortable around him because she’s been acting weird and she finally tells him about what Nam Joo Yeon said and how that hurt her a bit and confused her as to why he asked her out. He confesses he just said that to Joo Yeon but he called security immediately and helped looking around. He also tells her that he was worried and asked about her the next day and when she said it was a tuna can accepted it was because she did’t want rumours to spread.

He asks her then if she just believed Joo Yeon and now Seol feels bad about it, apologising for it and just having this cute and flustered expression. They promise to be more honest to each other, that she’ll tell him when she’s hurt and that he won’t do anything to upset her anymore. Then her tummy growls and he remembers he got food for her. Triangle kimbaps that he unwraps for her. Seriously, every time he does that he gets that proud smile and acts all cute.

I get dizzy with his changes, they should come with a warning. ‘Beware, male lead will start acting shady now.’ Just saying.

On their way back, Seol realises that’s how Jung is, he doesn’t like making a fuss and he leaves the past behind, he will not explain misunderstandings unless directly asked about it and such. She accepts that’s the way he is and decides to also leave the past behind, because that’s the right thing to do.

The next day, when she runs into In Ho, she asks him if he got home safe, but he is all cold to her now, only referring to her as Yoo Jung’s girlfriend, praising her in this very patronising way. Later, when they are leaving, he asks her if she’s leaving and says he’ll stay a while later so her boyfriend won’t get mad for seeing them together and such. Seol has had enough and tells him to stop being a jerk, if he has a problem he should just say it. That rubs him in the wrong way and makes him snap at her, telling her they should just pretend they don’t know each other, to which she agrees angrily as well. He is left there, feeling hurt because she agreed like that.

At night, she’s over the phone with Jung, telling him about her parent’s restaurant while she twists nervously and cutely her duvet in her fingers. She tells him to go but he says just how it’s too soon for a formal meeting and she gets all flustered. He laughs then, making her know he was joking, trying to make her laugh. She does then, telling him it was indeed funny but she’s still flustered. Then she changes topic for buying him dinner next time because she’s a woman who just got paid, and he teases her again, saying he’ll ask for something really expensive. She starts mumbling then, thinking he’s joking then thinking he is not and not knowing what to do, but he doesn’t stop, making it worse for her but he smiles to himself, too amused at her cute reactions.

We see TA Heo in someone’s room, cleaning up and waiting. He waits all night, apparently, sleeping in a corner and then Seol’s neighbour comes in, calling him honey like he does to many others, but it seems TA Heo is actually the real boyfriend because he demands to know where he was and gets upset when he confesses he was visiting his mother, so he tells her to just go back to her. They continue their argument in the hallway and run into the landlord’s grandson who looks uneasy to be caught there. He comes up with the excuse he was exercising and decided to check on the window he fixed. TA Heo asks if at that time and he just very awkwardly affirms; to change the topic he asks about the two men spending the night together. TA Heo just tells him off because it’s not his business and he leaves, but when he’s outside just sneers about it.

Seol and Jung are having dinner and she is very carefully inspecting the menu but that’s not really what she’s doing, in fact she’s just seeing secretly the coupon and Jung catches her. Smiling, he asks her what it’s offering and agrees to order that. She’s so happy about it and then they are eating. As they are at that, she reassures him not to worry because In Ho and her are distant now, he still tells her to tell him if anything happens and she nods. Then he asks how she met Bo Ra and I. That makes them talk about first impressions and he asks what she thinks of him now, after all they didn’t were friendly at first. Seol doesn’t answer and then he says he likes it, how things are now, he likes it. In her surprise she says she also likes it, but looks a bit uneasy.

As they walk down the street, a delivery motorcycle passes by and he has to grab her to take her out of the way. It’s fast and a bit rough, but not enough for Seol to freak out like that. Even Jung is shocked with her reaction. She pushes him and acts as if he was hurting her or something. His eyes are so wide and she tries to change the mood.

Then they are browsing a store and she catches him looking at watches and mentions how he seems to like them although always wears the same. He doesn’t say anything about it, instead grabs a phone strap with a lion, saying how it’s just like Seol. He seems very amused and gets one for each, he also agrees to buy the hair band she found. She is just like ‘I don’t look like it’ but by the end of the night, she starts to agree she might look a bit like it. At his home Jung is just anxiously waiting for her text and his smile when Seol indeed texts him makes me think he really likes her, although at times he makes me doubt that.

Am I the only one like this?

Although In Ho and Seol agreed to act like they don’t know each other, In Ho can’t really do that and he approaches her to pick another fight and just nag her. He’s so childish pushing her with the mop until she accidentally drops her notebook and all her notes get ruined. He feels bad about it but she just leaves, annoyed. In Ho follows her when she storms out at the same time In Ha walks in, seeing this.

Seol is at the convenience store when In Ha comes next to her and just tells her to buy snacks for her, no questions or introductions at all, yet Seol still does buy.

In Ho manages to convince one of the tutors to lend him the notes for Seol and he is, rather clumsily, trying to copy these when Seol’s number shows up on his mobile screen, but it isn’t Seol, it’s In Ha and he curses to himself about it, grabbing everything and just running there.

Seol is with In Ha and in her cocky and patronising way, she thanks her for the phone and such. She asks for Seol’s relationship with In Ho and our girl tries to say it’s not what she thinks. Then In Ho comes running and just takes In Ha away, telling Seol to copy those notes and return the notebook.

In an alley, In Ha asks for money and he asks what she’s done this time. Being In Ha, that’s what she’s done and he’s so frustrated he’s about to smack her but he doesn’t. She flinches and then challenges him to just hit her, because he’s just like their aunt.

It’s flashback time! We now see In Ha as a girl, using the same words to her aunt who actually hits her. Baby In Ho runs to grab her and lock themselves in a room. In Ha says they have to report her and run away and grabs jewellery and money and is about to go, but he stops her and tells her to go through the window. They are at that when the aunt come in and he just runs as In Ha gets trapped. He runs outside and bumps into Chairman Yoo, and In Ha has managed to escape, too, with the aunt following her. Once she sees chairman she starts begging him to take them and shows her all the bruises the aunt has left, crying and holding on to him.

In the present she is walking away with the money she took from In Ho, with a smug expression, proud of how she’s manipulated him by using his guilt for that time, and how she just has to act a bit pitiful to get what she wants.

I have one word for her: ew.

In Ho is having a rough time and Seol comes right in, bringing him coffee and thanking him for the notebook. She then leaves and he thinks how that felt nice.

Seol spends all weekend helping at her parent’s restaurant, hence she is really exhausted. She is asleep at her computer when she receives a call from Jung, about their date. She explains she’s tired so she proposes to postpone that and that he's driving to her neighbourhood. She mentions the bar near and to meet there.

He arrives first and runs into Seol’s neighbour who is Jung’s acquaintance. Joo Yong seems happy to see him although it’s not the same case for Jung who doesn’t understand why his hyung looks like that. Joo Yong explains he left the household because a relationship, he found someone who loves him unconditionally. Jung doesn’t understand how he could leave his home for a relationship, and hyung isn’t surprised about that, saying that Jung wouldn’t understand about love and them mumbles something about that no one in their right mind would be with Jung. He realises too late what he’s said and tries to take it back, reassuring Jung it’s not like he’s in the wrong.

There’s clearly history between these two, something Joo Yong knows that we don’t.

Jung is trying to get Joo Yong to go home but he refuses and Seol arrives then, explaining they are neighbours. Honey-calling Joo Yong is flabbergasted to know they are dating.

In Ho is walking down the street when he sees a suspicious man picking a brick. At first he just continues walking but then thinks about it and when he realises he was heading to Dog Fur’s street, he just has to do something.

From the building, TA Heo is coming out, once again trying to call Joo Yong when suspicious man comes in and strikes him with the brick, breaking it against his skull. TA Heo collapses and we can see it’s actually the landlord’s grandson who was waiting for him to come out. He spits next to him and walks off right when In Ho is coming. He stops next to TA Heo and tries to help when a lady comes out and screams. He screams back for her to report it, quickly, while taking off his shirt to put it under TA Heo’s head.

Back at the bar, Joo Yong is so drunk there’s no other option but to take him home so Jung carries him in his back while Seol lays down the futon. They leave him there and Jung takes the keys from his pocket, walking out. Seol goes behind him and trips when he’s telling to hand Joo Yong the keys. He catches her in his arms, startling her. Her mind starts spinning as they look in each other’s eyes, wondering what she is supposed to do, asking him to come in for some ramen, coffee maybe? He chuckles and says he’d like to but next time. He just pets her on the head ever so softly and tells her to lock up before saying goodnight. She is left in utter mortification, about to bang her head against the door.

The next day when she gets home it’s to a ruckus. Someone is accusing Joo Yong from being a pervert but Seol says he wouldn’t have a reason to and even goes with him and the police man when he has to inspect Joo Yong’s room. They do find underwear, she even spots some of her. The neighbour gets taken to the police and Seol goes with him.

When Jung calls, she explains what happened and where she is, but he doesn’t seem fazed or concerned in the slightest, saying that if he’s not guilty then it’ll be cleared up, which surprises her because she thought they were friends. During this, Joo Yong finds out it was TA Heo who got injured and storms out. The communication is cut but Jung doesn’t care at all.

When Seol is walking out, she spots In Ho and vice-versa. They walk together and he explains he reported what happened but got suspected. Although he says how no good deed is appreciated, she thanks him for helping her boss. She asks him though why he was there and he just answers because he was following the suspicious guy, but he is still all flustered and clearly not being natural. She smiles amused at his behaviour and just thanks him. Then he apologises for In Ha and tells her that if she sees her again to just run. Then he walks ahead.

She is getting home when she hears an argument next door and. Worried for Joo Yong, she lingers outside just to see TA Heo coming out. He has had enough and when he sees her there he just thinks it’s to make his life impossible so he snaps, telling her about the report Jung made him loss and all the other things she had no clue of. Joo Yong learns then that the rich guy that has been threatening TA Heo all this time is Jung.

Stunned, she decides to talk it with him immediately and calls him. She asks him if it’s true, if he did that, hurting TA Heo along the way. Jung admits to it, saying he did it so she wouldn’t take a semester off.

Still in shock she doesn’t understand, they didn’t even talk back then and he says it’s exactly because of that, because he wanted to get closer and that was his only way to help, giving up the scholarship. He argues that he didn’t mean to harm TA Heo like that, and admits it was him who wronged Jung in the past and they had agreed to leave this even at that.

She is so shocked that things are so simple for him, that he can just put things in the past and forget about it. She asks him if he ever considered things from TA Heo’s perspective and points out how he stills gets mistreated for his ‘irresponsibility’ and how he hates her. Jung says to be sorry about it and how he didn’t think it through, but all in all, he did it for her.

She stands up and clearly wants to leave so he tries to stop her. Her pride is hurting so much and she can’t even thank him knowing that someone got hurt because of what he did for her. She walks away saying she can’t be grateful for what he did and thinks of how she didn’t want to get used to receiving so much from people, and how she wasn’t even aware of how much she had received from Jung already. But what’s worse is that she was actually shaken when he said it was for her.

Jung stays there, confused as to why things ended that way when he just said the truth as he was told to. He calls TA Heo and we get a flashback of what happened, how TA Heo was caught stealing Jung’s credit card and how Jung, to get even about it, told him to lose his report.

WARNING! Male lead will act shady and scary right now.

In the present, Joo Yong is worried for his boyfriend and when Jung comes, with a vicious expression, angry at TA Heo for telling that to Seol, it’s Joo Yung the one trying to stop it, begging forgiveness for TA Heo. He insists it was all for him and tries to stop Jung from getting closer, over and over again. He looks honestly terrified of what Jung might do and even I’m getting nervous. I don’t see Jung using strength, but that’s worse, he can really ruin TA Heo’s life forever.

Jung throws at them their current conditions as thieves and tells Joo Yong to step aside. This is where the neighbour loses the pleading attitude and recriminates Jung for being incapable of understanding people’s feelings and stomping over others so easily.

Jung snaps then, angry because Joo Yong is insinuating it’s his fault when it was TA Heo the one who was caught stealing and ruined it all, including him. He is the one who messed everything, especially his current situation. He’s so angry he told that to Seol and charges at him, but Joo Yong comes to rescue, getting on his knees and just begging to let it go just once. Jung pulls himself together and agrees, only if Joo Yong goes back home because he doesn’t want them in front of Seol.

Is our male lead being homophobic as well?

Jung threatens him to tell about what’s happened to him to his household and to get his things together before walking away. The couple is left behind and TA Heo is frantic asking Joo Yong if he’s really coming back, but he’s just tired and doesn’t want to talk about it, it’s being a horrid day and they just hug each other.

At home, Jung is playing FIFA and thinking back of how people seem to look at him as if he’s the one who’s wrong, he specially thinks of what Seol and Joo Yong told him. He questions his ways, thinking if he’s weird for the way he thinks, acts and is. But then recalls all the events with Sung Cheol, Joo Yeon and In Ho and decides that he isn’t the weird one. He even recalls how Seol also judged and laughed cynically at him, how she made judgements and walked the other way. Addressing her, he says he isn’t the strange one.

And that’s where the episode ends, with Jung pondering his life choices and this off feeling that gives me. As he thought of Seol, for a second I just thought he could’ve gotten closer to her just to get back, but then that doesn’t exactly go with his MO. Aish! It’s so hard to figure him out! I want to take Seol away from him but then he’s all sweet and caring to her and I don’t know what to think. Am I the only one like this or is that Seol has rubbed on me and I’m also paranoid?

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—Eun Taek.

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