Well, our leads ended with a fight, remember? It’s time to know how the story continues so let’s recap episode 6 of Cheese in the Trap together, shall we?

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It starts with what seems a dream. I mean, they are sitting at a table, all fancy dressed with food in the middle but the mood is awkward and tense. Jung is wearing his stoic expression and Seol seem very confused to be there. She points out that this isn’t exactly the moment to have such date and he recriminates her for getting so caught up in their last argument and not being able to let it slide. He continues, reminding her of all the times she misjudged him and of the things he did for her but that she actually liked. Despite her receiving everything and being happy, he is the bad guy at the end. He is actually really annoyed with all that, and with every argument, the table grows, pushing them farther and farther apart. Perfect metaphor of how their relationship is right now. When the chandelier falls on top of the table, trashing the food, he asks her what she’ll do, whether to stay apart from him or not. She wakes up at that time, wondering how even in her dreams Jung says whatever he likes.

Because friends are there to help, she talks about this very issue with Bo Ra. My girl, I mean Bo Ra, comments how she’d be so happy if she had such a good boyfriend, and just for the record, I could be that good… okay, I can’t give up a scholarship for her but I’d do anything else. The problem for Seol, though, is that she doesn’t want to get used to such treatment. She is always burdened because she receives so much from Jung and things so big as these make her feel even more troubled and ignored in a way because he didn’t even tell her. She hasn’t talked to him in days so Bo Ra asks her what she’ll really do about it, what she feels about it. Will Seol break up with Jung after this?

Friends talk works because our Seol, rather awkwardly, types a message to Jung to talk and meet the next day.

At the academy, In Ho gets another text from In Ha, guess what? You guessed right, yes, she is asking for money again. Seriously, for someone who doesn’t do anything she could at least try to make money last a bit more. After receiving such text, In Ho rants out loud about his bad luck as he goes to the photocopier. Seol is in the hall and notices this, so she approaches him to ask what’s wrong. He mentions having a big problem and I think he’ll tell her about In Ha… instead, he teases her regarding how she still owes him a meal. His nagging is funny, especially how he gets so easily on her nerves. She did promise him a meal as a thank-you for helping with the brick incident, so they agree to have that after the classes are over.

We get a glimpse of Jung, who still has his selca with Seol as background. He goes through his text messages to see there’s nothing new from Seol and he deletes the last one… then all the others. He exits the app and watches his background, surely deliberating in his head whether to change it or not when the text Seol sent him arrives. His expression is surprised and when he reads it, it’s like his face lights up. With the toothbrush still in his mouth, he hurries to finish that, I assume. It’d be funny if he went out with the toothbrush.

As In Ho waits for Seol, who will be a bit late, he overheads a program at the convenience store. Not minding the rain, he goes to check and see it’s about a pianist and his instructor talking about him. There’s recognition in his features as he watches with pain how the teacher speaks so highly of this student.

We get a flashback and learn that this tutor was actually In Ho’s back then, telling him how special he was when he was still playing piano and how he told In Ho to do the rehab after the fight and the accident with his hand. Although the plea was made, it looks like his soul was shattered beyond a rehab point, it’s clear in the way he just stares at his injured hand.

Back in the present, In Ho keeps watching the program with such pain in his face, tears getting mixing with the rain in the most heartbreaking scene, watching how this new brilliant student plays like he used to… like he can’t anymore.

Seol comes running then but spots him like that, getting drenched in the rain and wiping his eyes. She doesn’t move, just watches him until he turns around and spots her there. She then runs to cover him with the umbrella (quite a bit late, thought). As she doesn’t say anything he pretends nothing happened and suggests, as it’s raining, drinks is what they are going for.

Meanwhile, waiting under the rain, there’s Jung outside Seol’s building and his attention gets caught with a snail on a plant. Remember when he was so fascinated with the bug back then during the senior pictures? Similar. He bends down and starts playing with it, his expression like of a child with a shiny new toy. It’s hard to believe this is the same lead who acts so shady and scary sometimes. He is so extremely kind with insects, and I suspect animals in general. Is it because they don’t expect and ask anything from him?

Seol and In Ho go to the neighbourhood bar and when he asks her if she saw him earlier, she knows she has to lie. She just mentions what she objectively saw: him getting soaked wet, as she pours a drink for him. Touched at her kindness and consideration, he smiles.

Jung arrives a bit later, sitting next to Seol and making her feel uncomfortable. Her head spins, thinking how she feels like she got caught cheating when she’s the angry one. Although kind to her, his tone is cold when he reminds In Ho he warned him to stay away from the people in his life. I’m impressed he’s acting like that in front of Seol.

Well, what can you expect from those two? They start bickering, throwing words at each other. To support his argument that Seol and Jung should just break up because they don’t suit each other, In Ho starts saying how Jung was in the past regarding all his girlfriends and the like. That new information and the situation that is so awkward has her drinking.

She warned In Ho before she isn’t good with her alcohol so she drinks slowly, but in that situation she just goes one shot after one shot and is drunk really quickly. She asks if Jung dated In Ho’s sister and both, at the same time and with the same passion, deny it. I never expected them to agree on something. In Ho guesses she’s never dated and she defies him, telling him she has and tells the story, but he doesn’t believe it and just disregards it, saying she was the one following the guy around and got dumped.

Jung gets angry at him for that, telling him to cut his bad habit but he won’t so Seol’s had enough of those two and just smacks them after insulting them for being like grade-schoolers. They get scolded, Jung for always getting angry and In Ho for always demanding free meals from her.

Jung pulls the chair for her to sit again as she tells In Ho to stop calling her dog fur because she’s naturally curly. As she sits back she mutters how there’s so much she’s curious about even if she is not doing anything. Jung asks her what she wants to know and the first thing she bursts out is the same question about In Ha. Once again, both deny it firmly and she then is knocked out on the table.

Jung carries her in his back as he warns In Ho to be careful where he puts his hands. In Ho asks once again if he really thinks he has nothing to be sorry to In Ho, but Jung, despite stopping for a few seconds, still doesn’t seem to find that reason. In Ho drops it then.

At that time, a bottle comes flying and hits In Ho right in the head. A guy comes rushing, demanding them to let go of a defenceless girl. They are shocked, wondering what’s wrong with him, until he spills the beans she’s his noona and is practically pulling Seol from Jung’s back. She is barely conscious but recognises her baby brother Jun before admitting she’s about to throw up. Said and done, she throws up unceremoniously in front of them.

Seol wakes up the next morning to find her baby brother there, who just informs her he’s temporarily left the school in the States and will be staying home with her. As any good sister would do, she starts beating him up with the pillow until an incoming text interrupts her. It’s from Jung, asking her if she’s feeling better.

Jun asks her which one is her boyfriend, the Model Student or the Thug. He hopes it’s not Jung and she seems worried and asks why, to what he tells her it’s because she threw up in his head. She’s beyond mortified, wanting to die and get swallowed right there. Jun cracks up laughing at her, telling her the truth that she did throw up, but at the door and that he’ll surely break up with her soon. She is relieved but starts beating him up again for messing with her and then wallows in shame, promising she’ll never touch alcohol again. This looks oddly similar to many other female leads in other K-dramas…

When she is on her way to meet with Jung, she runs into babe-calling-neighbour who informs her he is moving out. He doesn’t tell her how Jung practically threatened him to do so, or where he is going. He is still kind to her, apologising for his nagging at first and wishing her a good life. He doesn’t have to ask about it, at the mention of TA Heo, she promises not to tell anyone.

After the scene she caused the night before, it’s awkward with Jung again. Like a mature person, she apologises for getting angry with just hearing one side of the story and acknowledges his good intentions, so she’ll let it go for this time. However, she makes him promise that he won’t do such thing again and if he wants to, then he’ll ask her first. He promises and she is happy about it. Then she suggests movie and dinner, which surprises him because he came prepared to deal with a much angrier Seol, so she just tells him how she, for this time, is letting him off the hook easily.

In Ho is walking down the street and someone is following him, which doesn’t go unnoticed to him. He demands this person to come out and it turns out to be his previous co-worker who found him with the flyers of the academy. He warns him that their boss is in the city and looking for him, so it seems In Ho will have to flee again. He doesn’t seem devastated but does complain about having to leave, still, there isn’t much to do about it.

In Ha, in her fancy home she doesn’t deserve, tries calling that ex we met, acting all disgustingly sweet trying to get him back, but guy isn’t a fool and just turns her down. She gets angry and shows her true colours, but the guy just hangs up on her. She then calls In Ho, but he tells her she shouldn’t call again because he’s going into hiding and he doesn’t have money. She asks him if he got in problems but even if he did tell her, she wouldn’t do anything and hangs up.

Jung walks Seol home after their date which was actually nice. They walk together, seemingly content with their current situations. When they are at her door, with the flicking light, she gives him the present she got for him: a watch. He stares at it in awe, what makes me wonder if he’s ever received something from other people aside from his family. He is always treating everyone, does someone aside from Seol have trouble accepting what he gives? Does anyone try to give something back to him? This could be the first time, considering by his reaction. She thinks it’s because he didn’t like the watch, but he then hugs her so affectionately, saying how he liked her. She snuggles a bit more comfortable, happy that he liked it and content in his arms.

It’s such a lovely scene. I can almost, almost, forget all what he’s done.

A home, he takes off his sempiternal watch and puts on the one Seol gave him, returning his with all the extremely fancy others. He looks at it proudly, happy. Yup, I keep thinking this is a first for him and even if it’s cheaper than anything he’d get, it’s the most special one.

Seol walks down the street the next day, so happy and giddy because of her date with Jung, hoping it was always like that. In Ho sees her then and runs to meet her, calling her Natural Curly, which just annoys her. She just leaves him there, storming inside the convenience store. He stays behind, musing if he’ll also have to stop seeing her. I feel that’s what he laments the most about having to leave.

In the store, she hears a familiar voice and reacts negatively to it, scared. With flashback we find out he’s a previous classmate, someone who took some time off after a situation with her. He used to stalk her, driving Seol to such fear and paranoia with him. In the memory he is delusional, thinking she also likes him back and all that, saying how everyone knows, even Jung who encouraged him to go after her. She threatened him back then to report him to the police.

He’s gone and she hurries to leave the store too, trying to a void him just to find him waiting for her. He drags her to the alley, nagging because she's acting cold and making it all awkward. She frets and wants to run away, telling him she doesn’t have anything to talk to him. He is trying to be friends but she won’t hear of it and he starts losing his patience, being more forceful, bringing Jung in the picture. Stalker keeps saying he is just warning her about Jung but she barely listens, she’s too scared, and as he gets more invasive and nasty, someone comes from behind to kick him in the back.

Baek In Ho to the rescue!

Our In Ho takes care of him, teaching him a lesson and scaring the living days out of him, especially after Stalker starts insulting Seol for being a flirt and having all those guys with her, that makes him see red and pin him against the wall. He throws his fist as Seol screams for him to stop. In Ho finally hits the wall, Stalker’s knees give out and Seol is scared. I’m not sure if In Ho aimed to hit the wall, or if he did because she screamed or because he couldn’t control his hand, the point is… his knuckles are bleeding.

Stalker threatens to sue In Ho but Seol steps in, saying if he does she’ll be the witness and report him as stalker. In Ho shoos the stalker away and then scolds Seol to stay away from guys like him. He tells her to be careful, that guys like him are what Jung eats and chews on so easily. She seems shocked and constantly distracted by the blood in his knuckles. Later on, at the academy, she drops band-aids for him to treat that.

We already know she has a problem with blood… and with sudden touch, and I’m pretty sure the latter has something to do with the stalker episode. Maybe there’s more, though.

During the altercation, Stalker suggested Jung was only using her, he couldn’t possibly be interested in her when he was the one that sent him after her. As she leaves the academy, she decides to ignore those new doubts now that they are doing so well. In Ho is coming out at that time and calls her name, but she doesn’t hear when she spots someone and runs, her whole face lighting up. Jung is there, patting her forehead, making her giggle and then just cupping her face in such cute and cheesy interaction. He came to pick her up and she’s happy about it. In Ho watches, telling himself it’s for the best, that way he won’t have to get out of his way to walk her home.

Jung walks her home, hand in hand, commenting how it isn’t awkward anymore. She notices he’s wearing the watch and he promises he’ll wear it every day.

When they pass by an alley she stops, thinking she saw something. Jung gets closer to check but there’s nothing, then there’s a scene outside her door, the police and the pervert-calling-lady, demanding to know the whereabouts of Seol’s neighbour. She once again stands up for him and when the cop asks about the guy’s description, it totally doesn’t fit the one the lady gave, revealing she's just groundlessly pointing her finger.

Seol and Jung go in, leaving the nasty lady behind, and he comments how it’s worrying that they haven’t caught the pervert yet. She is clearly panicking in her head, not grateful that he mentioned that. Jung offers to stay with her, considering her brother will stay out. She is surprised but agrees so then they are waking inside her room.

It’s a mess and she blames Jun as she picks things and tells him to sit while she quickly changes and hides the mess at the sink. When she is back it’s a bit awkward and they don’t really know what to do, so she offers to watch some TV. Yes, she has one, stored under all the blankets because she barely watches it. She tries to take it out and seeing her struggle, he goes help her. They are rather inefficient and what can we expect? they fail.


With the momentum of the push, she ends up on the mattress and Jung on top of her, watching each other in the eyes. I can almost hear their hearts racing! He starts leaning down, oh my God he is going for the kiss! What to do, what to do? He keeps leaning and Seol notices he’s doing that and covers her mouth in an involuntary reflex. He chuckles and continues leaning, whispering in her ear he doesn’t need to watch TV.

In her flustered state, she just blurts out they should go to bed and he stares at her like asking her if she’s sure about it. She realises what she’s done and hurries to clarify she meant only sleeping, nothing else. So she hurries to set the blankets for him and bury herself in her bed. Jung turns off the lights and she just fidgets in bed. He is still awake and asks how he can fall asleep when she moves so much, besides, it’s only ten thirty. She gives up and asks him to turn on the lights again and suggest to do something else, asking for his help. He spots a photo album and asks to take a look.

Just cute pictures of baby Seol! With her naturally curly hair, they look at them with smiles and amused looks. He notices many things, like her eyes being big back then or how she seemed close to her brother. She can open to him and tell him about how easily Jun gets loved. She figures that’s something lie that can’t get changed with hard work, even if she tried. She explains how she’s worked hard because she didn’t think she was smart, wanting to achieve something until it became a habit of her, to the point that if she makes even a small mistake now it feels like a big one.

When she feels self-conscious for talking about such depressing topic, Jung tells her he’s like that too. He explains to her about his father, who’s a good man to the rest but still very strict with him, always expecting so much of him, to be polite and nice and good. He confesses how, even if he wasn’t exactly forced to be like that, he felt his heart was suffocated while growing up.

He then tells her that if he were her parents he’d be so proud of her. He tells her that seeng her work so hard is something to behold. She’s done a good job, he states and she just stares in awe, thinking how she’s waited for someone to say that for so long.

She then asks him what he liked about her, when he started liking her. He admits he didn’t like her back then and thinks about when things started to change. I am very curious about this myself!

Flashback time, yes baby! It’s back to a group project when Seol got that D, with the other two members discussing who should do more. Jung is passing by as he hears Seol offering to do most of it. His friend tells him then how he and Seol are so alike. Jung asks how so but the friend just tells him to be satisfied knowing they are alike.

On another time, for what seems another project, slacker sunbae and other girls ditch her once again with the posters and the rest of the work for the event at the bar. Jung offers to do the job with her and the others leave, then he tells her to leave too, he won’t tell anyone but that’s not Seol. She says how whether someone will acknowledge it or not, she prefers doing the work alone, mentioning how he’s the same. She then grabs the posters and goes to put them around.

She’s at that when it starts raining, yet she stills works diligently. When she’s back she doesn't see Jung and is about to leave when she hears something. Jung had a cold and he’s sleeping there, with a fever and having a bad time, so she takes her belongings and disappears. Then we see Jung waking up with a cold towel on his head, a bowl with water and an energy drink at the table next to him. He looks around and spots something, so he walks up to it to find Seol sleeping there. He goes back for the jacket to cover her and as he is doing that, she unconsciously grabs his fingers. The contact startles him and he stares at her, with his finger still trapped in hers as she still sleeps.

It’s back to the present and just like in the memory, he holds her finger, rubbing his thumb against it. He doesn’t tell her, just mentioning how it’s a secret when things changed. Then asks her the same and she rumbles of how she didn’t like him, how she wanted to leave school for him and then he started coming out of no where, asking for a meal. She just tells him all he’s done and how that’s confused her, including the dating question. She confesses how even today, having him in her room, is still so strange to her.

He asks her how she feels now, if she dislikes him. She replies it’s also her secret.

They decide to go to sleep for real this time, in a more comfortable mood. Jung goes to turn off the light and when he lays down BANG! He bonks his head against the desk so loud Seol jumps and asks him if he’s okay. He hides himself and assures he’s fine, but he can’t show his face and Seol is just laughing in her bed.

Meanwhile, nasty stalker is doing his job: stalking Seol, finding her academy and how In Ho is the model there, so he starts typing a message on the website. The consequences are clear: he’s told what’s In Ho’s done and caused him to loss his job. He accepts it graciously, still thanking the director for everything and peaceful leaving.

Seol knows this is because of her and offers to talk to the director about it, but he stops her, saying it was just the right timing, after all he is leaving. He makes it look like it isn’t the big deal, saying how it’s just natural for him while she watching him with such a sad and worried expression. He is still talking, warning her to stay away from guys like Stalker now that he won’t be around when he notices she looks sadder than anyone could anticipate.

He asks her if she is about to cry and urges her not to, because girls with her type of face really look ugly when they cry. That stops her from actually shedding tears, slapping his arm and everything. He leaves then, with a casual take-care and walks ahead, waving his hand, showing her the band aids she gave him and without turning back.

Now my question, why do I feel my own chest so tight? Is he really leaving? And why was Seol so sad, too? It seems In Ho has the talent to get in our hearts without us noticing. What do you all think?

Let’s see if next week we find out more.

—Eun Taek.

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