Now that a week has passed we can finally see how the story continues. Per usual, we were left with questions and confusion regarding our main lead, right? I wonder when we’ll understand him. Let’s see if Episode 7 of Cheese in the Trap can give us more enlightenment. Shall we recap now?

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It starts with Seol packing to move back home when there’s a knock at the door. She didn’t ask for moving service and wonders if Jung was the one to call for one. However, surprise! It’s Bo Ra and I… and Jung. We brought him along, or that we say. We say we came to help, but we take her to eat first because you know, one works better with a full stomach and food is the spine of our friendship.

Fine, they are excuses, I just want to eat.

On our way we run into Jun and In Ho who come together, greeting Seol cheerfully, although she soon jumps to nag her brother for being a slacker and urges him to go pack when he said he would. It’s sibling quarrel and Bo Ra asks who they are, which makes Seol do introductions.

I don’t understand women! Why does Bo Ra seem to show interest in Baek In Ho? He just looks wild and like a thug. There goes my sympathy for him. Look how it flies away! *huffs*

Jung proposes we all eat together, which seems to make Bo Ra’s face light up. That’s how we end up going to the local bar and I make my mission to stand between Bo Ra and In Ho. There I sympathise with Seol and her four hours commute to get to college from now on, talking from my own experience how killer that is. They seem surprised why I went there so I explain it was because she was being stalked by our schoolmate Young Gon, to which In Ho reacts because he’s also dealt with the stalker. Seol grows uncomfortable, trying to make him shut up because Jung doesn’t know about the latest incident; because In Ho is In Ho, he doesn’t listen and asks Jung instead why he has other men defending his girlfriend.

Jung is surprised, to say the least, to find out she’s been having problems with Young Gon and asks why she didn’t tell him. Seol excuses herself that it was nothing really and he lets it go, but makes sure that if something like that happens again, she’ll tell him. She agrees.

Because they are acting as a couple In Ho’s slightly pissed so he makes sure to change the mood and starts complaining about how hard it’s to find part-time jobs. As the sympathiser I am, I also comment on how I should also look for one. Jun mentions how his family is looking for a part-timer and asks out loud who needs a job. Both In Ho and I raise our hands, jumping at the mention of job, but In Ho just reminds me how I complained before about how far it is… I end up giving up while In Ho keeps his arm in the air.

As it’s awkward having In Ho working at her family restaurant, Seol tries to stop Jun with different excuses, until Jung, taking her hand under the table, tells her it’s okay and not to worry.

Back to Seol’s place, underwear pervert thief makes his way inside her room when no one is there. Just a little while before we mentioned how it was good she was leaving that place because that pervert was still out. We spoke too soon. And what’s with his now blonde hair? Does he think he’s an idol? Dude, you wouldn’t pass the auditions.

We are heading back and offer to help her pack, and although Seol argues not to bother, we hear no excuse, and Bo Ra and I go to buy more food. She is left with Jung, In Ho and Jun. She at leasts manages to make them take a while and goes ahead to clean the place before anyone else can see it. As she opens the door, the pervert is coming out with her laptop. She’s surprised and scared and when he starts talking to her, she tries to escape but he catches her, pinning her against the wall and strangling her, throwing at her face the ‘shameful’ things she’s done, like bringing her boyfriend inside her room. Why do I get a feel this guy is basically crazy and has this delusion to be doing something good when he’s just a thief and a pervert?

Jung, who went ahead, comes then and sees what’s happening, so he threatens the thief to let her go. In his mentally unstable state, the bloke just laughs and releases Seol, but instead of just letting go of her, he pushes her off stairs and uses the chance of Jung making sure she’s fine to run. He can’t go after him and leave Seol alone, but makes sure to scream to catch him when In Ho and Jun are approaching. That sends them after the thief as fast as they can.

Jung takes Seol to her room, making sure she’s fine but she’s in shock and hurt. When Bo Ra and I arrive, he entrusts Seol to our care, telling us to take her to the hospital and he goes after the thief. Seol tries to stop him, wanting him to stay with her, but he can’t listen this time.

He joins the others who keep running and looking for the pervert to no avail. In Ho is wildly looking for him, screaming in sheer angry. He knows it’s the same guy from the brick incident and this time he’ll make him pay, but he can’t find him. The thief is hiding, like a disgusting piece of trash, in a dark alley. When he senses it’s safe to get out, he claims to himself how he’s finally cleaned the place. I insist, he’s mentally ill. Does he really think he was doing a good deed?

Jung shows up in the alley, stopping the thief with a cold and murderous look. I never thought Jung would be the one to use strength on others and I’m shocked and scared when he starts beating the bastard up. Sure, he’s a piece of trash, but it’s still scary seeing Jung like that. The crazy pervert laughs and asks Jung if Seol knows how he is like this and what he’s doing. Jung affirms she does and how they are alike.

That sentence, how he says it, gives me a hint of why he likes her. He was told they were alike, right? And he started looking at her differently, noticing it himself. I think he draws comfort from that, thinking he isn’t alone or weird, that she’s like him, she understands him. Hmmm… interesting.

Back to the beating, even if the pervert laughs at Jung telling him that there’s no way she would understand him because people simply don’t with people like him and Jung, that at the end she’ll turn her back on him, the beating continues. Jung seems shaken with his words, making him being even crueler and more brutal with his blows, making me scared for a second thinking this K-drama will turn in a crime one.

The police have been called and they are going to take Seol to the hospital as others help looking for the pervert. As the officer takes Seol to the hospital, they catch sight of In Ho being chased by one of the policemen so Seol sends Bo Ra to explain he’s a friend and not the pervert. Seol is left alone, waiting, looking miserable, wondering where Jung went.

Our male lead is still at the alley, beating the living days out of the pervert, who keeps rubbing salt in Jung’s fears, apparently, telling him how he’ll end up alone at the end. When he’s on the floor, Jung steps on his hand, making him cry out in pain. In that horrifyingly cold voice, Jung ponders if he should just break that hand, after all it’s just a hand he uses to steal underwear.

That alley, however, was just around the corner from where Seol was left and she is listening to this, reminiscing what In Ho told her about how Jung caused his bad hand and the reason he can’t play piano anymore. She is horrified, so when Jung finds her there and tries to help her, she flinches to the contact. He is shocked and confused, especially because she looks at him with fear. It’s not surprising, considering she heard him with the pervert.

The police and the others arrive, the police go to finally collect the pervert and Jun comes to carry Seol. Jung tries to help again, but she flinches at his touch and he steps back, so In Ho comes to help and they take her to the hospital.

Seol’s narration fills in for the rest of the story, how Jung came out of the police station without further problem and the pervert was being interrogated, finding out he wasn’t really the grandson but someone involved with the travel agency that sold the landlord fraudulent travelling package that has her stuck and with a load of trouble to come back. The guy is truly mentally ill. A detective that comes to see Seol informs her that the pervert will be processed but as he is mentally ill, he’ll come out sooner that he should. Jun gets angry, and who wouldn’t?

On the bright side, our former honey-calling neighbour has been cleared up of all suspicions and TA Heo has come to visit Seol. They seem relieved about that last bit and the TA shows his caring and kind side, leaving present for her and for In Ho, who helped him before. After all, TA Heo can relate to what Seol is going through. He makes sure to tell her she has two days off and she shouldn’t come to work and just get better.

Jun informs her that Jung has been waiting outside and she takes a deep breathe before going out and joining him. She’s had time to think and process the shock of hearing him saying those things. She sits next to him and informs him that she doesn’t have any damage to her bones and, aside for running, she shouldn’t have any other trouble. He’s relieved and then it’s awkward again.

She looks at his hands, those bloody knuckles and understands he really did it for her. That doesn’t condemn his actions and she makes sure to tell him to never take things that far. He’s regretful and seems really sorry about it, so she takes his hand, her way to tell him it’s okay as she understands he did it all in her behalf.

He’s surprised and relieved, and the concern he felt leaves his features as they start talking about the upcoming semester, telling herself that because she has him now things should be better and happier. Right?

Yeah… not so much. The four-hour commute is still a total killer and she regrets all her life choices. Besides, she plans on keeping their dating secret to have a peaceful campus life. She’s with Bo Ra and I, stopping us from commenting anything when someone greets Seol.

Let me tell you something. Wow. Who is this look-alike? She is literally imitating Seol and at first no one recognises her until she introduces herself. Timid and really useless during the group project Min Soo. Bo Ra tries to comment on how she looks like Seol now, but Min Soo says she’s always had that style and they must just have similar taste with Seol. Yeah right…

Then Jung arrives and because we are great friends and super considerate, we make room for him. Seol begs us not to and tries to stick to Bo Ra, to no use. Jung seems amused and just sits next to her, pushing her to the next seat. A classmate comments on how they seem fairly close now and Jung, casually, just affirms it, stating how they are dating.

And there they go, Seol’s hopes for a quite and peaceful campus life. Bye-Bye hopes, you’ll be missed. Still, Seol is really cute while having a mental breakdown while Jung just seems amused by all of it.

After class she is annoyed as he walks after her, he caught her totally off guard but he tells her he sees no reason to hide their relationship, besides, he wants to show off, so he keeps her hand because they are a campus couple now. Aw. That’s all I feel: Aw.

Seol’s stalker doesn’t seem happy about it and with his really odd and dense mindset, he just brags of having a new girlfriend as if like that he would make Seol jealous. He lacks a lot of common sense.

As Jung has been accepted in his internship, he warns Seol to be careful with Young Gon as he won’t be around much. She doesn’t really care about Stalker, she’s happier because he was accepted in such prestigious company! Claps for our sunbae!

Jun then is introducing In Ho to his parents, and our boy states how he’s friends with Seol. They seem reluctant, after all he does look like a thug. Jun tries to help and say he was an English teacher in Seol’s academy and when they asked why he isn’t anymore, he can’t tell what really happened. He reassures them that he’s good with physical labour so Mamma Hong puts him to clean with Jun. The baby brother tries to slack once again but In Ho won’t have any of that and puts him to work. That impresses Seol’s parents.

When Seol arrives she finds In Ho in the approach and also sees how he can keep control of Jun, making him go back to work when he tries to escape his responsibilities. Seol’s mother asks her if she’s really friends with In Ho, which she confirms, and that no, her boyfriend is a sunbae of her. Her father then asks about him and what he’ll do when he finishes school. Seol has no clue so her father states that he will not approve of a man without future. Her mother agrees she needs to pick the right one, not someone obsessed with starting business like her father.

In bed, Seol starts realising she doesn’t know much about Jung or about herself and her future either, like where she’ll work or when she’ll marry… or to whom. She thinks of Jung and bursts out giggling, scolding herself for going to far but she is still this adorable giggling mess.

Somewhere else, Young Gon is, once again, attacking through the internet, making comments about Jung and Seol. What a man, wow. The next day he comes to Seol, telling her how Jung is just using her and that she’ll see his true colours. I come in to stop him from approaching her and Seol makes sure to threaten him to tell everyone what he’s done to her. He seems angry and tells her that if she does Jung will be the one at loss. Then he’s called by some sunbaes

This makes think of how this mess started with Stalker Guy, going back to the time she and Jung didn’t get along at all. It was during a basketball match, Bo Ra and Seol were there to support me because they are great friends when Young Gon came, making such a fuss of his presence and practically confessing to Bo Ra that he’d win for her. But when he goes to play, Sung Cheol sunbae tells him he isn’t necessary as Jung is now playing.

Fed up with it, Young Gon wants to drag Bo Ra away, grabbing her wrist and demanding her to go with him. I spot this and throw the ball at him, hitting him right in the face and causing the match to stop. Stalker guy throws a tantrum, angry that everyone is kissing Jung’s feet and telling everyone how he’s just faking. In his rage, he hits Jung and his calm demeanour makes Young Gon more infuriated. He continues ranting but everyone is judging him and he finally gives up and tries to apologise, going back to the puppy with his tail between his legs.


Seol, later on, tries to comfort him because she pities him, knowing he isn’t that far from truth regarding Jung. She tries to give him advice and Jung watches the exchange with that stoic expression, seeing how Young Gon watches her after she’s done that and even touched him. That’s where the obsession began, wandering around her place, sending her gifts, calling her, driving her nuts. He keeps bringing Jung’s name so she faces him at school, asking if he really is the one that sent Young Gon to her. Sung Cheol sunbae explains they were just being agreeable when Stalker Guy kept saying Seol was the only one who truly cared, that they didn’t mean any harm. Jung apologises and although Seol seems still angry and doubtful, she still apologises to them for the question and leaves. She recalls that since then Young Gon stopped coming to school and the stalking stopped.

In the present, Seol realises it isn’t farfetched that it was indeed all Young Gon’s imagination and delusions. She’s so lost in thoughts she doesn’t notice she has a rice grain on her cheek until Jung takes off. She is scandalised with his behaviour but he shrugs it off, everyone knows they are dating already. She agrees on that and comments on how it’s annoying how people just approach her to ask her if it’s true and look down on her for that, unable to believe it. She says how she should get shades because she’s now too popular to go with her face bare. Jung just laughs, totally amused at that.

They are cute, aren’t they?

At the family restaurant, Seol’s mother is talking to her brother-in-law who spots In Ho and how strong he is, and the fact he keeps Jung under control. That’s the most impressive thing. He asks to borrow him for a bit of physical labour, paid, of curse, to which In Ho accepts.

He’s doing his job well, cleaning and organising when he finds an electric piano, staring at it with such a longing expression. He recalls the past, when he was performing an amazing piece, his hands flying over the keys as an intrinsic and complex melody fills the theatre. Jung and In Ha are there too, watching and clapping for him, proud of the talented boy.

Back in school, In Ha used to paint and was infatuated with Jung, and when In Ho and Jung visit her at the art studio, like any young, annoying sibling would do, he starts picking on In Ha and her poor skills, mocking her with what is supposed to be a portrait of Jung, telling her to just quit because she’ll never accomplish it.

She’s wild and scary, we know that, and she’s had enough so starts hitting him, yelling at him for thinking he’s the only one with talent and threatening to break his hands with the piano lid. In Ho is shocked when she leaves, stating how she’s insane.

Later on, Jung tells him how In Ha has finally quit and if he feels any sense of guilt for that or concern, but In Ho can’t understand that. He didn’t understand the pain of giving up one’s dream back then, but now he does, as he stares at the piano, he finally does.

He tries to play but no sound comes out, it’s unplugged and there’s no chord. He looks for one when he’s interrupted and told to go back to the restaurant. In Ho says he’ll come back later to finish with the storage room.

Jung is driving Seol home, who’s happy that she doesn’t need to take the subway, and as they are at that she asks him for his future, what he’ll do and such. He mentions how he’s thought studying abroad and she’s surprised, wondering what would happen to them if he did. However, he wants to focus on the internship for now, to which she agrees. When she asks him about future jobs, he finally confesses he’s a chaebol and she is so shocked. I’m impressed no one knew that. He asks her to keep it quiet and she agrees, but keeps thinking how different they are, almost from different worlds.

She asks him how he sees himself in five-years time and he answers honestly, probably doing a managing training. She is deflated, noticing she is not part of his plans. He notices her mood and asks her what’s wrong. She admits that for a second she wondered if in the future, she’d still be by his side.

When they finally arrive, she’s about to get out when he draws her back and hugs her tightly, assuring her she doesn’t need to worry about such things. He pulls back to look at her and smile, and then leans in for a kiss. She stares nervously and then pulls back at the last minute, which he understand and apologises for trying to kiss her. She explains she’s just nervous and when he pulls back, breaking the contact, she stops him, grabbing his hands again, realising she can’t allow to part ways like this.

Gathering all her courage, she grabs his face, maybe a bit too tight and starts leaning in. He’s surprised and tries calling his name with his cheeks squeezed like that, but she keeps approaching, slowly, making the whole world scream with anticipation and second-hand embarrassment. Okay maybe it’s just me screaming who cares!? I can’t watch… I’m watching. This is nerve wracking!

She can’t really do it and just kisses his cheek and then makes a run for her life. He’s left speechless, watching her leave when it starts pouring. He seems to go after her.

Seol is running when someone calls her. It’s Jun, outside the shop. He also spots In Ho watching intently a window shop and runs to find shelter under his umbrella, asking him to take them home. Seol also joins and In Ho, bragging his generosity, agrees to takes them home, pulling them both under his arms.

Jung is watching the whole time, with a hard-to-read expression.

At home Seol’s mother tells her about In Ho helping her uncle and Seol asks if he still has the electric piano, which most likely he has. She pays a visit then, surprising In Ho when she barges in there with her old music books and a chord for the piano, guessing that was what he was looking at before. He takes a look at the books and teases her about them, the things she wrote, the doodles and such. She gets annoyed and says she’ll take it all so he tries to stop her and tug on the bag with books until she lets go of them and he ends on the floor. She cheers for him and leaves, revealing that was her plan all along.

He goes and plugs the piano, tentatively trying to play and finally pressing the keys. Slowly, awkwardly, he starts playing a melody. Just his right hand first… then the left joins until the melody echoes around beautifully.

Jung is tossing and turning in bed, annoyed at In Ho and his friendly attitude with Seol when In Ha calls to nag for her credit cards. He just tells her to move because he’ll sell the place and she starts screaming, even more so when he hangs up, breaking the lamp and who knows what else.

The next day Professor Kang finds out some of her courses were cancelled because the students complained about the group projects. She’s angry and disappointed and tells the students of that, screaming and ranting about it, finally informing how the system would change and evaluate them individually. Seol is impressed and I’m not sure if that will help with what happened before, but it’ll surely prevent from a fiasco like the one before.

Jun and In Ho visit campus and Jun suggests to get lunch off of Seol. He texts her while In Ho gets distracted with the music majors practising outside. He’s practically bewitched while Seol receives the text slash threat from Jun to buy them lunch or they’ll munch off Jung. She rushes to find them, running into Min Soo. In her hurry, she loses her lion charm, which is picked by Seol-wannabe.

As Jun doesn’t pick, she calls In Ho, who lies about being in the music department and hangs up. She rushes there while he ventures inside, taking a look at the classes and peeking through a door to watch a piano class. The professor catches him so In Ho turns around and tries to leave, hurrying when the professor comes for him. However, it’s not that In Ho is in trouble for peeping but that the professor knows him.

It turns out, he used to be with In Ho’s previous teacher, and asks him why he didn’t tell his professor he was there. In Ho just wants to get away and ends up running, but the professor chases him, stopped next to Seol who also tries to run after In Ho. The professor stops her and tells her to please deliver his card to In Ho and tell him that if he wants to play again, to look for him. She agrees and then tries calling again, noticing her lion is missing.

Later, Seol is looking everywhere for the lion, Jung around, telling her he’ll buy her another, she doesn’t need to look so desperately. He finally convinces her and helps her back to his side. She tries once again checking in her belongings and Jung helps, finding the professor’s card. Seol explains he asked her to pass it on to In Ho and Jung offers to do it himself. She wonders if he’ll do it to pick a fight again and states how she doesn’t like it when he does that, so offers to do it together and he agrees.

At Seol’s uncle’s cafe, In Ho is in front of the piano again, the longing in every inch of his expression, when Jung asks if he wants to play again. In Ho looks betrayed that Seol is there with Jung, and he explains they just came to deliver the card a professor asked them to. Jung tells him that if he wants to play again, he’ll support him to go study abroad. In Ho doesn’t buy it and tells him not to get involved in something he doesn’t really care.

Jung advises him not to let his pride get in the way, the decision is his at the end, whether he takes it or not, but he requests of In Ho not to drag Seol in his indecision. Then he takes her away, leaving In Ho alone, being overwhelmed by emotions and the possibility of playing again.

That’s where the episode ends, with a confused and overwhelmed In Ho. Will he play again? Is this Jung’s way to get rid of him so he won’t get closer to Seol? Probably. Will it work? So many questions! Hopefully, we’ll get some answers in the following episode. Until then!

—Eun Taek.

STATEMENT: This is a work of fiction, no infringement of copyright is intended. By adopting the point of view of one of the characters in Cheese in the Trap, I'll recap the episodes. All right belongs to the creators of the webtoon and drama.