Let’s recap Cheese in the Trap already, shall we? I really don’t know how to introduce this… let’s just do it.

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Back to the argument at the storage of Seol’s uncle’s café, we get a chance to see more of this confrontation. There’s more than Jung offering Baek In Ho to sponsor him to go study abroad, there’s also Seol telling him not to look for a fight. She grabs the card and hands it to In Ho, demonstrating how easy it was. Jung replies he just feels bad for In Ho because he used to be that talented. This pisses our In Ho who can’t stay quiet. Seol stands between them, expressing that although it is not her business, she just wishes they would stop and sort out their differences.

Finally, Jung tells In Ho that whether he plays the piano or not, it’s his decision, but not to get stuck in indecision and drag Seol along the way. Content with that, he takes Seol with him leaving In Ho behind with the turmoil of thoughts and emotions. She gives him one last worried look but aside from that, she doesn’t do or say anything else.

Outside, as Jung walks her home, she mentions how she doesn’t like how he’s always picking fights with In Ho, to what he comments he doesn’t like being friendly with In Ho or her taking sides. He stops and turns to hug her, requesting not to talk anymore about that and mentions how the next day is his last one, due to the internship. Seol states that although sad, no one said they’d only see each other in school, that they can date outside, too. He proposes dinner the next day and she agrees. Then they do this very cliché thing of telling the other to go first and finally agreeing to leave on their ways at the same time.

The next day Jung receives a text telling him to go a classroom regarding his internship. At the same time, we can see Young Gon asking Min Soo for her phone to send a text saying he forgot his. He also compliments her on her style but when he walks off he just comments to himself how ridiculous she is, thinking she’s Seol and whatnot.

In the classroom, Jung only encounters Young Gon who claims not having sent any text, and then starts getting in his face saying he doesn’t really like Seol and is just messing with her. He fights with the pen in his pocket, not subtle at all, and then continues. He recriminates Jung for sending him to Seol and now dating her, asking what kind of person he is. He shows him these weird text messages assuring him Seol likes him, to confess, send her presents and such. Jung just stares, barely reacting and Young Gon starts chanting victorious he’s scared Jung, but he then says not having sent those texts. Young Gon then wants to show him he’s not an idiot and calls… just to have a girl answer it. Hold on, isn’t that nagging and ew voice In Ha’s?

Young Gon loses his patience and grabs Jung by the collar, demanding to know until when he’ll keep faking, but at that time the other sunbaes arrive, getting on Jung’s side, of course, picking on Young Gon for once again acting like that to Jung. Stalker’s girlfriend arrives at that time too, getting angry at him for acting this way, thinking it’s because he still has feelings for Seol and storms out. Jung and Young Gon are left alone and Jung points the attempt to record him with that pen is rather lame and too easy to read. He leaves and as he does, we can see a flashback of what really happened, and Jung actually sending those texts from In Ha’s phone. Of course, she then continues sending more texts because that’s In Ha, and when she asks him what the person he’s texting is, Jung replies someone who is annoying him. When In Ha asks which one, this Seol girl or the guy he’s texting, Jung replies both.

In the present, as he walks away, there’s a smirk on his lips.

Young Gon is frustrated and wonders what went wrong, realising Jung gave him a separate number and wonders who this other girl is. His suspicions tell him she’s Jung’s second girlfriend and he’s actually cheating. He decides to use that and continue his plan to show everyone who Jung truly is.

Later that day, Jung and Seol go for drinks. She comments how everyone is talking about Young Gon acting weird again and Jung warns her to be extra careful around him and that if anything happens she ought to tell him. She smiles sweetly and he asks why, to which she replies she’s happy, commenting on how that is how it must feel having people worrying about you. He pats her lightly in the head, smiling as well.

It’s all nice until the other sunbaes show up, sitting with them uninvited and bringing more drinks. Sang Chul pours more beer for Seol but Jung acts as black knight, saying how she isn’t good at drinking and just takes it in one shot. They are all impressed and start asking for a kiss for their couple initiation, to which Jung says they will, only if they also kiss. That stops them and saves the couple from kissing in front of them.

A bit later, Jung seems really drunk, resting his head on her shoulder and commenting on how it’s just noisy, noisy, noisy and his head hurts. She takes him outside for some air and get away from the drunk sunbaes, guiding him to sit in a bench and clear his head. Once there she suggests to make a run for it, after all the sunbaes just see them as pushovers.

Pushovers! That word makes Jung react, sharing how in high school everyone called him that, a fool that people took advantage of. He tells her how everyone approached him because they wanted something form him. He knew it, could see it so easily, but went along nonetheless. It’s easier just going along, pretending not to see and giving them what they want.

He turns to look at her, asking her if she really likes him, if her feelings are sincere, commenting how at first he thought she was just like everyone else and really disliked him. He asks her not to see him as a bad person and chan! Surprise peck on the lips.

Seol is shocked and looks everywhere around, but he reassures her it’s okay, no one is seeing and then leans again to kiss her seriously. She seems tense at first, awkward, but relaxes in the kiss and finally kisses him back.

In Ho is in front of the shop, wondering if he can play piano now, when Seol passes by in a trance, barely reacting when he calls her name. He asks her about what the professor said but she isn’t really listening, still in cloud nine. He gets a bit closer and asks her if she went drinking. She’s scandalised and seems to struggle with herself and where she’ll go. She ends up running home.

In bed she wonders if Jung arrived safe and texts him, waiting giddy for the reply. When it comes, she chuckles at his spelling and the fact he’s sleeping, but then gets huffy when she realises he can sleep peacefully while she can’t, because he has experience and she doesn’t and that was her first kiss. She just pouts how nice it must be having experience and being able to sleep well while she’s tossing and turning in bed.

She is extremely adorable, isn’t she?

The next day Young Gon is after his girlfriend, trying to reassure he has no lingering feelings for Seol at all, but she won’t have any of that and leaves him. His sunbaes are there, laughing at him and pushing his buttons. He walks away, frustrated that everything was going well after coming back, winning people over until Jung messed with him. He’s enraged when he spots me, minding my own business, enjoying my snacks.

We share a class together so he approaches me in the middle of it, asking me if I’m still angry and that I shouldn’t be so sensitive. I just want to get rid of him, but he won’t stop talking, mentioning how we’ve both liked Bo Ra and should stick together. He keeps talking about her, how cute and pretty she is and saying how I wouldn’t know, but he does, then takes his mobile and starts looking for pictures he took of her, saying how much money he got for them.

I can’t take it anymore, the fact he’s selling pictures of Bo Ra and stalking her gets on my nerves and I just punch that pathetic face of his. I reckon I should’ve thought and controlled myself, but he was messing with my Bo Ra! The sunbaes break the fight and when they take Young Gon away, I can see that smirk of his which only makes me more furious but I got in enough trouble already.

In the ladies’ bathroom, Min Soo takes out the lion charm she picked, commenting on how cute it is and using that as a good excuse to have lunch with Seol and becoming friends.

Bo Ra arrives to class and seeing a redheaded sitting there, she goes to hug her calling Hong, just to find out its Seol Wannabe. When Seol arrives, Bo Ra is so creeped out she just takes Seol back with her instead of letting her accept Min Soo invitation to sit with her.

Somewhere else the sunbaes are forcing me to apologise to Young Gon and of course I don’t want to, he’s a troll! But I can’t just not listen to my sunbaes and, unwillingly, I have to apologise to him, properly per insistence of them. Troll King’s girlfriend arrives then, worried for him and nagging me! I was just a victim of his shenanigans! And it’s worse because when they are leaving he whispers in my ear how those pictures didn’t exist. I want to kill him!

Seol’s and Bo Ra’s class is over, and as they leave, Min Soo rushes to ask Seol to have lunch with her, she has something to tell her, but Bo Ra states they already have plans and wants to take her away. In their way, the bump into Min Soo and drop her belongings, spotting the lion charm. Seol asks if it’s hers, but Bo Ra gets really upset, claiming Min Soo stole it in her attempt to copy Seol. Our girl tries to calm things down, but Bo Ra has a temper. Min Soo gets defensive and lies, saying she bought the charm. My girls don’t believe her, but Seol Wannabe just storms out.

Young Gon is the one to comfort Min Soo, getting in her head saying how Seol is the one copying her and that she shouldn’t listen to what Bo Ra and Seol say, and if they accuse her like that again, she has to stand up for herself. She’s better. Incredibly, Min Soo buys that. How? I don’t know. She is clearly copying Seol, she went to die her hair and changed her style just recently! Aish! Why is this so frustrating! And Young Gon keeps making it worse, saying Seol is the one spreading rumours that Min Soo is copying her.

I feel a migraine coming. I don’t even want to pay attention to his machinations and delusions, thinking now that Jung isn’t around the world is his. I just feel like throwing up when I see his face, but I’m sure he’ll stay around, making things worse. I’ve found a character I despise more than Baek In Ha.

Seol meets with Ah Young. I was wondering when she was going to show up again. The cute friend brings souvenirs for Seol and asks her about her holidays. I wonder if she’ll tell Ah Young about dating Jung, but then Sang Chul sunbae shows up asking for notes of an old class, spotting Ah Young. He looks smitten so Seol takes her friend away before he keeps saying lies to impress sweet Ah Young.

In Ho goes to see the professor and plays for him, to which he doesn’t seem impressed and mentions how it’s obvious In Ho took a five-years break and asks him what he’s been doing all this time. In Ho doesn’t react nicely (when does he, though?) to this criticism, but the professors just tells him In Ho’s just scared, he sees smoke but no fire. Then another student comes in and the professor turns his attention to him, ignoring In Ho, knowing that he doesn’t want to play anymore, so he tell him he can just leave.

In Ho is surprised and offended at the same time and leaves, feeling worse when he hears the other student playing. He is walking off campus in that trance and funnily, Seol is walking a few steps behind, texting Jung and omitting the incident with the lion charm and Min Soo. Then she spots In Ho and asks him if he came to see the professor, but he doesn’t really answer.

They commute together and he is surprised to see her studying even in the subway. She tells him she just wants a good job to which he comments that’s a given now she’s in school, but she says it’s not that easy. She thought it was like that during school but now she just has more worries and questions. She envies those people with stable jobs while In Ho just thinks they look like corpses. She asks him if he’s ever envied someone, but he hasn’t, which it’s quite like him. She says he wouldn’t understand because he has a talent, she doesn’t so all she can do is working hard. He asks why but then changes to how she works hard and she can’t really answer, you just do.

They are interrupted with Jung’s call saying he’s waiting outside her family restaurant. She arrives with In Ho and is so happy to see him there, In Ho looks far from pleased and makes faces at their couple behaviour. Jung then asks if it’s okay to come in and try the food because he hasn’t had a chance and, although reluctantly and a bit nervous because her parents are there, she agrees even if In Ho nags him not to.

Inside, they sit in front of her parents while In Ho, loudly, works in the background, clearly annoyed Jung is there. As parents, they ask for his future plans and his family. Seol doesn’t want them to ask those kind of questions but Jung answers nonetheless, surprising them when he says Tearang Group belongs to his family. Her mother and brother are extremely impressed but her father seems reluctant and thrown off.

In Ho is constantly told to work quietly so when he goes to take the trash out, he doesn’t come back and allows Mama Hong to serve Jung and all that cheesy behaviour. It’s weird, Jung’s the only one eating and all the others are watching him. Must be uncomfortable, uh?

When he leaves, all the family steps out to see him off. Seol leaves to walk him to the car and the family is left there, pondering what would happen if they marry. Jun and the mother are ecstatic but the father only mentions how ridiculous that is, they are from different worlds. In Ho comes in then, knowing it’s safe now that Jung is gone. Inside he goes back to work, as Seol’s mother nags her husband for that behaviour while Jung was there, In Ho just listening and thinking back of what the professor said. He wonders what he’s been doing these five years indeed.

Back to Seol and Jung, they are walking together as she apologises for all the questions her parents did, but he’s okay, saying it doesn’t matter and it’s not like it’s a secret. Then she asks him if he got home well, and he answers it was like that. He slept well and went to work well, too. She seems bummed and wonders if he, as he was drunk, forgot about their first kiss. Jung can read her so well by now, knowing exactly what’s ruined her mood so when they arrive to the car, he leans in and pecks her lips, reassuring her he hasn’t forgotten anything.

She’s happy again. She goes running and giggling back home.

The next day In Ho shows up again to see the professor who accepts him and guides him a room to make him practise with Hanon exercises. He is offended, pointing out how long he’s been playing, but the professor won’t have any of that and just puts him to practise until he comes back from his class. In Ho doesn’t want to but starts, saying he’ll do it just for now, although he struggles with the idea a lot…. then he messes it up and thinks that maybe, just maybe, he has to start there again.

He practises and practises until, two hours later, the professor shows and watches him from he window. It turns out he went to talk to In Ho’s previous tutor to tell him In Ho visited. They comment how his skills aren’t the same after five years and the former tutor asks the professor that if he teaches In Ho to please teach him about patience because that’s the real talent. And it seems that’s what he’s doing.

Somewhere else in campus, Bo Ra notices how I bow and deliver coffee to the sunbaes, thinking it’s strange, and then Young Gon’s girlfriend approaches her, telling her to keep tabs on me because I got, once again, in a fight with Young Gon and blames it on her and her flirting. She’s as despicable as her boyfriend, no wonder they are together. My Bo Ra is frustrated, sure Young Gon has something to do with it and rants to Seol. When Min Soo walks by Bo Ra calls her name, taking some of her frustration on her, annoyed at her attempts to copy Seol. Min Soo, thanks to Young Gon manipulation, grows bolder and replies that Seol is the one copying her.

Bo Ra and Seol are flabbergasted and watch Min Soo leave, who runs into Jung, who finally notices how curious she looks, but then ignores her and just greets Seol.

Back to class and group projects, Seol has learnt her lesson and knows the kind of people she’s working with, being more careful at how to handle them. She’s back with Sang Chul and is stern on him, not letting him ride on her effort, threatening him to kick him out of the group if he doesn’t do his part. Luckily, as the argument gets louder, Bo Ra and the other sunbae also support Seol that they won’t get a D because of Sang Chul.

Min Soo is watching that, thinking of what Young Gon said how Seol isn’t that great and she’s just using others. Jung notices her stare as they are in the same group and breaks her attention by telling her he went over what she sent and to check what he sent back. She just beams. Hmm… couldn’t she work that hard when she was with Seol? If she likes her so much? Despicable.

I’m so annoyed with so many characters in this episode!

After class, Bo Ra takes Seol to confront Min Soo because it’s enough. Bo Ra wants to rant but Seol wants things to be dealt carefully and tries asking Min Soo casually about it, nicely, while Bo Ra just attacks. Young Gon approaches, sitting where Min Soo can see him and encourages her fight back, getting louder than Seol because she doesn’t want drawing attention. 

Young Gon’s girlfriend, already hating Bo Ra, comes in to support Min Soo and stop the fight, taking her away and making Bo Ra and Seol look like the bad people in front of the others while Young Gon rejoices as he walks away with his girlfriend and Min Soo, still getting in her head and congratulating her, telling she’s better than Seol.

Min Soo is so happy about it and then she spots a cute boy in the middle of autumn, with leaves falling all over him… oh, that’s baby brother Jun! Seriously, is she going to develop a crush and stalk him now? He approaches her and asks her where the art department is because he’s come to meet someone. Could that be Ah Young? I wonder… Min Soo, creepy as she is, takes a picture of him when she offers to show him a map and keeps smiling like a fool when he goes, thanking her for her help.

Seol is going home, disappointed that Jung can’t answer as he’s at work. She drops by her uncle’s and ask for a full cup of coffee because she has to study. He tells her In Ho is in the storage, practising in the piano he left there per her request. He chuckles, saying it’s just noise, that he thought he was actually good. Seol smiles and then goes, quietly, to see him, surprising him when she sits next to him. She teases him for practising those elementary exercises.

Offended, he blames it all on her and she understands he went to school again to see the professor. In Ho then tries to make it look better saying there’s a deeper meaning in this exercises she’d never understand because she doesn’t know art, and she gets defensive too, asking him if he knows how to spell art in Chinese.

They bicker back and forth, cutely, he mocks her because she can only play Czerny and she shoot back because he can only play Hanon, so he has to prove her it’s not like that and plays an intrinsic piece that bewilders Seol. Satisfied at how impressive he is, he tells her to make a request.

She thinks of one and starts humming it, so he starts playing, making her feel great about it, wondering if it was like that in high school. But he makes a mistake mid-song and excuses himself saying he forgot how it continued, so she helps, joining in and trying to remember the melody. He joins to play too and they just laugh at how she changes the melody, saying it was what she played best but he teases her it’s the only thing she could play. They continue playing together, laughing and looking adorable as Seol’s narration says “Even though personal matters rush in like ripples, they’re nothing but ripples. Like everyone else does, it can be endured.”

That’s where the episode ends and to be honest, I really don’t know what to say or think. Okay, that’s nothing new but really, Jung and his behaviour is hard to figure out and I’m protective of my friends, so I’m worried he might hurt Seol in the end. I’m also partial to In Ho and Seol’s relationship, which seems more natural and easier. I hope, at least, they remain as friends. I wonder how things will progress and how Young Gon will keep messing with everything and getting on my nerves.

Until next week!

—Eun Taek.

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