After a week’s wait, we can finally see how the relationship between Seol and Jung progresses on Cheese in the Trap. I have a question first, though. Who do you support more? Jung or In Ho? Well, it’s not like that matters for the story, but I’m curious. Anyhow, shall we recap now? Let’s go.


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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It starts with our Seol dozing off on the subway, quite deeply because she even has a dream in which all her friends and schoolmates are hanging with Seol Wannabe, Min Soo, treating her as if she was the real Seol, calling her that, while the real Seol just watches aghast, not understanding what’s going on. Even In Ho joins, which shocks Seol before she turns to ask Jung what’s going on, but he ignores her and goes to Min Soo, wrapping his arms round her shoulders and also calling her Seol. They all leave together and Seol stays behind, wondering why this is happening.

She wakes up annoyed already and to make it all worse Young Gon calls her, although she declines. That makes Stalker just more determined to show her the text messages Jung send, because she has to see the real person behind Jung’s facade.

Remember how the previous episode ended? Seol continues like that, saying how the things that happen in her life are like ripples that come to her one after the other, and although overwhelming or annoying, she can endure them like everyone else. So she doesn’t let Min Soo annoy her and ignores her, runs from Young Gon when he wants to talk to her and gives Sang Chul sunbae an ultimatum, although he swears he’ll really send his part tonight.

However, he does not send it and as she tells herself that after all, everyone has a limit and if that the ripples keep hitting a person there’s just so much one can endure. That is why she ends up taking Sang Chul’s name out of the presentation.

The next morning Sang Chul arrives with his excuses, ready to just ride on their hard work and when he grabs the slides from his other team member, he realises his name has been taken out. Of course, he throws a tantrum but Seol says she warned him, furthermore, the other two members agreed to take him out. He gives all his excuses, about being the oldest son and all his family struggles, while I think that Seol also has a lot of struggles and because of him she lost the scholarship, hence why she had to go back home and commute four hours. Not to mention he made her drop her class and get her schedule messed up. He has no right to complain, right? But he does, even when she tells him that the group has no reason to suffer with his personal matters.

Jung arrives when things get really loud, pressing his hand on Sang Chul’s shoulder, telling them to keep it quiet because the professor is about to come. Sang Chul says he’s only siding with them because Seol is his girlfriend but he doesn’t regard that and wishes them luck before going to his seat. He barely catches Min Soo’s new lock screen that is the secret picture she took of baby brother Jun. Just to make sure, he asks her for the time and confirms her lock screen is Seol’s brother.

Witch Kang arrives and the presentations begin, on Team Leadership, and Seol’s group is the first. Professor Kang noticed the change and makes a comment on how people don’t change easily, clearly meaning Sang Chul, who sits miserably at the back.

Then we see Jung’s group presenting and it seems to go well, then it’s Min Soo’s turn and the professor asks her if this time she memorised it. Of course she did, this time she actually did her job instead of riding on Seol’s back. However, as she is presenting Bo Ra notices how her presentation looks so much like one they did the year before, and Seol thinks it must be a coincidence, but then notices the same spelling mistake she made and there’s no doubt Min Soo used her exact work.

She thinks of letting it go, after all it’ll just cause commotion, it’ll be hard to explain and such, however, she’s tired of losing, of getting part of herself stolen so when the professor gives room for questions, she raises her hand and asks Min Soo if she did the presentation herself. She affirms that’s the case and then Seol exposes it’s uncannily like hers, even the spelling mistake. She has to confess she put her work for sale but even so she should’ve at least read what she was using and fixing the spelling mistake. The professor’s had enough and tells Min Soo, Seol and Bo Ra to come to her office after class.

Once class ends, there’s havoc and although she expected it, she is still annoyed that everyone just expects her to let them treat her like that. Min Soo tries to defend herself, even saying how Jung helped her with the topic and all, but he just points out he gave her the references to look at and how anyone with a bit of sense wouldn’t have copied the whole work as it was. I don’t think she understand the concept of reference, despite being in university.

Even Young Gon’s girlfriend, Da Young, snaps at Min Soo, tired that she always drags her down in the group projects. So much for support uh? Da Young even points how everyone calls Min Soo Fake Seol and, about to burst out crying, she cries that she is not copying Seol before running away. Yeah, your wig says otherwise.

Da Young turns to Seol now, calling her mean and all those things for ruining their group project and exposing Min Soo publicly. Seol doesn’t say anything, but my Bo Ra does, saying Seol was just pointing someone who was doing wrong, how can she be the bad one? And takes her away while Da Young continues her snarky remarks. Why is she so nasty?

Somewhere else in campus, in a convenience store, Baek In Ha is caught in an argument over prices until Ha Hee Joon shows up, tired of waiting he just pays for hers and leaves, of course, acting grateful and all that, Ew In Ha walks out with him. We see her just noticing how he’s wearing designer’s clothes and smells money, so she acts nice and even asks for his number. She notices he’s from business major and asks for Jung, but he is not comfortable so when he spots curly red her, he points there and says she should ask Jung’s girlfriend, not him. He leaves and In Ha charges.

Let me say something, that wing doesn’t trick anyone! It’s obviously not Seol. But I don’t care, because In Ha, being the nasty person she is, starts attacking Min Soo, almost acting as if she’s trying to help when she just keeps hurting Min Soo. Well, that’s what you get for shamelessly copying someone. Did you want to get confused for Seol? There you have it.

In Ha is just claiming how anyone who wants to date Jung needs her permission and Min Soo tells her the one who’s Jung’s girlfriend is Hong Seol, not her.

In Ho is passing by after his piano lessons and hears his sister’s voice, seeing her attacking this other girl so he rushes to stop the fight, throwing In Ha over his shoulder and running away with her. In Ha screams and demands him to put her down, and when he does In Ho starts asking what happened to her.

In Ha complains Jung kicked her out and she has no money, and In Ho starts seeing red until she mentions how she was given just a measly sum of ten million won (are you kidding me?), which would be enough to get a new place easily, but most of it it’s gone. In Ho’s rage goes to his sister, fed up of her crap and tells her to not show up in campus anymore and go shopping, but she just whines she can’t go shopping without money.

You know what, In Ha? Get a life. Not just a job, but a proper life.

Seol’s and Bo Ra’s meeting with the professor seems to go well, even if Min Soo doesn’t show up. Then Seol is running to meet with Jung before he goes to work. They seem so happy to see each other and while they hug tightly and for a long time, they just say how much they’ve missed each other. Seol apologises for doing that to his group but he assures her it’s okay. They continue their cheesy exchange of how they’ve missed each other and they can live now, but not wanting to part ways again. They finally say goodbye after making plans to meet later.

Young Gon finally gets a hold of Seol, showing her his phone and claiming to have the text messages Jung sent. She doesn’t seem interested but she knows if she doesn’t deal with this he’ll keep pestering her so she takes a look and her face falls as she reads the text messages. But she won’t just buy it, she needs to confirm it so she grabs the phone, goes in and locks Young Gon out as she calls.

In Ha picks up the phone, with her annoying voice and no manners, demanding to know who the person is and when Seol replies it’s her, In Ha attacks, saying she’s Jung’s lover. Her face shows the shock, horror and betrayal, she even stops putting resistance and Young Gon can finally enter, taking the phone from her and happily commenting how the girl on the phone is Jung’s second girlfriend. Seol just leaves.

Later, when Jung is free and tries to call her, she doesn’t pick up. Clearly. He runs into his father who asks him how things are going and tells him that now that he starts working he’ll realise there are so many people more capable than him, he’s not the best, he’s not the centre of the universe and that there are things he can’t control. Jung doesn’t respond to that, and something tells me that’s really something he has yet to learn.

As Seol heads home, her head going over what happened, trying to understand and believe if Jung really sent those texts and lied to her when she asked him about Young Gon. She tries to tell herself to calm down and hear him first, not to just believe Young Gon or In Ho’s sister.

She spots Jung who has been waiting for her because she didn’t pick up the phone. He doesn’t take long to notice her expression and asks her what happened. She reminds him about asking him about Young Gon last year and how he had said they just were being agreeable, Young Gon had imagined it. He nods, confirming such, but then she mentions having seen the text messages and asks him if he really sent them.

His face falls and although he doesn’t answer right away, he finally accepts he did send them.

She’s deeply hurt, and asks him why In Ha answered the phone and claimed to be his girlfriend. He immediately refutes that is not true, she’s just playing pranks because she’s upset with Jung. Seol doesn’t really buy that but ignores it, knowing what really matters is that Jung really pushed Young Gon to her and all the consequences that followed, the fear, the stalking.

Jung apologises, admitting it’s all his fault, he didn’t think it through, which sounds a lot like what he said before. He does things that are so manipulative yet he never “really thought about it and foresaw the consequences.” Seol doesn’t believe he didn’t know what’d happen, and insists him to answer if he really didn’t know. How someone who’s so clever and knows Young Gon and the type of person he is wouldn’t know what he’d do if he was encouraged like that. She knows it’s not possible he didn’t know, and she is sure he didn’t like her last year.

Jung understands she has the right to be angry but reassures her this is all Young Gon’s way to get between them and pleads her not to get caught up, to leave it behind because it’s all in the past.

She realises then he has not changed at all, since the incident with TA Heo, he hasn’t changed a bit. She presses him to tell her the full story and he asks what she wants to hear. Her eyes are teary, her heart is breaking and she wonders what type of person Jung is.

In Ho is walking in the same direction and stops after seeing them, noticing it seems they are having a fight, which is pitiful when the street looks so pretty. He knows he can’t walk by so he just turns around to take another way.

Seol suggests they should take some time to think about it, because every time something like this happens, she doesn’t know what to do. She tells him how she tries to get close to him, to approach him, but she can’t. She doesn’t understand him and asks him to also think about this all.

She walks pass him, her expression so heartbroken and even Jung seems about to break as he watches her leave.

At home, In Ho is having trouble feeling sorry for Seol and worrying about her, knowing Jung and the type of person he is, but he also knows it’s not his business. He struggles, mostly because he’s concerned for Seol, but gives up and just nags at himself for being nosy.

Jung comes home to find In Ha in front, claiming she’ll stay at his place after she got kicked out, but he’s too fed up with her. When he doesn’t let her and tells her it’s just her fault, she threatens to stay with his father again and he tells her to go ahead, he’ll just tell him how she spent all that money already and how that surely will make him dislike her too.

Looking for another way, she uses Seol to get his attention, saying that she called and offering to get rid of a piece of gum like her. After what she’s done today, he is doing his best to control himself and tells her that she is the piece of gum in his life. In Ha warns him she isn’t just any type of piece of gum and he won’t easily get rid of her. He dares her to try, and tells her he’s doing his best to control his anger after what she did to him. His eyes are so angry and a bit teary after what happened with Seol and even In Ha is surprised to see him like that. Jung finally warns her to stay away and locks her out, leaving her screaming.

He got hold of her phone and reads the other texts she sent, realising she was the one that pushed Young Gon to stalk Seol. He’s angry and realises how bad the situation is, throws the phone in the sink and opens the tap, hoping like that the messages would also drown.

Seol is at home studying, struggling to keep it together, trying to understand Jung’s real personality and wondering if she can actually break up with him, but the midterms are coming and she needs to put herself together.

In the morning Jung tries to text her, saying he misses her, trying to explain things but he ends up deleting them all. At the end the text Seol receives is just to wish her good luck in her exam. She doesn’t reply and continues walking, running into In Ho who has been waiting for her to go to campus too, for his piano lessons. He tries to cheer her up, even giving her a drink telling her it’s the best to cheer up after fighting with the boyfriend. She asks him if he saw and he pretends to have been joking but got it right. He offers to comfort her and give her advice but she doesn’t want to just hear him say bad things about Jung, after all In Ho doesn’t have anything good to say. They just end up bickering per usual.

I swear I want to skip all the scenes with Young Gon, Min Soo and Da Young, but I can’t! Aish! Okay, let’s do this fast. Seol arrives and Young Gon pesters her, asking if she broke up with Jung. She ignores him and he doesn’t give up so he’s back to advising Min Soo to apologise and get Seol on the spot.

While waiting, In Ho starts just playing the piano freely and is caught by the professor. He apologises and says he’ll go back to Hanon, so the professor just acts like if he still wants to play he can do it, he’ll come back later with something new… In Ho leaps to stop him, willing to play something new but is disappointed to only see Fur Elise. The professor is about to take it but he stops him and just plays, like a good puppy.

With what Young Gon has said, Min Soo goes to apologise after the exam but when Seol spots the lion charm, she says Min Soo has more reason to apologise and she goes back to Stalker and Girlfriend to complain how she doesn’t accept apologies and how she can be like that. They turn against Seol who just looks beyond fed up. Bo Ra is having a fit as well, so I just take them away before it gets nastier.

Min Soo is grateful to Da Young and tells her she’s lucky to have a boyfriend, but Da Young replies she’s also lucky because she’s seen the picture of the cutie on her phone. I think Min Soo has real problems because she goes along, saying he’s indeed her boyfriend. Then she tells herself it’s not a lie, he could end up being her boyfriend. And I gag in a corner. Way to lie to yourself, girl.

Baby brother Jun is with Ah Young. Ha, I knew he went there to meet her. They’ve known each other since little and are flirty and he doesn’t make it subtle to say he’d like to come back and study there for her. He calls himself her boyfriend, but I wonder if that’s official.

At the library Young Gon is doing what’s he's best at: stalking Seol. Apparently, he once again thinks to have feelings for her and goes to take pictures of her, then her time table and such. She catches him and leaves, but he follows her. They stop and Seol takes a look to the side, where Bo Ra and I are recording this encounter and how she tells off Young Gon, but because he’s dense like oil, he just continues with his delusions. He tries to convince her he’s boyfriend material, accepts he just used Da Young and he’ll break up with her so they can date.

In Ho notices what’s happening and surprises us by crouching down with us. We keep watching the exchange and when Young Gon insults Seol, telling her she’s a sly fox for rejecting him, I have to stop In Ho to go after him. We need this evidence, especially when he grabs Seol’s wrists and then goes for a hug. I can’t hold In Ho anymore and he goes after Young Gon, ruining our evidence but saving Seol from the hug.

Later In Ho stays next to her, refusing to leave her side and to commute with her. She tells him it was all a plan we devised to get rid of Young Gon and he isn’t pleased Seol risked herself like that. He offers to teach her self defence, but she’s too weak so he offers her to get her a weapon. She just points out that if anything happens, she’ll just hit with the book and demonstrates it with him.


Then they are walking home and she brings up the idea for In Ho to prepare for his high school equivalency exam, so he can attend university properly and learn piano. In Ho doesn’t even consider it, he’s never studied so he can’t see himself doing that.

Seol brings up In Ha again, wondering how close she is with Jung because they’ve kept in touch. He reassures her that’s the extend of it, and to stop trying to connect those two. She chuckles and comments how similar they are, to which he takes personal offence. He says his sister is insane and if she sees her just to run. No, to attack first because the one who throws the first blow is the likely to win. He eve teaches her how to grab her hair. But then he gets a call from said insane person that sends him running to meet with In Ha.

She’s in front of his place, acting pathetically and begging for a place to crash. He doesn’t help her but lets her in and even makes ramen for her. She can’t stop complaining about the place but still sits and waits for the food, spotting the piano books Seol lent In Ho. He tries to put them away from her but she grabs them again and pours the ramen over them. He’s quick to clean and save the book while she mocks him for trying to play again. In Ho asks how is that she ended up that way and she asks the same, when things were so nice in the past.

Flashback time! Get ready.

In school, some schoolmates apologise, with no feelings at all, for losing Jung’s fountain pen, and In Ho gets worked up for him, picking a fight while Jung just wants to shrug it off. The guys get away with it while In Ho just asks Jung how he can act like a pushover. He asks Jung if he doesn’t get angry and Jung replies it’s just easier to let it go, but In Ho insists he should fight back. He even promises not to tell Chairman Yoo. Jung slaps him softly on the cheek and when In Ho asks why he replies In Ho said to just hit and he does it again, laughing at their own silliness.

It’s disgustingly cute, and sad to know they used to be like that.

A bit later in this past, the Baek siblings are playing with fireworks when Jung comes and asks them what they are doing. Jung comments how easy it must be, to be able to do what they want and In Ho advises him to live more freely. Jung wonders what they’ll be doing in ten years, In Ho replies that Jung will be in charge of the company, he’ll be playing the piano and In Ha is the only one with the blurry future. Regardless, they’ll still be together.

In the present, Jung arrives home, looking gloomy. Thinking of Seol he turns on and off the lights, thinking to himself how at first he thought they were alike and thats why he started to like her. But they are completely different. Lights go on and off. Light and dark. Black and White. Apparently, how he sees the world.

In the morning, with a really cheerful In Ha, In Ho nags her to go to study, get the certificate and a job. He leaves and In Ha doesn’t let his nagging bother her, and starts her plan to get back at Jung with Hong Seol, which includes Hee Joon. She goes to see him and tries to get a meal from him, but she scares him off when all she does is asking for Young Gon. He’s a clever boy when he just leaves her.

In Ha however manages to find Young Gon and texts him, saying she’s Jung’s real girlfriend. His reaction, with the giggles and excitement, makes Da Young suspicious and to try to see whom he’s texting with. While watching them, In Ha figures that’s enough and she can clear Step 1.

Seol walks in class and a sunbae calls for her to sit with them, but after seeing Jung, she tells Bo Ra and I to sit in the front. Not only us but the other guys also ask if something happened between Jung and Seol, but both deny it.

She excuses herself and goes for coffee, taking a break from the classmates. Then she turns to leave and tenses when she sees Jung approaching, but he ignores her completely.

Feeling hurt because he just ignored her like that, she tries to shrug it off as she washes her hands, but when she gets out of the bathrooms she finds Jung outside, waiting for her with a coffee he offers to her. But she’s had enough and wants to walk pass him.

Jung stops her and pulls her towards him, engulfing her in a hug. NOT THE BACK HUG! That’s lethal in Dramaland!

And that’s where the episode ends. I wonder if they’ll make up and continue forward of if they’ll really break up after this. We’ll see in the next episode, right? Until then!

—Eun Taek. 

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