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Hello everyone, I’m Kwon Eun Taek and for as long as the K-drama Cheese in the Trap airs, I’ll be your humble servant and recap it after every episode. My comments and reactions will go as we watch and you are all free to comment and discuss below.

One thing: I’m doing this because I’m nice and not because Jang Bo Ra asked me, okay? Okay.

So, shall be begin?

After the catchy intro, the first scene is in what seems to be a very chill bar, with college students drinking and playing pool. We get there the first glimpse of our heroine, Hong Seol, and no, it isn’t the most promising one. She’s totally wasted, sprawled on the table as Jang Bo Ra, her friend and love of my life, um, I mean, also my friend, tries talking to her. In her drunk stupor, Hong (as we call her) starts babbling in her head, asking where certain someone is, and just making a scene as we try to sober her up a bit but she keeps drinking. The story is narrated from her POV, so we can hear her thoughts even when her mouth is shut. The first thing she tells us is that she’ll take time off school and then starts looking for someone. She’s so drunk that she falls over a chair and then backwards, ending on her back on the floor. That’s whe Yoo Jung shows up, watching her with what seems a worried expression. In her mind she mentions how she’ll take time off because of him.

It is for him, so we’re taken back in time, a year ago to explain how she got in that situation. She was coming back and joined us at a beginning of the year party. I’m introduced there and no, I’m not a lackey. I really don’t deserve to be introduced like that.

Kim Sang Cheol sunbae is making kind of a scene, with disgusting food and trying to make someone else eat it, but the guy next to him is quite grumpy or fed up and just tells him off. So he goes after Hong, and with social pressure, she ends up eating that disgusting wrap with soju and subsequently throwing it up just when someone shows up, in a light pink coat. Just saying but only chaebols wear those kind of coats.

Bo Ra is the one that tells us he is indeed a chaebol and his name is Yoo Jung. He was in the army and has come back as a third year, like us. She keeps saying he’s handsome, athletic, nice and all that but I disagree, I think his face is weird and he isn’t that tall. But then she says because he’s too perfect he’s not her type, which brings back my smile, as she mentions a man should have something lacking. That’s me! I’m like that! I made sure to tell her that as I feed her.

Bo Ra predicted for us how now other seniors will start doing their best to get his attention, and cue to her words they do, offering him food, trying to please him. Then Nam Joo Yeon wants to pour him a drink, but he doesn’t want it so they start struggling with the jar until it spills on her. Hong notices that it looked weird, as if he was the one pouring it on her so she keeps watching and notices the smile on his lips when the girl leaves. That’s the proof Hong needed: he did it on purpose. But then he looks in her direction and catches her. Nervous, she looks away.

When Hong is washing her hands, she thinks back of the weird sunbae, but just shrugs it off and goes out, finding Sang Cheol sunbae counting money. He’s apparently, taking money from the membership fee to pay, which is totally wrong, but she doesn’t pay much attention and continues her way, running into Yoo Jung on his phone. She doesn’t really pay him much attention, bowing her head and leaving. But in her head she thinks back that it was the moment that started it all.

The next day, as what Sung Cheol was doing is reported he takes it on Hong Seol, nagging her for giving him away when she did nothing. In her argument, she sees Yoo Jung with that creepy smile, realising it was, once again, him. He’s giving her excuses, saying he’ll help but she faces him, telling he was also there, he also heard. She’s implicating he was who did it and he doesn’t deny it, Nam Joo Yeon does it for him, saying all he did to help. When she asks him if he did it, he just smiles and leaves. She keeps realising he has a sinister mentality behind that smile.

Later on, she’s buying coffee and he comes in, ignoring her. But outside, when Nam Joo Young is nagging her for not apologising to Yoo Jung, he is all nice to her, giving her one of the Americanos he ordered for and such, making Nam Joo Young jealous. Hong realises he did that to use other people against her, because in her love blinded world, Nam Joo Young starts harassing Hong, telling her classes changed so she’ll be late. Bo Ra has a go at her when we find out this happened, but I stop her from making things worse. As a good friend, she worries and tries to help, asking me to stop the professor from coming in. She offers me a kiss on the cheek and I almost, almost give in. It’s hard, I struggle, but I’m not that kind of person.

The professor’s assistant comes in, which means Hong will be saved… except he’ll also take attendance and the quiz. I watch with a smile on my face, making my decision so I just hold her face and tell her I’ll be back soon.

This is my time to shine! When I pretend to come late, I just grab his text book and run for my life, shouting I love him. I run into Hong then, telling her to hide and keep running, until I stop and profess my love, but I just get beaten. But that gives Hong time to arrive at time by when we make it back. I want my reward there and then, but Bo Ra just punches me in the face.

The next scene has Hong trying to pass by without Yoo Jung noticing her, but he does and when she’s dropped everything she was carrying, he comes in, stepping on her papers. “You should’ve been more careful.” That was the clear sign that he wanted to make her life impossible and he did for a year.

It’s back to the present day, and Bo Ra goes to her working place to remind her about what she said of taking a time off, so she offers her money for the tuition, thinking that’s the real reason. As they argue about taking the money or not, I call Bo Ra to tell her our Hong got the scholarship!

She doesn’t understand how it happened, why, but one thing is clear, she cannot throw that away. Her problem is going to school with a guy like Yoo Jung.

The next morning as soon as we are together it’s time for running. We have to take our classes and it’s a matter of luck and speed. We want, desperately, Professor Han’s class. And we make it! Luck in on our side… kind of. But we get that class. Hong’s schedule is perfect, though, she doesn’t have early morning classes which allows her to work calmly. We walk, as I tease Bo Ra, when we run into Yoo Jung. Sung Cheol sunbae also comes with Nam Joo Young and he starts demanding Hong to buy them meat as she won the scholarship. Nam Joo Young tells us then that she got it thanks to Yoo Jung, who gave up on it.

Hong goes to the library, worrying about it as she checks her schedule when Yoo Jung comes in, asking her to have lunch with him. She’s beyond startled and tries to reject him the best she can, leaving her session open.

I have such a bad feeling about this and the way he looks at it.

Hong is panicking in her head when she runs into us. When she tells us what happened Bo Ra mentions she’s the only one who doesn’t like him but I think it’s not so much, I believe that Hong overreacted. She secretly has a crush on him, doesn’t she?

When professor Han’s class comes, the room is packed. Many people who didn’t register are also there, hopping to beg to be accepted but as he comes in, he says he can’t just accept people that aren’t registered so those have to leave as he calls the attendance. He does as such but Hong’s name isn’t called, and she informs this to the professor but she doesn’t appear registered. After hearing from Bo Ra she indeed got the class, the professor allows her to stay for the class.

She’s nervous already, and when she goes to check what happened, she learns her schedule was modified. Someone dropped the class for her and there’s no way to fix it. The cranky guy doesn’t help or try to help.

We are talking about it in the hall, Bo Ra says we have to find who did it and the other students get touchy about it, because she’s suspecting everyone. Nam Joo Young keeps being nasty in her jealousy driven life. There’s a quiet girl with glasses, watching her as if she had something to say. Maybe he’s just too shy.

In another class, Hong is trying to figure out who could have been the one that dropped the class for her when someone calls her name, and that reminds her of the encounter with Yoo Jung in the library, which arises surprises. To her bad luck, Yoo Jung is in that class with her.

After the class he follows her, inviting her to have dinner with him, but she refuses again, saying she has to see professor Han. He asks her about her lecture getting cancelled and how she thinks someone deliberately did that. He asks if she has suspects and although she looks at him so intently, she doesn’t say she suspects him, just that she’ll find the culprit.

We see him with the same grumpy guy now that didn’t help Hong, asking about it. What is he doing? Trying to cover his tracks?

Hong is with professor Han, trying to make him accept her, but he can’t. Then professor Kang walks in, being overly sweet, saying there’s a place in her class. It seems Hong will have to take the class with Witch Kang, which not only ruins her schedule making it hard for her part-time job, but also because she’s an extremely difficult professor who puts in risk her scholarship.

In the morning, she’s working when Yoo Jung comes in, asking for an Americano and a strawberry shake. She’s awkward, almost scared of him, but she makes his order and hands them to him, although he only takes the Americano, the other one was for her.

He just keeps confusing her!

Then it’s Hong running. She’s late for professor Kang class, which is terrible, horrible, life threatening! Witch Kang is explaining all the things they have to do, the percentages and more when Hong comes in. Accumulating of lates to class will become absence and three absences means failing the course. So… she becomes professor Kang’s target, who keeps calling her name many times. The same glasses girl from the hall is there and Hong asks her to share the book, which she agrees to.

When Hong is in the library, that same girl, Son Min Soo, comes in to tell her what she saw happening that day at the library, with Yoo Jung on that same computer after she left. Her suspicions get confirmed, kind of, so she comes to us, telling us she’ll have to check the CCTV because she suspects Yoo Jung again. She asks us to help but we think she’s exaggerating, so she’ll go alone. At that time Yoo Jung comes in, asking if she suspects him. Her silence is his answer. When she asks him to deny it if he didn't do it, he just says he’ll watch with her. Why can’t he say, ‘no I didn’t do it?’ that’s all she’s asking for.

They agree to meet at 6 in front of the library. I keep my theory she likes him, though, even if she gets angry.

When the group of seniors is leaving for their lecture, while hiding, Yoo Jung calls them to tell them he won’t be going because he’ll be looking at the CCTV with Hong Seol. I have no idea what he’s planning and why he’s hiding. Does he want to raise rumours to make Hong’s life a living hell again?

He goes first to check the CCTV… is he going to delete the incriminatory evidence?

Am I becoming as paranoid as Hong Seol?

We wait for him outside, past 6pm, but he doesn’t come, so we have to go in. Bo Ra makes an excuse, heartbreaking about needing to find her wallet as the last memory of her mother is there. We cry at he back for support, until the ahjussi allows us to check! So we look for the date, place and time it happened. It’s a blind spot so we can only see who comes and who doesn’t and as we do, we can only see her and Yoo Jung… but he leaves before the time the class was dropped, which means it couldn’t have been him.

Hong is confused, trying to keep watching but the ahjussi comes back and demands us to leave, so we can’t see someone else coming in, another sunbae.

Yoo Jung is facing Sung Cheol sunbae, asking him why he did it. And now he find out Yoo Jung was waiting at six inside when sunbae came in. It turns out he went to grumpy guy and there before to find out the real culprit… and he found him. Oh, I’m surprised myself, I actually believed it was him for a moment. Sung Cheol confesses then, how he was just desperate and when he saw her session logged in, he couldn’t help himself. But it was for naught, when he tried logging in his session, the spot was taken. He confesses easily, and begs Yoo Jung not to say a thing and as he’s at that, Yoo Jung mentions who he really didn’t see him, but he made Sung Cheol confess anyway. He shows that creepy and scary look to Sung Cheol for the first time.

Then it’s back to us, with a very frustrated and depressed Hong. She leaves alone, her mind trying to put the pieces together, wondering if it really was Yoo Jung or not when she runs into him. He asks her if she found the culprit but she hasn’t, and when she asks him why he didn’t tell her he says something very true: if he had she wouldn’t have believed him. She doesn’t trust him, or any of his answers. She bows in ninety degrees and apologises. He invites her to have dinner but she rejects him again, apologising once again and walking pass him. He watches her leave.

At home she comes with a decision, that she’ll believe someone more desperate than her did it, which is actually what happened. Sung Cheol sunbae was more desperate, because he needed to pass that class, because he couldn’t stay another year. We can see him in his room next, talking to his mother, lying about his situation, from what he’s eating to his job offers, trying to reassure her. Yup, he was more desperate than her.

In another corner of Seoul, we see a young guy waiting when a girl is being dropped off by someone else, a rich guy who is angry at her for the way she acts, insulting her for the way she latches onto men. He's at that when the young punk comes, insulting him back, trying to beat him for the way he acts and insults her. The guy escapes and the young punk follows her inside. They clearly know each other and as they argue, rubbing each other life styles in one another’s faces, we learn they are siblings. And apparently, they know Yoo Jung, and the relationship between the punk and Yoo Jung doesn’t seem good, he tenses at the mention of Yoo Jung. In Ha, the girls, calls Yoo Jung to tell him that In Ho, the punk, is back, but Yoo Jung doesn’t pick up and she just pretends. Judging on In Ho’s reaction, the story between those two is complicated. He just leaves as she keeps nagging, she eventually texts Yoo Jung to tell him In Ho is back, but he just deletes the messages. Indeed, that relationship is complicated.

The next day, Hong just gives up and accepts she has to do her best in professor Kang’s class when Yoo Jung comes in, informing her that he switched classes because he thought it would be fun. He sits next to her, greeting her, but our Hong only looks desperate, scared and in total despair.

That’s how the episode ends, with a very frustrated Hong.

So, did you like the first episode? Do you think Bo Ra and I will end up together? What’s with Yoo Jung? Could be he actually likes Hong? Or does he really have ill intentions to mess with her?

I’ll see you all for the next episode.
Bo Ra’s lackey… I mean, Eun Taek.