One of the biggest drawbacks of the live shoot method that so many K-dramas use is that sometimes it leads to scripts that aren't well developed. Korean drama writers have been known to make edits to the script just minutes before the actors arrive on set, often because they are trying to pander to audience opinion, which can lead to a confusing or drawn out storyline. Luckily, we can now rest assured that this will not happen to our beloved Cheese in the Trap

The K-drama, based on a hit webtoon by the same name, has already pre-produced half its episodes before airing and is now shooting the other half. This, however, does not mean that the producers will be swayed by fan reactions. They have just announced that contrary to hopeful rumors of an extension, Cheese in the Trap will remain 16 episodes long, and they have just finalized the scripts. 

A representative from the show stated, “Rumors of an extension seem to have sprouted from all the passionate support the show has received since its beginnings. But in reality, it would be difficult to extend it. It was originally 16 episodes. We’ve been doing pre-broadcast filming, and are currently completing the latter half. As this was something that was already discussed with the cast in advance, we will be finishing filming as planned.”

Fans of the webtoon are now left wondering how the drama will end as the webtoon is still running. Director Lee Yoon Jung, who also directed Coffee Prince, responded, “We met with the original webtoon writer Soonkki. She wanted an ending that was just our own.” She adds, “It’s planned that while the flow will be similar, the ending will be slightly different. It’s similar but it will end with a different event.”

So far the reaction from webtoon fans has been that though the pacing and sequence are different than the webtoon, they really enjoy the new elements and are satisfied with the acting and storyline. Let's hope that the ending is something everyone can feel good about! So far, I think the production team has proven they can do it!

What do you think of Cheese in the Trap so far? The first three episodes are out now on DramaFever!