Cheese in the Trap fans, are you ready to live the drama? The popular webtoon that inspired the new hit series now has a Cheese in the Trap game in the works!

Glitter, a Korean game developer, is partnering with Naver to bring the webtoon to users in the form of an interactive game. According to a representative from Glitter, "We plan to make a dating simulation game to fully satisfy the readers and viewers of Cheese In the Trap's webtoon and drama."

The new mobile game will include images and scenarios from the webtoon. As players make decisions in the game, they determine the outcome of the scenarios. There will also be additional characters and situations in the game that haven't appeared in the webtoon so far.

The Cheese in the Trap mobile game is planned for release in the first half of 2016.

What do you think of this new game? If you've ever wanted to rewrite a drama your own way, this is your chance!

Get prepped for the new game by watching Cheese in the Trap now: