Cheese in the Trap actress Kim Go Eun recently discussed her close friendship with fellow tvN stars Park Bo GumGo Kyung Pyo, and Ryu Joon Yul. She even admitted which one of their Answer Me 1988 characters she wanted Deok Sun to choose!

Even though Kim Go Eun and the guys of Answer Me 1988 were all enjoying ratings success on cable network tvN at the same time, Kim Go Eun didn't meet Park Bo Gum and Go Kyung Pyo through tvN. Instead, the three became friends while costarring in last year's acclaimed film Coin Locker Girl

She explained their friendship as follows in an interview: “I’m so glad Park Bo Gum and Go Kyung Pyo are both receiving so much love from the fans. We had so much fun making the movie Coin Locker Girl together. The project was pulled together by rookie actors Park Bo Gum, Go Kyung Pyo, and the rookie director. We met for the first time working on the movie together. But we became close friends quickly. I only have good memories from that time. We always cheered each other on since then. I’m so happy that their drama Answer Me 1988 became such a big hit.”

After explaining that she's also close friends with Answer Me 1988 actor Ryu Joon Yul, Kim Go Eun was asked which side of the love triangle she supported during the series. 

Her response? "I'm very good friends with Park Bo Gum and Ryu Joon Yul both. Personally, I didn’t care who became Deok Sun’s husband ultimately. But as a fan of the drama, I hoped Ryu Joon Yul would end up with Deok Sun. Taek is someone who needs constant care and I felt that would get old. On the other hand, Jung Hwan is someone who takes care of Deok Sun. I think a woman likes to feel protected and taken care of by a man.”

There you have it! Kim Go Eun is officially #teamjunghwan!

Interestingly, there's yet another Coin Locker Girl star currently enjoying success on tvN: Kim Hye Soo. Her thriller Signal replaced Answer Me 1988, and its ratings broke into the double digits over the last few weeks, a major accomplishment for a cable series. 

Kim Go Eun had nothing but praise for her mentor actress, explaining that Kim Hye Soo encouraged her before she started filming Cheese in the Trap: “Since it was my first drama, Kim Hye Soo showed heartfelt concern for me. She told me a lot about what to expect on location. She told me to go prepared. She even texted me an encouraging message saying, 'Recording the drama isn’t that hard.' I also sent her a text message before the first episode of her drama Signal aired. I said, 'You’re gonna kill it.' After it aired, I texted her saying, 'It was awesome. You’re so cool.' I’m so grateful to her. She’s awesome.” Yes, she definitely is!

Isn't it nice to hear about former costars continuing to support each other? It's also interesting how they all ended up with shows on the same network around the same time!

You can catch Kim Go Eun in the finale of Cheese in the Trap tonight, and you can see Kim Hye Soo every Friday and Saturday in Signal!


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